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2013 june july merchandise


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This pictures are a few of the floors I merchandised at my job and took the time too capture. With over 5 different areas here is just a handful.

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2013 june july merchandise

  1. 1. Tyleema K . 2013 Visual Merchandising Helping out a friend to try to get Kids polo product out I set
  2. 2. this table up which the trends seemed to be tie die, stripes and ruffled short sleeve shirts that came in multiple solid colors. (July 2013) Here you have Calvin Klein which is the 2nd group that came in consisting of black ,red,purple, and zebra/ leapord prints to break the colors up.
  3. 3. Here you have calvin Klein group 5 which started the red flow for group 6 which is on the side corner of this group. This group consists of red,black,tan,stripes and a blouse and dress with the same print to be the theme of this collection. As you can see the manequien is sporting the dress and the blouse is up front. I will not take credit for the outfits on the manequiens But i will take credit for everything else.
  4. 4. Here you have the fabulous world of modern seperates where there are over 5 different clothing brands in this department.For the most part this department focus is t-shirts and blouses and a few bottoms here and there. A few of the carriers are : Joseph A, Allison Taylor spense, cupio workshop .. and more