The Creation


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A paper I wrote for Creative Writing.

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The Creation

  1. 1. Tyler Deardon Before there was time, space, or anything there was only a room made of dark graystone. In the middle of the room was a pure white table made of marble. A single lifeform lives here. It has no name yet, but he is very powerful. He takes the form of ahuman man who wore a giant white robe, and he was around the age of sixty. With along white beard, and a tall figure, he sits on a throne while leaning his elbows on thetable. With no light, sound or company he grows bored. After a few centuries of livingalone, he finally figures out how to create another life form. He makes a man. This manhad giant white wings growing out of his back and short messy blonde hair. A muscularfigure and a baby face. The man In the white rob named him Damien. Damien was givena single task to complete to make the man in white happy. It was simply to cure hisboredom. Damien was a smart and creative creature. After several nights of dreamingand planning, Damien gathered some stones, grass, and water. He meshed them all intoone big pile and said something under his breath. The man in white watched Damienwith wide eyes. He seemed happy with Damien, and that made him feel confident inhimself. After a couple minutes all the stones, grass, and water formed into a single orbthat levitated, and spun slowly on the white table.The man in white asked him “well Damien, what is this?”“My lord, I present you with earth.” he said.
  2. 2. “It’s beautiful. What is it’s purpose?” The man in white asked with curiosity.“Well, its purpose is to shelter smaller life forms. May I have your blessing to createthem myself?” Asked Damien.“Very interesting. Yes, you may make whatever you please, but I warn you do not givethem free will.”“yes, my lord.” Said Damien.Damien started brainstorming up different ideas for the creatures that would inhabit thenew orb called earth. There were so many different selections that he decided he wouldsend down a couple microscopic organisms and let them grow into whatever they wantedtoo. He completely ignored the man in white’s one rule. Damien figured he wouldn’tmind. Soon after a couple hundred years the organisms started growing bigger andadapted to the earth’s vast vegetation and endless blue oceans. Damien named them“Dinosaurs” and loved them dearly, but the man in white looked at them and only sawabominations. He was furious with Damien and gave him a warning and turned his feetinto hooves as punishment. Damien was secretly angry at him for this, but took it as achance to better himself.
  3. 3. “Damien, I’m giving you another chance to make something of this earth. The dinosaursmust go. They are evil and monstrous.” Said the man in white.“But my lord, they treat the earth well, they mind there own business and only do what ittakes to survive.” Said Damien.“NO. I will strike them down with a flash. There will be nothing but bones left.” Yelledthe man in white.“Ye-yes my lord. As you wish…But what will live on earth now? Asked Damien.“I shall create two humans; one male and the other female. They will live together inharmony. I shall tell them to call me…God.” Said the man in white with confidence.“and they shall pray to me, and send me gifts every so often. It will be a grand littleexperiment.”“That’s awfully narcissistic my lord. What if they choose to rebel?” Asked Damien.“SILENCE. I am going through with this, and if you even try to mess this up, I will makesure you regret it.” Yelled god in anger.God created a giant boulder in space and sent it down to earth. It destroyed almosteverything that was alive. Damien was even more angered, but still kept to himself in the
  4. 4. small cave. On earth God was busy creating all of the plants and trees and reforming mountainsand rivers. He got tired and created an empty hill with a giant apple tree on top. Theapples that grew on this tree were filled with magic and godly powers. After re-modelingearth he finally sat down and created the two human life forms. As he mentioned earlierone was a male and the other female. He named them Adam and Eve.“I am god. Your creator. Your light. your only hope for survival. I am an all powerfulbeing. You must follow my rules or I shall abandon you.” He told the two humans. “Youmay travel around the earth; you may explore anything you’d like. They only thing youmay not do is eat from my apple tree. If you do so, I will Curse the human race with freewill for the rest of eternity.The two humans agreed to gods rules. They worshipped him, and Damien was surprised.He wanted to find out why they were so loyal to this power hungry monster. He took theform of a snake and snuck down the earth so he could talk to them.“Excuse me Adam, may I have a word with you and Eve for a brief moment?” AskedDamien.“A serpent! Stay back you evil backstabbing monster.” Yelled Adam.“What? Why do you have such a terrible opinion of me? You’ve never even met me
  5. 5. before.” Cried Damien.“God has warned us of you. He tells us stories of how a man named Damien would comedown here and take the form of a serpent while trying to corrupt our lives.” Adamexplained.“I cannot believe this. God has turned on me! Bu-but why would he do such an evilthing? Adam, listen to me. I am the one who created this place, I’m the one who inspiredyour so called god to give you life. “ Said Damien.“Here’s what I’ll do; Adam and Eve I give you two choices. Break god’s one rule and eatan apple. I will show you the truth about everything, and I can set you free from godshold. Or you can continue living your lives surrounded by mist blocking your minds fromthe beautiful world you live on.” Damien said.“NO. Now leave evil serpent. Before we get god down here to smite you!” Yelled Adam.Damien was pissed. He never even did anything to them. He left the earth, and createdhis own little realm to plot a way to get back at the man in white. Damien was once hisfollower, but now god has turned his back on him. He felt it necessary to get back at godsomehow. Damien ripped his angelic wings off and poured out the blood into a pot. Hepainted his entire body red with the blood. He cut off all of his golden hair and grewsmall horns. The wounds on his back from were he ripped off the wings left scars, and
  6. 6. eventually he started growing large bat wings. His soul was dark with hatred, as he grewstronger and more rebellious he devised a plan to destroy the man in white. But before hecould set his plan in stone, he felt a disturbance on earth. He turned back into a snakeand paid a visit to Adam and Eve were he found them talking to the man in white. Hewas much larger now, he had a ring of light hovering above his head.“The serpent returns! God please forgive us, the serpent had tricked her into eating it! Iswear!” Yelled Adam“What is this? What is going on here?” Asked Damien.“It seems you have betrayed me Damien. Eve has eaten from my apple tree, and sheblames you…Explain yourself.” Demanded the man in white.“I betrayed you ?! You had told them I was an evil serpent! I came down here to try andhelp them, but they tell me you have warned them of me!” Cried Damien.“Damien, I sense you have changed. You have an evil soul, and I will not tolerate yourrebellious and care free life style. I curse you to forever live in the realm you havecreated yourself. You are not allowed to enter earth.” The man in white said in a softwhisper.“I am not the one who has changed. Man in white, I swear on the souls of every human
  7. 7. being that is ever created that I will have my revenge on you. I will destroy what I havecreated, and The human race will suffer and eventually perish. It will be all of your fault.The humans will trust you, and go for you for help, but I warn you; You cannot answerevery single prayer with a miracle.” Said Damien.“Be gone demon! I curse you into the cave in which you have created yourself. I curseyou for the rest of eternity to suffer in the bowels of hell! Yelled the man in white.Damien burst into flames and was sent down into his cave. The man in white called ithell. Damien was wronged by the man in white. He told the humans lies about Damien,and made him sound like a demon. So Damien decided to go along with the man inwhite’s stories. He changed his name to Lucifer, and called his realm “hell.” Now that the man in white made everyone follow laws, and call him god, the humanrace has expanded across the earth. As time went on Lucifer sent spies up onto earth tochange certain human’s minds and free them of God’s captivity. He invented otherreligions which made god very angry, and anyone who would disobey god or believe insomething different was sent down to hell to suffer with Lucifer. God would make people fight others who had different views on things. He wasamused by watching the people he once loved suffer. Anyone who didn’t believe in godwas cursed. One day Lucifer flew up into the heavens and met god for a talk.“Man in white, I bring you a warning. If you do not change the ways of the human race, Ionly see corruption, suffering and extinction in their future. They are killing the earth
  8. 8. day by day with their technology, and there wars. You have corrupted my creation. Is thishow you cure your boredom? By making people suffer? “Damien, you must understand that I am trying to perfect your flawed creation. Believeme, once I am done you will see the light of my ways.”“Man in white, or should I say….God. I will not accept this. I will make an army withthe fallen souls that you have wronged. The more light there is; the greater the shadow. Ihope you’re not afraid of the dark. We will destroy you and your idea of a utopia.”Lucifer went back down into hell, and started summoning the souls of the damned.Everyone that had been wronged by the man in white was down in hell now, waiting torebel against god himself. God saw this and acted right away. He found a pure woman, a virgin. He gaveher the gift of birth, but kept her pure at the same time. He named his new son “Jesus”.He instructed his new son to help lead the lost souls to purity and the light. Jesus wasvery loyal to God, and did everything he instructed with excellence. He wrote a book,and made up stories so the weak minded would follow the light to God. Lucifer on theother hand sent up a band of assassins to take Jesus down before he got to powerful.They called themselves “Jewish” and acted against god by making up their own ideas.One night when Jesus was asleep the Jewish people gathered around him and attackedhim. They bound him to a cross and made him wear a crown of thorns. The assassinswere successful in their mission. Lucifer was pleased; for once he had won a battleagainst God. This raised the fallen angel’s morality. Lucifer went up to earth with his army not far behind. They waited for god toshow in Egypt. They entered earth by a giant portal gate that was big as a pyramid.
  9. 9. “SINNERS! ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE REVENGE ON THEMAN WHO TOOK EVERYTHING AWAY FROM YOU?!”Lucifer had grown to about 20 feet tall now. He had one purpose in life, and that was todestroy the creator; the man in white; God. With an army spanning across the desertwastelands behind him, he felt powerful for once. But deep down inside he knew thatthis battle would change everything. Whatever the outcome was, nothing would ever bethe same. All of a sudden there was a flash of light in the sky. A giant figure formed out ofthe light and spoke with a deep booming voice.“Damien stop this! Go back to hell, or suffer the consequences!”“Damien is dead! My name is Lucifer now! You have turned me into a monster! Now itwill be you suffering!”Three figures shot down from the heavens, and they were all loyal to the man in white.The first one was Michael. He wore a heavy plated chest piece and wielded a large bladethat was engulfed in flames. The second one was named Gabriel. He wore a robe madeof white silk, and held a large golden book. The third Lucifer knew all too well. It washis brother; Jesus. He was back to seek revenge on the Jewish assassins. GabrielStepped forth and began to speak.“Lucifer, lord of the underworld. I offer you freedom. Leave this world and return to helland you shall be granted eternal greatness. I beg of you, this is a foolish attempt todestroy the creator.”“Weak and powerless fool. You think I would just give up on my purpose so easily? I’vegotten this far, and it is too late to stop me.”
  10. 10. Michael turned to Gabriel and began to speak.“Gabriel, I think I’ve changed my mind. I no longer care for the creator. I feel like aprisoner. A slave and I do not like this feeling.”“But Michael, you cannot be serious!? He is a monster; he must be stopped in the nameof God.”No Gabe. He is free. He is what I seek to be. We are all being used by the creator. Hegives us a task and we complete it. But what do we get in return?”“The creator shows us love, and protects us from this demon!”“No Gabe, you see he is just hiding the truth behind a shadow.“I’ve been watching you Demon. Stalking you, because the creator had instructed me too.What I found had changed my whole perspective on everything. I know who the realvillain is in this war.”Michael got down on one knee and stuck his flaming blade into to ground.“Lucifer, I swear to protect and help you. Even if it costs me my life.”Just after Michael had turned sides the war began. Both sides collide with full force.Heaven and hell were at war now. The war raged on for one hundred centuries. With nowinner or loser both side were taking heavy losses. Angels and demons were dying fast.The planet earth was there battle field and no one even cared about all of the destructionand bloodshed. They just wanted to destroy the other side. After almost everyoneincluding the humans and other creatures that were living on earth were dead and gone,the man in white had appeared on top of a hill. He held a staff that curled at the top. Hewas old and weak. He knew that he would not win this battle. He walked up to Luciferand stared at him for a good twenty seconds and sighed. He started to mumble something
  11. 11. under his breath and when he finished everything was gone. There was nothing, butLucifer and The man in white. Rock walls started forming and a large white table erectedin the middle. “Damien…Do you remember this place? This is where it all started. I made youin this very room. You’re so different, it’s…it’s beautiful.”The man in white took the small orb that Damien had created out of his robe and placed iton the table. It was different now. The colors were fading and it was dying.“Look at what we did Damien. We’re killing it. This war between heaven and hell iskilling your creation.“So you finally acknowledge that it was I who created it? Why do you speak so differentall of a sudden? Have you given up so easily?”Damien was confused with the sudden change in the man in white. But after a fewseconds of looking at the once beautiful orb he too had felt guilty. Nothing would be thesame.“Man in white…”“Stop Damien. No need for words. We both know what has to be done now. There is nostopping fate. We both made mistakes. Everyone makes them eventually in their lives.We just have to accept and learn from them.”“Yes my lord. Do what must be done…. Flush it all away.”Lucifer had changed back into a normal looking human being. All of the corruption, hate,and evil have left his body. He no longer felt the need to seek revenge. Not after seeingwhat had happened to his people. The man in white took the orb and placed it into a tankfilled with water. The orb shrunk until it was no longer there. They were both very tired
  12. 12. and had little strength left.“Man in white, why did we hate each other in the first place? I can’t seem to remember”Damien chuckled.“Hmmm…I can’t seem to remember myself!” Smiled the man in white.They both sat down next to each other at the marble table and smiled. Plans for a newearth were being drawn out. This time, they stood together. As father and son.