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Big data Fostering Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing


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Big Data analytics is taking over manufacturing and providing a totally new dimension to the value of research and trend analysis. Instead of only reporting past activities, data now predicts future events, foresees risk and helps shops build and deliver not only better products, but a richer overall experience for their customers.

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Big data Fostering Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing

  1. 1. Big Data: Fostering growth opportunities in Manufacturing
  2. 2. Identifying new geographic regions to target Manufacturers can match demographics of current customers with profiles of prospects in other regions or countries. Global expansion becomes easier when manufacturers know what prospect characteristics to target.
  3. 3. Improve Product Lifecycle With Big Data manufacturers can identify design flaws and weak elements of mechanical design. With this data, they can refine product features. Not only this but they can also identify suppliers who are meeting their expectations and eliminate which are performing poorly.
  4. 4. Improve profit margins Manufacturers can use data to optimize their lean initiatives to reduce waste, improve productivity, and stretch already thin margins.
  5. 5. Foster customer intimacy With Big Data manufacturers can understand the pain points and can provide better solutions to their customers. Customer data is most crucial for manufacturers to understand their customer in more depth and serve them better, in a way creating strong bond with them.
  6. 6. Innovative products Manufacturers can use data to accurately predict the impact of design and engineering refinements, and speed product innovations and launches of breakthrough solutions. With the right data and analysis tools, they can accurately forecast the sales impact of a new product—as well as its risks.
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