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Mini lesson presentation


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Published in: Education
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Mini lesson presentation

  1. 1. Grade Level: 3Estimated time: 1.5--2 Hours Empowering Outfits By: Tyler Pierce
  2. 2. Objectives Student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of multimedia design by creating an outfit using a multitude of different scrap materials Student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of empowerment by creating an outfit that demonstrates how they would be empowered, and labeling the elements that
  3. 3. Materials Scraps of other projects  Ribbon, paper, fabric, felt, beads, etc. Glue Construction Paper Markers Scissors
  4. 4. Resources
  5. 5. Vocabulary Empowerment Civil rights movement  Gandhi  Martin Luther King Jr. Non-violent protest  sit-in strikes  Bus boycott
  6. 6. Procedures Discussion of Power and Empowerment Lead into Civil Rights Movement Link to Cinderella
  7. 7. Activity
  8. 8. Rubric Excellent Good Satisfactory Unacceptable (4) (3) (2) (1)Creative use At least four 3 different 2 different Only oneof various different media are media are medium usedmaterials media are used used usedEffective use At least 3 2 symbols are 1 symbol is No symbolsof symbolism symbols are present present shown presentExplanation At least 3 2 symbols 1 symbol has No sentencesof symbolism symbols have have an are used to a sentence sentence explanation explain symbols explaining longs in the piece them explanations