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An Approach to OSM Geocoding


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A canticle for the reverse geocoder

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An Approach to OSM Geocoding

  1. 1. An Approach to OSM Geocoding: From Ships to Apples Tyler Bell: @twbell
  2. 2. Matthew Fontaine Maury (January 14, 1806 – February 1, 1873) American astronomer, historian, oceanographer, meteorologist, cartographer, author, geologist, and educator. "Every ship that navigates the high seas may henceforth be regarded as a floating observatory, a temple of science"
  3. 3. Geocoding: Hugely Exciting
  4. 4. Geocoders: where your love of mapping goes to die
  5. 5. GPS: Most Successful Open Data Ever
  6. 6. ● The World Requires a(many) Open Geocoder(s) ● OSM is not great for geocoding ● The Geocoder use case has changed ○ Reverse geocoding now arguably more important ● Open addresses, open polys are critical for our future
  7. 7. The Geocoding Use Case has Changed
  8. 8. Formerly: Maps and Nav
  9. 9. Now: About Context
  10. 10. July 2007 – scalebariffic April 2014 – we have satellite
  11. 11. Source: “Emergence of a $Trillion MEMS Sensor Market”, Fairchild Semiconductor, Dr. Janusz Bryzek, SensorCon 2012, Yole Accelerometer Gyroscope Compass GPS Bluetooth Radio Picoprojector Image Sensor Camera Proximity Sensor Microphone Moving from a 3rd Person Perspective, to 1st
  12. 12. Forward Reverse
  13. 13. 1. Reverse Geocoder Only 2. Designed for Tagging 3. Bloody Fast (~6k qps) 4. On-prem 5. Uniform Hierarchy 6. Unambiguous Entities 7. Global (natch) 8. Low/No Touch: Improves w/ OSM 9. Address Level Granularity
  14. 14. OSM: the 'S' is for 'Street'
  15. 15. Technical Challenges: Hierarchy Normalization Non-street Context Human Expectations
  16. 16. LA: makes no sense
  17. 17. { "features":[ { "name":"Century City Shopping Mall", "type":"mall" } ], "street_name":{ "name":"Avenue of the Stars" }, "address":{ "name":"1801 Avenue of the Stars" }, "locality":{ "name":"Los Angeles" }, "neighborhood":[ { "name":"Westside Village" } ], "country":{ "name":"US" }, "region":{ "name":"CA" }, "county":{ "name":"Los Angeles County" } } Response Packet
  18. 18. 1. Get Everyone Using OSM 2. Force Examination of OdBL 3. Force Case Law (?) 4. Ultimately Raise Comfort Level 5. Increase Contributions to OSM 6. GOTO 1
  19. 19. Data Value: Not Zero Sum
  20. 20. "When you and I interact, our ability to be together on Earth is predicated by all the stuff that people did for thousands of years. You and I didn't invent language. You and I didn't invent clothes, roads, agriculture. It's up to us to be not just the receivers of what was given to us, but the givers of whatever's going to come next." - John Bunker
  21. 21. Fin Tyler Bell @twbell