F o r t a l e z a   -   B r a z i l                                      ÑÑÑÑÑ
House Type ‘A’ 125 m2            contents                                  ÑÑÑÑÑ                                          ...
emerging economy                                                                         ÑÑÑÑÑ                            ...
steady growth                                                                    ÑÑÑÑÑ                                    ...
loving the planet                                                                     ÑÑÑÑÑ                               ...
location                                                                    ÑÑÑÑÑ                                         ...
football boom                                                                              ÑÑÑÑÑ                          ...
the town                                                                   ÑÑÑÑÑ                                          ...
ÑÑÑÑÑ        Summary              brazil      ÑÑÑÑÑ                                  ...is where all the smart money is go...
ÑÑÑÑÑ                                              Options                                               caponga beach vil...
ÑÑÑÑÑ                                                         Plots                                                       ...
ÑÑÑÑÑ                                                         Villas                                                      ...
ÑÑÑÑÑ                                                         Developments                                                ...
ÑÑÑÑÑ                                                                         Exit Routes                                 ...
ÑÑÑÑÑ        Purchase process        caponga beach village resort        Caponga Beach have worked hard to streamline the ...
ÑÑÑÑÑ        FAQ        caponga beach village resort        How are my Payments Protected?                                ...
Ebrochure Caponga
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Ebrochure Caponga


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Ebrochure Caponga

  1. 1. F o r t a l e z a - B r a z i l ÑÑÑÑÑ
  2. 2. House Type ‘A’ 125 m2 contents ÑÑÑÑÑ Introduction About Brazil 3 The Caponga Beach Resort is located and shops and is a favourite location 30 minutes south of the buzzing city of for Fortaleza visitors and residents alike. The Economy 4 Fortaleza in the North East of Brazil - the Caponga Beach Resort offers a choice of Life in Brazil 5 “Land of the Sun”, just a few degrees opportunities ranging from the purchase under the equator and enjoying year- of single plots for resale or construction, facts Fortaleza - Ceará 6 round sunshine and hundreds of through to full development blocks ÑÑÑÑÑ Host of the World Cup 7 kilometres of the best beaches in the for constructing apartments and villa Caponga Beach 8 world. condominiums. This development is Summary 9 fully completed with Caponga is a beautiful working fishing infrastructure and village with a bustling harbour and promenade, bordered by white, dreamy utilities, and comes beaches that stretch as far as the eye with full planning can see. The town has several hotels licenses and legal due diligence reports. Caponga Beach CAPONGA OPTIONS 10 Single Plots 11 Detached Villas 12 Development Blocks 13 Exit Routes 14 The Purchase Process 15 FAQ 16 2
  3. 3. emerging economy ÑÑÑÑÑ Brazil Brazil is the largest country in South Janiero, Salvador, Brasilia (capital) andBrazil is the B in the phrase ‘BRIC Economies’, a term first coined by America (occupying half of the entire Fortaleza.Goldman Sachs in their report into emerging countries, originally continent), and the fifth largestpublished in 2001. country in the world, approaching There has always been a strongIn short this report predicted that the 4 emerging economies a population of 200 million and an incredible 75,00 kilometres of coastline European and international influence in Brazil – in fact Rio de Janeiro was facts ÑÑÑÑÑof the future - Brazil, Russia, India, and China - would increase incorporating 700 kilometres of white the official capital of Portugal for 7so significantly in the years to come that they would eclipse the sandy beaches. years during the Peninsular War. Today,combined economies of the current richest countries in the world. Brazil has the largest population of “Brazil is theBrazil has an abundance of iron ore, soy and oil which will take Originally a colony of Portugal, Brazil Italians, Japanese, and Germans in the most irresistibleit into the top ranks of world superpowers. They also predicted gained its independence in 1882 and world, outside of their own respective of the BRICs”a large move in individual wealth and in particular the middle is now a federal republic. The largest countries. There are numerous direct President – Bank of Americaclasses. cities in Brazil are Sao Paulo, Rio de flights from Europe, America, and Asia.To date, all of these predictions have come true. 3
  4. 4. steady growth ÑÑÑÑÑ Economy Brazil has only been marginally affected city, which is a sign that the comingA recent report showed that the middle classes of Brazil now by the global economic crisis and it years will see an unprecedented rise inrepresent 53% of the population, and that the number of will be one of only 5 economies in land and housing. To further cementmillionaires is increasing at a rate of 19% per year. the world that will increase in 2009, that growth, the region of Ceará (whereCurrently Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world, with with a projected trade Surplus of 25 billion dollars. The country continues Caponga is located) already has a shortfall of 200,000 houses, due mainly facts ÑÑÑÑÑa GPD of 2 trillion Dollars, putting it ahead of Canada, India, to grow posting a 5% GDP growth in to the increases in middle classes.and most European countries. As well as its exports of natural 2008. As only 3% of residential housing All of these factors,resources, Brazil leads in manufactured exports including has a mortgage, house prices did not To further increase demand, the official coupled with lowplanes, cars, and parts. It also holds the position of being the explode at the same level as most other government figures for summer 2009 inflation and a stableonly country to host the main assembly plants of the world’s countries, and the banking crisis had showed that tourism to the Fortaleza currency, point totop 10 car manufacturers at the same time. little affect. Mortgages are now readily area was up 17% from 2008 and tourism Brazil being the best available to residents in Brazil and all the spend was an incredible 40% up from opportunity in the major world banks are in every major last season. global market-place today. Fortaleza City 4
  5. 5. loving the planet ÑÑÑÑÑ Life in Brazil Brazil offers one of the best lifestyles in the basically 52 weeks per year of sunshine with world. We have watched it getting better temperatures rarely moving more than a few every year as the new middle classes evolve points above or below 30 degrees. They have and demand higher and higher standards of no natural disasters nor traditional seasons infrastructure and quality housing, numerous there, just a few months when it rains for an facts five-star hotels, new resorts, spas and golf hour or so some days – then normally returns courses. The North-east of Brazil sits just a to beautiful sunshine. Dawn and dusk are at ÑÑÑÑÑ few degrees under the equator and offers the same time every day. In a recent survey 78% of The cost of living in Brazil is approximately one-third of the cost in Europe (some reports say 25%). A beer typically International Travellers to Brazil’s costs around 60 cents (50 pence) a nice meal out at a restaurant costs around 6 euros (5 pounds), and construction North-east voted it the best climate costs around 340 Euros per square metre (30 pounds per Square feet) for very high residential European standards. For in the world. When you couple this many imported ‘luxury’ items such as high-end cars and plasma TVs the prices are actually similar in Brazil as they are with 700 Kms of the finest whiteIn the North-east of Brazil over 65% of all energy comes from in Europe. Caponga Beach plots (with full infrastructure and planning completed) cost from as little as 10,000 Pounds, beaches and the warmest and which is approximately 11% of the equivalent average European prices. Caponga Beach Plots would need to TREBLE inrenewable resources (48% nationally and rising) mostly hydro- friendliest people you’re ever likely price just to bring them in line with the “one-third” rule.electricity and bio-diesels, making it the world pioneers in to meet, you can appreciate whycaring for the environment. In addition, over 80% of cars run on international tourism has increased Aguas Belasethanol/alcohol. Brazil does not rely on the import of foreign oil by over 140% in the last 10 years.and is now a significant exporter of Ethanol and bio-diesel fuels There are now international directto the rest of the world. Where many countries pay lip-service flights from practically every cornerto ‘going green’ (US produces just 6% of energy from renewable of the world.resources), Brazil has actually made the changes and indeedthe President has recently committed to Brazil being the world’slargest producer of renewable energy. 5
  6. 6. location ÑÑÑÑÑ Fortaleza - Ceará For those who want to party all night, Fortaleza has some of the Fortaleza is the State Capital of Ceará various bays and glamorous beaches on best nightclubs and bars in Brazil, • Sao Luis mostly concentrated around the Fortaleza in the North-east of Brazil at the closest one side, and a plethora of top hotels and Iracema area, whilst just outside CEARÁ points to both Europe and USA. It is a high-rise luxury apartments on the other. the city centre is Beach Park, the • Natal buzzing metropolis of 2.5 million people, The whole area is alive and bustling from largest water park in Brazil. and enjoys direct flights from Europe 6 o’clock in the morning, right through • Recife and America, as well as many daily until the late night street market closes. internal flights from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Here, you’ll also find some of the finest andBRAZIL • Salvador facts Paulo, Recife, Natal, and all major cities most exclusive restaurants in Fortaleza. throughout the country. The daily flight As you wander along the Boardwalk you ÑÑÑÑÑ from Lisbon to Fortaleza takes about 61/2 can’t help but to absorb the intriguing hours. scenery, energy and sheer volume and The daily flight quality of the visitors packing the streets from Lisbon to The Beira Mar promenade in Fortaleza and beaches. Fortaleza takes (the Boardwalk), is 4 kms long and follows about 61/2 hours. vacation spot for locals The North-east of Brazil is the target region for investment, international tourism and local holidays, with the best climate, beaches and quality of life... The majority of Brazil’s wealthiest population is concentrated around the areas in the South, in and around Sao Paulo and Rio. Unlike the North-east, the south of Brazil has a different climate, and frequently experiences frost and even snow and ice during the winter months. As a result, approximately 3 million people come to Fortaleza for a holiday from within Brazil, making it the preferred destination for locals looking for a second home or an urban-beach break in the sun. Fortaleza - Beira Mar 6
  7. 7. football boom ÑÑÑÑÑ World Cup Fortaleza – Host of the World Cup 2014 Cup. This includes an expansion to the Previous host cities to the World Cup saw huge rises in property airport – more than doubling its existing prices including Athens, Barcelona, Sydney, and Atlanta where FIFA recently announced that Fortaleza capacity to 13 million passengers per they outperformed the rest of the property market by an would be a host city for the 2014 year, new roads and connections, and average of 20% per annum. World Cup. This has been an amazing boost for the city, and was followed a new underground metro system. They also revealed the plans for the facts ÑÑÑÑÑ In some cases property soared even more and in Barcelona by the announcement from the Mayor construction of the continent’s largest for example properties increased 49% more on the run-up to Cid Gomes that they have a budget visitor Aquarium – which will be located Previous host the World Cup than other Spanish Cities. Other smaller host approval to spend 9.6 Billion Reais (over on Iracema Beach. Fortaleza’s famous cities to the cities have seen rises of over 110% as new transport links 3 billion pounds) on improvements football stadium (Castelão), is also being and infrastructure opened up the local property market to to the city on the run up to the World completely redesigned. World Cup saw international investment. huge rises in property pricesIracema Beach - Fortaleza 7
  8. 8. the town ÑÑÑÑÑ Caponga Beach Caponga Beach Village Resort is located There are currently at least 3 new Caponga Fishing HarbourThe Caponga harbour and promenade are quaint and tidy and about 30 mins (48 kms) south-east of developments which have been grantedlead directly on to the beach where fisherman in their Jacandas Fortaleza and most of the journey is on full planning in the area. Adjacent to(Brazilian fishing boats) unload their daily catches, and the a new double carriageway motorway. our Caponga Beach Resort, there is thelocal restaurants stock up for the lunchtime trade. Life is slowin Caponga, and the people are warm and friendly, and always It is a popular location for commuters Aguas Belas Golf Resort and Spa – an inspiring design with 2 5-star hotels facts ÑÑÑÑÑkeen to exchange smiles and greetings. and visitors alike due to its easy access and spa, along with a beautiful winding and proximity to Fortaleza. There are golf course with elevated views of the The word CapongaThe town has everything it needs to keep the locals and visitors regular day-trips to Caponga organized sea and beaches. There is also a new is an old aboriginalself-sufficient. Many bars, restaurants, and Posadas, a few from Fortaleza where visitors can go for Caponga/Aguas harbour project and a word (caá-Ponga),grocery stores, car repairs and clothes shops etc. The larger a day out of the busy city and enjoy the Beach Club Resort. All in all, there will which wouldtown of Cascavel is just 5 kms up the road and has many more beautiful beaches, seafood restaurants be approximately 5,000 new properties roughly translate asfacilities including schools, churches, and supermarkets. and tranquility of Caponga Beach. (villas, townhouses, and apartments) in “the jungle tamed” Caponga over the coming years. Aguas Belas Golf Resort Clearly, we were not the only ones to notice the area’s true potential... Caponga 8
  9. 9. ÑÑÑÑÑ Summary brazil ÑÑÑÑÑ ...is where all the smart money is going in International property investment. It is a stable country with strong growth, low inflation and the potential to be one of the most affluent countries in the world. the north-east ÑÑÑÑÑ ...of Brazil is the target region for investment, international tourism, and local holidays, with the best climate, beaches and quality of life. fortaleza ÑÑÑÑÑ ...is the capital city of Ceará and the host of the World Cup 2014 with a 3+ billion pound improvement and tourism budget. Tourism spend increased an incredible 40% since 2008. caponga beach ÑÑÑÑÑ ...is strategically placed as a perfect location for commuting and holidaying near to the city. It is also being heavily invested in by other international and local developers. ÑÑÑÑÑ ...is perfectly situated and offers real value for money with an option of plots, villas, and developments to produce a maximum return on investment. 9
  10. 10. ÑÑÑÑÑ Options caponga beach village resortlocation ÑÑÑÑÑ Caponga Beach Resort is located at the edge of the town, and is currently sub- divided into 600 individual plots, in blocks of mostly 14 and 16 plots, and all infrastructure and full planning is completed. There are currently several options for purchasers: The entrance and areas Ñ Ñ Ñ Single Plots Detached Villas Development Blocks to the front of the development are bordered by sand-dunes and the rest of the area is bordered by protected dense forests. The development is adjacent to the Aguas Belas Aguas Belas Golf Resort & Spa Golf and Spa Resort. Caponga Fishing Harbour Aguas Belas Beach Resort Beautiful Beaches Google Earth Village Resort 10
  11. 11. ÑÑÑÑÑ Plots caponga beach village resort Single Plots are an average of 250 m2 and come with full infrastructure and planning for a detached villa of up to 125 m2 (1,400 Sq ft).price ÑÑÑÑÑ Single Plots range in price from just 10,000 Stg (11,000€) up to 15,000 Stg (16,500€)* depending on size and location. *Prices are agreed in Brazilian Reais and currency Prices are Shown as examples only, calculated at an exchange rate of 3.2 to Sterling For a full Information Pack on building plots, including prices and availability, please contact us. 11
  12. 12. ÑÑÑÑÑ Villas caponga beach village resort There are currently 3 approved house types for the individual plots. The houses range from 75 m2 up to 125 m2.price ÑÑÑÑÑ House Type ‘C’ Salon Villa Type ‘A’ Prices start from 69,000 Euros (65,000 Stg) including the plot for this Bathroom Villa Type ‘B’ stunning detached villa. The developer will provide guaranteed non-status payment terms over 3 years. Bedroom Villa Type ‘B’ *Prices are agreed in Brazilian Reais and currency Prices are Shown as examples only, calculated at an exchange rate of 3.2 to Sterling For a full Information Pack on Villas including prices, payment options, detailed plans and images, please contact us. 12
  13. 13. ÑÑÑÑÑ Developments caponga beach village resort Projects are available to take an entire block (currently split into 16 villa plots) and put a condominium style development of either apartments, or houses. Full plansprice ÑÑÑÑÑ and viability studies have already been prepared for existing clients. Apartments - 1 Bed, 2 Bed and 3 Bed Penthouse Salon - 1 Bed An entire block for the construction of up to 47 apartments can be Bedroom - Penthouse purchased for as little as 155,000 Stg (165,000€). Full plans have already been prepared. Bathroom - 2 Bed *Prices are agreed in Brazilian Reais and currency Prices are Shown as examples only, calculated at an exchange rate of 3.2 to Sterling For a full Information Pack on Developments including designs, plans, and feasibilities, please contact us. 13
  14. 14. ÑÑÑÑÑ Exit Routes caponga beach village resort hold and re-sell ÑÑÑÑÑ build house and sell ÑÑÑÑÑ developer off-plan ÑÑÑÑÑ up to 200% ROI over 3 years 235% ROI over 3 years 410% ROI over 3 yearsBuying a plot in Caponga Beach is a simple and inexpensive You can further maximize the opportunity by constructing By taking a whole block you can fully exploit the opportunityinvestment starting from just 10,000 Stg. Total legal fees and a house on the plots. We have 3 approved designs of 75 m , 2 at Caponga Beach Resort. Several investors have alreadytaxes will cost approximately 10% for single plots, and 7% 95 m , and 125 m . The smaller for example are currently 2 2 secured multiple blocks and have developed the plansfor multiple purchases. At this phase of the Development, selling for 69,000 Stg. Assuming similar rises in property over for the construction of condominium style villas and aCaponga Beach plots are between 40% and 60% less than other the next 3 years would revalue this to 140,000 Stg in 3 year’s development of 47 low-rise apartments.similar plots being marketed (i.e. plots with full infrastructure, time, well ahead of the world cup.planning, and building licenses). Conservative estimates put To summarise, the apartments would be sold off-plan with aproperty increases at approximately 26% PA for the next 4 Assuming the cost of the plot as 10,000 Stg, and the build 20% Deposit and the balance payable over 3 years.years. The most prudent exit would be in 2012/2013, therefore costs of 32,000 Stg (based on current estimates, plus projectallowing a purchaser time to develop a Villa ahead of the 2014 management), this would produce a net return of 235% on The initial investment would be approximately 250,000 Stg –World cup. the assumption that you built and completed the house which includes the land cost, and all preliminaries (including before selling it. In reality it could be sold pre-construction perimetre walls and entrance), taxes and marketing etc.Assuming just a 3 year hold, the accumulative effect of this / off-plan therefore producing a much healthier cash returnwould value the plot at 30,000 Stg, producing a net return on investment.of 200%. This still doesn’t take into account that plot pricesare already disproportionately low compared with other Again, this doesn’t take into consideration that plot prices For further details about exit routes including details about each option and full plans and feasibilities, pleasecommodities and services (see page 5). If this imbalance are already underpriced, and also that property prices are contact us.corrects itself, the returns could actually be several times likely to increase dramatically before the world cup, as hashigher again. happened in the locations of all the previous world cups.Capital Gains tax has several different layers, however in general ÑÑÑÑÑit is best to work on a total figure of around 15% of the profit. 14
  15. 15. ÑÑÑÑÑ Purchase process caponga beach village resort Caponga Beach have worked hard to streamline the When the Powers have been signed and the Private Purchase Purchase Process. We have recommended a firm of lawyers Contract executed, a further balance of 40% of the purchase in Fortaleza (Magno Pintos), who have already completed price will be paid to your account in GCEN (normally 2 weeks a full due diligence report on Caponga Beach Village and after the reservation). handled the purchase of dozens of clients in the Caponga Beach development. Caponga Beach is a freehold purchase, and therefore when your deeds (Escritura) are registered in Brazil, you pay the final When you decide that you want to purchase plots with us, 50%. This normally takes another 4 weeks. we will send you a reservation form which you will sign and return. Our currency agency GCEN will contact you and take a 10% deposit. The reservation contract is then emailed to your lawyer in Brazil, who will make direct contact with you, providing you ÑÑÑÑÑ with details of their fees and property transfer taxes, and a copy of the Private Purchase Agreement (In Portuguese and English) and also a Power of Attorney so that they can execute the deed in Brazil on your behalf and apply for your CPF number (this is a fiscal reference that everyone buying property in Brazil must have). 15
  16. 16. ÑÑÑÑÑ FAQ caponga beach village resort How are my Payments Protected? What Planning restrictions are there? All payments are made through an agent called GCEN where The full planning documents are included within the due you will open up your account (in your own name). Payments diligence. In summary each plot has planning for a detached are held by GCEN in your account at each stage until the villa of 50% of the land size, over a maximum of 21/2 floors documents are completed. Payments are then transferred up to a height of 10 mtrs. The construction cannot go within from your currency account to Brazil, where you have one of 1 metre of the boundaries to neighbouring plots, and must the strictest banking systems in the world. The funds will not come 3 Metres in from the main entrance. So, for a typical be credited to our account until we physically present all the 250 m2 plot, a 100 m2 house would have a footprint of 50 signed documents, including Notarised Powers, the signed m2, leaving 80% free for gardens and pool. All planning in Private Purchase Contract, and proof of clear title etc. to the Caponga Beach is limited to a maximum of 10m therefore all Central Bank of Brazil in Fortaleza. construction of Villas, townhouses, hotels, or apartments will be low-rise. What Legal due diligence has been carried out? Two separate Due Diligence reports have been prepared on the Development. One by Manzanares International Lawyers, contact: and a second by our recommended lawyers Magno Pinto’s. Each report covers the title of the land (to verify that it is in the name of the vendors), that the land is free of encumbrances and has clear title, and that all planning, building, and environmental licenses are in place. ÑÑÑÑÑ 16