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  • Chauncellor

    1. 1. The Chauncellor ‘Alien Talk’
    2. 2. Strengths in the Marketplace •Focuses on licensing out songs to big name company commercials/ tv shows/ movies •Very educated with the music industry and it’s ways of making money •Down to earth, modest, and no where near having a big head about himself.
    3. 3. Weaknesses in the Marketplace •Has yet to find an ideal way to get his music noticed in other countries other than America •Lets be real, there is a lack of money that hasn’t been helping •Not yet signed to a major distributor
    4. 4. The Plan to Build Awareness 1.The Chauncellor will begin to round up all of his friends to create his street team. This street team will help him go to major cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and Atlanta to begin their viral marketing. • The viral marketing will consist of street mural advertising which will have the artists name, album title, and posterous website included.
    5. 5. Ex:
    6. 6. The Plan to Build Awareness 2.The street team will also be posting ‘rip-away’ posters across these cities so potential fans can grab something to take home with them.
    7. 7. The Plan to Build Awareness 3.The Chauncellors music video will be heavily utilized to build awareness. The video will be available online through his posterous site, facebook, myspace, etc. More importantly, the video will be projected using guerilla projectors in highly populated nightlife scenes.
    8. 8. Details of the Album The album will be available in 3 different formats, at 3 different costs: - Vinyl: $15.00 - CD (WAV): $12.00 - Digital (MP3): $10.00
    9. 9. Distribution Digital Distributor: Catapult Physical Distributor: Digital Music Distribution & EDGE entertainment Amie Street. distribution. - Vinyl & CD’s - MP3’s (Each payout level is determined by All Time Track Downloads for each album, so as an album continues to receive download purchases over time our clients receive a higher payout for (Independent one-stop that that album.) distributes Compact Discs, DVD, LPs, 45s, Pop Culture Products and (Every song starts free, or very cheap, and increases in price, up Audio/Video/Computer Storage and to 98 cents, as more and more people purchase it.) Accessories.)
    10. 10. CD EDGE Indie Retail & Stores Vinyl Chauncellor End Catapult iLike, User MP3, Amie Street emusic
    11. 11. Strategic Partnerships 1.Appear on Bright House commercials and adds, which will sub-feature the new album coming out. No one in Central Florida can get away from Bright House if they wanted to. 2.Local head shops such as High Society will give a card with a code on it, to download the new single, to customers that purchase a new item.
    12. 12. 3 other sources to consider utilizing 1.Strike a deal with a big name retailer (Wal-mart, Target, FYE, etc.) 2.Appear on tour with other similar artists. 3.Radio interviews in all the cities that the street team will be heading.