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Lightning-Fast, Interactive Business Intelligence Performance with MicroStrategy and Kyligence


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See how extreme query speeds and ultra-high concurrency on MicroStrategy, and any other business intelligence (BI) tool, on Big Data is possible through the Kyligence platform. Learn more here:

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Lightning-Fast, Interactive Business Intelligence Performance with MicroStrategy and Kyligence

  1. 1. Kyligence Introduction MicroStrategy Partnership Saswata Sengupta
  2. 2. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Apache Kylin Top Level Apache Project  The only open-source OLAP on big data platform Best Open-source Big Data Tool  InfoWorld’s Bossies (Best of Open Source Software Awards) in 2015 & 2016 Sub-Second Interactive Query  Large scale, high concurrency, sub second query latency, multi-dimension 1000+ Organizations  Adopted by thousands of organizations globally
  3. 3. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Kyligence = Kylin + Intelligence • Founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Kylin • Built around Kylin, with augmented AI and enhanced to deliver unprecedented enterprise analytic performance • CRN Top-10 big data startups in 2018 • Global Presence: San Jose, Seattle, New York, Shanghai, Beijing • VCs: Fidelity International, Shunwei Capital, Broadband Capital, Redpoint, Cisco, Coatue Accelerate Critical Business Decisions with AI-Augmented Data Management and Analytics 2016 Founded Pre- A Redpoint Cisco 2017 Series A CBC SHUNWEI 2018 Series B 8Roads 2019 Series C Coatue
  4. 4. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Trusted by Global Fortune 500 BFSI Telecom Technology Manufacturing, Retail, Etc.
  5. 5. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Pains in Collaboration Data Analyst Data Engineer • Manage data source • Design data model to keep one source of truth • ETL and load data • Develop dashboard/reporting • Self-service analysis to answer business questions Low efficiency in development to fulfill business requirements Limited dimension and measures in a model to serve complex calculations Difficulty if analytics requirements or source data change Time to insight is slow
  6. 6. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Kyligence Ecosystem Global Partners • Fully enabled on leading cloud and data platforms (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Cloudera) • Integrated with popular BI and virtualization (Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, MicroStrategy) • Certified on main Hadoop distributions (CDP)
  7. 7. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Kyligence Enterprise Accelerate Mission-critical Analytics Intelligently • Unified Query Entrance ODBC/JDBC API/SDK Finance Marketing Sales Customer Checkout Cube Index 10%4% 80% RDBM s Hive SQL/MDX Semantic Services 6% Distributed Query Engine AI-Augmented Engine Smart Pushdown Metadata Management Enterprise Security • Business Semantic Layer • Query Pattern for all data • High Performance Engine
  8. 8. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Kyligence Cloud FinanceMarketingSales Index more… Landing & Transformation Semantic & Augmentation ApplicationsSource Azure Blob Storage Azure Synapse
  9. 9. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. AI Augmented Engine: Intelligent Data Development
  10. 10. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. AI Augmented Engine: One-click Acceleration • Self-maintaining • Dynamic auto-modeling • Self-learning engine • One-click acceleration • Adaptive model
  11. 11. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. AI-Augmented Engine — Learn From Your Analytics History
  12. 12. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Advanced Tuning Features – Push Down and Aggregate Index
  13. 13. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Under the hood : Smart Cuboids • Each Model consists of N-Dimension Cuboids which is a combination of several dimension in different permutations and combinations. • Apache Spark is used to build the cuboids making query results extremely fast. • When the user sends a query the model intelligently looks for the Cuboids/segment returns the results extremely fast.
  14. 14. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Unified Semantic Layer BI Integration Access Control Enterprise Security Query Engine Model Query Platform Data Sources Excel MicroStrategy Other BI Tools Semantic Layer Cloud DW Parquet ORC Blob Storage CSVSnowflake • Translate technical details into business terminology • Synchronize semantics across major BI tools • Unified business definitions • Flexible business calculations
  15. 15. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Elastic Scaling — Handle Peak Time Automatically  Fewer compute and storage resources utilized  Dynamic on-demand cluster resizing  Uses spot instances  Efficient planning for data growth
  16. 16. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. TPC-H 22 Queries SF=50 Query Response Time | 0.5 Billion SF=500 Query Response Time | 5 Billion • No warm up • Lower is better • Run each query 3 times • Record the average time For each Dataset:
  17. 17. © Kyligence Inc. 2019, Confidential. Financial Risk Management - replacing the large SSAS cube Challenges Kyligence’s Solution modernization same data source same front-end BI similar OLAP concepts comparable semantic layer finer granular access control Scalability Performance Low Cost • 5TB SSAS cube with 5 Billion rows daily incremental data • 14 Lookup tables, half over 20M cardinalities (largest 200M) • 600+ dimensions • 30+ analysis users • Analysts’ work locked by incremental loading workload, system crashes happen frequently • Poor performance on data loading and queries (especially on UHC, Count Distinct, Correlation) • Limited concurrent users • Single cube easy management • Analysts’ work no longer interrupted • Transparent to business users, same • analysis tool Excel • Improved query and loading performance • Support 1000+ concurrent users • Meet future requirement - prediction of 40% data volume growth, migration to cloud, Realtime
  18. 18. THANK YOU