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  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: October 27Product: Writing a concerto with trumpet and piano accompanimentDate/Time: Activity: Intro into learning piano. Comment/SuggestionsOctober 27 :1 Hour Commentary: I had a piano with my *In order to be project facilitator Sue Ellen Turner. successful playing the During this time I learned the basic piano correct hand theory aspect of the piano, and to start movement is key. me off my project facilitator gave hand *It takes patience to exercises in order to get my hands really learn the piano. moving properly on the piano. We also * Constant trial and focused on a short piece that’s she had error. given me.
  2. 2. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: November 10, 2011Product: Further understanding the pianoDate/Time: Activity: Learning more about the Comment/SuggestionsNovember 10, 2011 piano. :1 Hour *Reading piano music Commentary: During this lesson I is difficult since you showed my project facilitator how I have to read two lines had progressed since the last time that at once. I had a lesson. Afterward she gave me *Using the foot pedal a book full of piano music to work on, while playing is very and I was able to ask any questions difficult. that I needed to answer.
  3. 3. Product Work LogName: Tyler wiseDate: November 18, 2011Product: Learning the fundamentals of pianoDate/Time: Activity: Comment/SuggestionsNovember 18, 2011 Continuing my piano lessons :1 Hour Commentary: During this lesson me *Bass clef is really and my project facilitator continued difficult to read after working on the music that I was reading treble clef for assigned. Also during the lesson I still so many years. struggled with reading the piano music. The reason for why I had trouble is because previously in my musical past I have never had become accustomed to reading bass clef.
  4. 4. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: December 1, 2011Product: Learning the pianoDate/Time: Activity: Comment/SuggestionsDecember 1, 2011 Further progressing with my piano :1 Hour playing. *After better Commentary: With me being it AP understanding bass Music Theory bass clef began clef piano started to becoming a lot easier for me to read. become more natural Therefore the process of me learning to me. the piano began to speed up significantly, and during the lesson I had prepared a piece of music for my facilitator. Then I showed her my progress and she gave me more exercises that would help me further.
  5. 5. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: December 15, 2011Product: Composing my pieceDate/Time: Activity: Writing the trumpet part of Comment/SuggestionsDecember 15, 2011 my concerto. :1 Hour 30 Minutes *The brainstorming Commentary: During this time I aspect of the project brainstorm ideas that I wanted to was the hardest part incorporate in my piece, and then I of the project. composed the first ¾ of the trumpet *After I had the first part. few measures completed, ideas seemed to flow a lot better.
  6. 6. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: January 19Product: Learning pianoDate/Time: Activity: Piano lesson from my Comment/SuggestionsJanuary 19,2012 facilitator. :1 Hour No Comment Commentary: During the time of my lesson since I had most of the trumpet part composed I played it for my facilitator. Afterward we continued on with my lesson as usual.
  7. 7. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: January 26, 2012Product: Learning pianoDate/Time: Activity: Piano Lesson Comment/SuggestionsJanuary 26, 2012 :1 Hour Commentary: During this lesson I *I tend to write very showed my facilitator both parts of difficult music. what I had composed with a music writing software called finale. Afterward I tried to play the piano part of my piece but it was too hard for me to play then we continued with my piano studies.
  8. 8. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: February 2, 2012Product: Learning the pianoDate/Time: Activity: Piano lesson Comment/SuggestionsFebruary 2, 2012 :1 Hour Commentary: During this lesson we *I need to be more took a closer look at the piano and patient with making looked for possible mistakes that could sure I make no errors have been in the writing. After in my part writing. finishing that we resumed my piano lesson.
  9. 9. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: March 1Product: Composing my pieceDate/Time: Activity: Finishing my piece Comment/SuggestionsMarch 1, 2012 :2 hours 45 minutes Commentary: During this time I had *Writing music is very finished writing the trumpet and piano time consuming, and parts. Also I stared analyzing the last tedious. section, and began to add embellishments to my piece. Unlike when I first started composing I checked to see if there were any errors that I had made in my writing.
  10. 10. Product Work LogName: Tyler WiseDate: March 2, 2012Product: Completing my finished productDate/Time: Activity: Revising my finished work Comment/SuggestionsMarch 2, 2012 :1 hour 15 minutes Commentary: During this time I *This project really revised my finished product and took got more simple as out any mistakes. For example, any time went on, but It chord tones that might not be needed, seems like the more any inversions that might not make that I progress with sense, or music the more detailed my revisions are. *Writing music still takes a long long time.