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Get Online Week newsletter


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Get Online Week newsletter

  1. 1. >> Get Online Week: Kyrgyzstan February 28 — March 5, 2011 << Global Connections & Exchange | Digital Youth DialogueGCE is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State. DYD is a program of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan
  2. 2. Students from Jalal-Abad region’s Bok- Youth in Kyrgyzstan Bring onbaev School lead training sessions for 182 Offline Citizens Online their parents and grandparents During “Get Online Week” Six students at Naryn’s School No. 8 help 30 parents get online and learn about key computer programsRecently, the Global Connections & Ex- Batken’s Uch-Korgon School hosts train-change (GCE) and Digital Youth Dia- ing series for eight parents on internet skills and finding news onlinelogue (DYD) programs participated in Osh’s Parpiev School invites five par-“Get Online Week,” held between Feb- ents to computer training led by the IT teacher and two studentsruary 28th and March 5th. “Get Online Tech Age Girl Feruza Kasymova andWeek” is a campaign organized by student Azamat Begaliev train five par- ents in BatkenTelecentre Europe to get new computer A TAG alum leads students at Tok- togul’s Bokonbaev school in training sixusers online. This year, 112,074 people adults on internet and computer basicswere involved in the campaign and the Two Nanaev school students in Talas conduct computer and internet trainingGCE and DYD programs contributed to for four parentsthis figure by brining 182 citizens Six unemployed Alay residents take part in computer trainings offered at Alay Central Libraryonline. Three libraries and 19 schoolsthroughout Kyrgyzstan took part in Nine unemployed youth receive computer training at Jalal-Abad’s public library to help them compete“Get Online Week” and organized Kyzyl-Kiya Library holds a four-daycomputer training sessions for parents, computer training for nine unemployed and three disabled youthgrandparents and unemployed youth. 2
  3. 3. Bokonbaev School, Jalal-Abad Naryn School No. 8Students from Jalal-Abad region’s Bokonbaev Thirty parents and grandparents from Naryn’sSchool led trainings for their parents and grand- School No. 8 learned how to use internet, MSparents during which trainees learned about Word, MS Excel, Picasa and email with the helpemail and opened their own email accounts. of six students. Trainees learned how to searchSabira Turdalieva, a retired trainee, emailed for information on the internet and discoveredher son who currently works in Dubai. Her son news sites such as: andNurkalyi immediately responded to her email was very surprised to see an email from hismother. Youth in Naryn assisted 30 adults of all ages connect to the internet for the first time during “Get Online Week” “Because of today’s training, I was able to find Jalal-Abad students training community parents and grandparents in opening email good recipes for salads using Google and was accounts and connecting to the internet able to write e-mail to my grandchildren who work in Russia. Now I am interested in usingOn March 3, ten trainees observed a Skype the internet,” remarked grandparent Cholponvideo call between Bokonbaev School and Alai Nurseitova. Another trainee and a pensionerSchool located in Osh region. The trainees were Kenje Andakulova said, “Because of this train-really impressed and excited to see how tech- ing I decided to buy computer for my grandson.nology can be used the ways it can overcome Now, I can understand why [young people] likegeographic barriers. Kalicha Toktosunova, a technology. It will be a good chance to improvetrainee whose daughter is studying in the his knowledge.”United States said: “This is such a great oppor-tunity! Next time I want to open my own Skypeaccount and I want to talk to my daughter.” Uch-Korgon School, BatkenAfter this experience, the students decided notto continue providing trainings to older genera- Batken region’s Uch-Korgon School hosted train-tion and pass their knowledge to them. ing series for eight parents during which train- 3
  4. 4. www.irex.orgees learned how to use the internet, read newsfrom various sites such as and Parpiev School,, and some learned how to work inMicrosoft Word and Paint programs. Parpiev School No. 84, located in Osh, invited five parents to attend free computer trainingsOne parent, Rasul Murzaliev, owns a garden of offered during “Get Online Week” by teachercherry trees and he used his new skills to search Rovshan Abakulov and two of his students. Par-for the tips on taking care of cherry trees as ents attending trainings for seven hours duringthey are the main source of income for many that week learned about computer and internetresidents of Uch Korgon village. Similarly, Mu- basics as well as key boarding programs to helpkaddam Davlatova has a business raising chicken them improve their typing speed. Trainees wereat home and selling their eggs. She used inter- surprised how much they were able to learn innet to find out more information and best prac- such a short period and shared their desire totices in developing her business as well as tips come back to the school’s computer lab in or-on taking care of chickens and illness preven- der to gain additional knowledge.tion. Hoshim Ergashev was very glad that helearned how to find and read international andnational news on the internet as his only sourceof news had been TV. He found it interesting toread analytical articles about political develop-ments in Kyrgyzstan. Parents of students at Par- piev School in Shark Village attend a “Get Online Week” training “I’ve learned so many things, like creating documents in MS Word…. The most impressive Students in Batken trained adults on accessing news from the internet, and oper- thing is that now I know how to search for in- ating Microsoft Office Suite teresting facts or information in the internet… It would be good if you organized [more] IT trainings [in the future,]” remarked trainee Umida Unusova. 4
  5. 5. Gagarin School, Batken Bokonbaev School, ToktogulTech Age Girl alumna Feruza Kasymova and 8th Tech Age Girls project alumna Nurjan Turduma-grade student Azamat Begaliev trained five par- tova and 11th grade student Aitbbubu Zakirovaents at the Gagarin School in Batken. The stu- conducted internet and computer basics train-dents organized the training based on what par- ing for the six parents and grandparents of stu-ticipants wanted to learn. dents at Bokonbaev School. The training was offered based on the needs of participants.Tamara Amirakulova and Jannatai Maripovawanted to learn how to work with and edit text Turat Kochkorov a 40 year old parent and Taalaiin Microsoft Word; Nargiza Halmatova, Sayakat Saipbaev a 45 year old parent, both unem-Kadyrova, and Koisunai Sharipova already knew ployed, learned how to open email accounts.some basic computer programs and they were Both had resumes, but they were not on a com-able to open their own email accounts. All of puter. During the training they learned how tothe trainees learned about news websites avail- create an electronic version of the resumes andable in Kyrgyzstan and how to look for informa- were then able to submit them in response to ation on the internet. vacancy at the Megacom Cell Phone Company. Talgat Subanaliev teaches his mother internet skillsAt Gagarin school in Batken, students held a training at Bokonbaev School, in Toktogulfor parents on internet news, Microsoft Word, Excel, and other productivity applications Aitkan Atakulova, a pensioner who is interested“I am happy that I participated in this training in gardening and agriculture, learned how toas I know how important it is to learn modern use search engines to find information on grow-technology now… I plan to improve my com- ing indoor and outdoor plants, and instructionsputer skills,” said trainee Nargiza Halmatova. for the care of cucumbers and potatoes. 5
  6. 6.“I heard a lot about the internet but I didn’t Julduz Sydykova, one of the trainees remarked;realize its enormous benefits until I used it for “The most important thing that you can learnthe first time myself today. I am happy that my at any age is how to use a computer…. Now wedaughter studies at Bokonbaev School, because know how useful computers are.”it has free internet access. I am proud of ourchildren teaching us what we couldn’t learn Following the training, Asan kyzy and Kurman-when we were in school…” remarked Aitkan bek kyzy created short videos about this event.Atakulova. One of the videos can be seen at Nanaev School, Talas Alay Central LibraryTAG alumna Symbat Asan kyzy and 10th grade Six unemployed Alay residents took part in com-student Adash Kurmanbek kyzy conducted com- puter trainings offered at Alay Central Library.puter and internet training for four parents at Gulmeyiz Masabirova hasn’t been able to find athe Nanaev School, Aral village, Talas region. job since graduating from university. DuringFor all four women, this was their first time us- trainings at her local library she learned com-ing the internet. puter basics and more importantly about web- sites like and, where jobs are advertised. Adash Kurmanbek kyzy trains Talas parent Gulaium Samturova on Power Point, Microsoft Word, Picasa, Excel, Movie Maker and internet resourcesThe participants were happy to discover Alay librarian Uulkan Kaldibaeva is trains, a Kyrgyzstan-based news site, ployed attendees to use Microsoft Wordand spent some time increasing their awarenessof their country’s political and social life. In In addition, trainees were introduced to Skype,addition to internet basics, they learned how to and since all of them had relatives working out-create Power Point Presentations and use Micro- side of Kyrgyzstan, they were glad to learn thatsoft word. they now have the opportunity to communicate with them via emails and Skype. 6
  7. 7. Jalal-Abad Library “I took computer courses while studying at the university but had few opportunities to prac-Nine unemployed youth were able to receive tice. The training this week gave me real toolsinstrumental skills that would make them more which I will improve further on, and I believe Ivaluable in the job market at the Jalal-Abad can find a job after discovering job-seekingLibrary. websites,” shared trainee Aichurek Karataeva. Kyzyl-Kiya Library Kyzyl-Kiya’s Library conducted a four-day train- ing on computing for nine unemployed and three handicapped youth. In During the training they learned how to open e-mail accounts, and registered on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype to stay in touch. At the Jalal-Abad Library, 15 unemployed youthlearned how to hunt for jobs online and how to create electronic resumesAiperi Mirzalieva never had an email account,but thanks to the training she now has one andknows how to use it. Guljamal Moltoeva is anunemployed but recent graduate with econom-ics degree who realized that without computer Attendees learned computing basics and how toknowledge it is even harder to find a job. The apply for jobs onlinetraining offered at the library helped her learnabout websites where most of the jobs in Kyr- One of the trainees, Nazira Mamadjanova, angyzstan are advertised. unemployed accountant learned about online job postings in Kyrgyzstan, and Dilbar Rahman-She even called one of the employers that had berdieva learned how to create an electronicposted a vacancy on, a job site resume, and now plans to apply for jobs Kyrgyzstan, and was able to get detailed in- Umid Halbaev is a graduate from Kyzyl-Kiyaformation about the position. As a result of the Pedagogical Institute with a degree of Socialtraining, participants learned how to create a Worker was interested in learning about variousresume and prepared electronic versions of social networks such as Facebook to maketheir resumes. friends and connections online. 7