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Evaluation question 2


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Media studies evaluation

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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. Research and How I Applied it:My target audience is 16-25 year old males, similar to the target audienceof NME, so to represent this in my magazine, I had to create astereotypical style of magazine that would be associated with that agegroup.To do this I used black, red and grey/white for my colour scheme becausered in particular is the colour that you associate with young men of thatage group. I have continued this colour scheme throughout all three of mypages to maintain continuity and create a clear house style. Additionally, Iused quite a messy and “grungy” font style because this would also makesomeone looking at the magazine automatically think that it was aimed atyoung men.In terms of the artist I put on my front cover, I thought I would have afemale artist because it’s another stereotype that young men of that agethink about girls all the time, so I felt this would be appropriate. I have alsoused quite simplistic makeup for her and dressed her in a black top, as wellas asking her to only smile slightly. If I had put her in a flowery dress andsmiling, then the genre of my magazine might have been misconstruedand it would look more like it was a pop magazine targeted at femalesmore than males.
  3. 3. ContinuedSince the demographic group that I chose in my research was the “e”group, the pricing of my magazine had to represent this, because Icouldn’t charge a lot for a magazine that’s targeted at students whoearn minimum wage or don’t even have a job. So to represent this, Ihave priced my magazine at £2.00 and made it a monthly magazine asthis should make the price more reasonable for my targeteddemographic group.To represent my audience further, I added a banner at the top of thefront cover advertising to win tickets to Leeds Fest because accordingto my reader profile, my target audience enjoy going to gigs andfestivals so I made sure to include both articles about festivals, andcompetitions to win tickets to a festival.In terms of my double page spread, I have also represented my targetaudience by writing the article in a Q+A format as this is easier toread, and stereotypically, males of the age I am targeting don’t like tohave to sit and read a huge block of text, so I thought I would breakthe text up and make it much easier to read.