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Tyco Water Company Overview Presentation

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Tyco Water Overview

  1. 1. Corporate Profile your pipeline partner
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction o Pipeline Components• Corporate overview o Pipeline Services• Our history o Tyco Water Technologies• Organisation structure • Case Studies• Our locations o Victorian Desalination Pipeline• Company structure o Burdekin to Moranbah Pipeline• Manufacturing capabilities • Contact details• Environmental, Health & Safety• Our products o Steel Pipeline Systems o Ductile Iron Pipeline Systems o Plastic Pipeline Systems
  3. 3. Introduction• Tyco Water is a complete pipeline systems provider with solutions in steel, ductile iron and plastic• We have more than 100 continuous years of experience supplying major Australian projects• Dedication to R&D keeps us at the forefront of pipeline innovation• Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of pipeline products to the water industry• Manufacturing and Customer Service capabilities across Australia and the Pacific Rim
  4. 4. Corporate OverviewAs Australia’s leading water pipeline supplier, the numbers add up:• 6 manufacturing plants• 20+ patented innovations• 23 locations• 100+ years of experience• 1,000+ employees
  5. 5. Our History Steel Mains 1970 Stewart & Lloyds 1940 Tyco Water Mephan Ferguson Since 1990 1890 Stantons Tubemakers 1920 Tubemakers Water 1960 1986Each change of ownership has strengthenedour financial position and our ability to betterserve our customers.
  6. 6. Organisation Structure Tyco International Tyco Water is backed by the global resources of Tyco International Tyco SecurityTyco Fire Protection Solutions Tyco Flow Control Tyco Thermal Tyco Water & Tyco Valves & Controls Environmental Controls Systems Tyco Systems Tyco Environmental Tyco Water Systems
  7. 7. Global Strength With more than 25 locations around the globe, Tyco Water has vital combination of global strength and local expertise to deliver any water pipeline project.
  8. 8. Company StructureOur organisation is structured to best serve our diverse customers.Manufacturing Facilities• Located in major Australian centres• Short lead times, responsive scheduling and lower freight costsRegional Marketing Offices• 4 Regional Marketing Offices• Major project consultation and tenders• Engineering expertiseCustomer Centres• 8 Customer Centres• Daily sales• Project administration
  9. 9. Manufacturing Capabilities• 6 manufacturing plants• $500 million investment in plant• Capability to produce over 500 kilometres of pipe per annum• Significant contributor to Australian employment• Close to our local market• Made for Australian requirements and conditions
  10. 10. Environmental, Health & Safety Everyday our products and services are helping our customers achieve their EHS goals, from increasing infrastructure efficiency to safety innovations. At Tyco Water we’re doing our bit. We’ve: • reduced Lost Time Injuries by 43% • recycled 2.5 million tonnes of scrap • reduced energy usage by 81,342 GJ • reduced carbon footprint by 16.2%Tyco Water is governed by itscompany policies dictating Zero Harmto people and the environment.
  11. 11. Products & Services your pipeline partner
  12. 12. Our ProductsThe widest range of pipeline SINTAKOTE® EURAPIPEsystems to suit every application Steel Pipeline Systems ABS Pipeline Systemsfrom 80mm to 2500mm 100mm to 2500mm 80mm to 750mm TYTON® 2100 Series ADVANTAGE DI Pipeline Systems PE Pipeline Systems 100mm to 750mm 160mm to 630mm PLASPIPE Plastic Pipeline Systems 80mm to 575mm
  13. 13. Steel Pipeline Systems• SINTAKOTE® steel pipeline systems• 100mm to 2500mm nominal diameter, including all ISO and Australian Standard diameters• Superior strength and ductility of steel• World-class corrosion protection systems• Patented rubber jointing system provides fast reliable installation; just one example of our pipeline innovations
  14. 14. Ductile Iron Pipeline Systems• Inherent strength and toughness of ductile iron, combined with proven corrosion resistance systems• Lower installed cost• Lower maintenance cost• Ease of use• Reliable long life• The preferred choice for town infrastructure water delivery and sewerage systems
  15. 15. Plastic Pipeline Systems• PLAS-FLO – PVC-U pipeline systems • CHEM-FLO – Plastic lined steel pipeline systems• TUD-FLO – PVC-M pipeline systems • ADVANTAGE – PE pipeline systems• OPTI-FLO – PVC-O pipeline systems • All of our plastic pipeline systems are:• D-FLO – PVC-U drain, waste and vent o light weight o easy to install• DURA-FLO - ABS pipeline systems o chemical resistant o corrosion resistant• STRATA-FLO – ABS Bore-casing• ABS-CON – ABS industrial conduit• K-FLO – Pre-insulated pipeline systems
  16. 16. Pipeline Components• TYCO Water supplies more than just pipe• The complete pipeline systems that we manufacture and supply include a full range of fittings, valves, couplings, connectors and appurtenances• Standard range of sizes and can be custom made to suit specifications• TYCO engineers pipe sections and components with the total pipeline system in mind
  17. 17. Pipeline Services• Specialist maintenance and repair of • Pipeline replacement & pipe bursting water and waste water systems • Under-pressure tapping and stopping• Pipeline condition assessment • Comprehensive installation and repair• Structural pipe lining training for steel and ductile iron• Pipeline coatings• Pipeline asset maintenance & installation
  18. 18. Tyco Water Technologies• Research and innovation business specialising in: o Development of products and materials specifically for the water industry o Testing laboratory o Pipeline condition assessment o Water resource development
  19. 19. Case Studies your pipeline partner
  20. 20. Victorian Desalination PipelineAustralia’s largest desalination projectProject: The Victorian Desalination ProjectPrincipal: Melbourne Water and AquasureWhere: Wonthaggi, Victoria, AustraliaWhen: Straight pipe delivery completed December, 2010Supplied: 84km of 1930OD Cement Lined Mild Steel
  21. 21. Burdekin to Moranbah PipelineSecuring water supply for local minesPrincipal: SunWaterWhere: West of Mackay, Queensland, AustraliaWhen: Final delivery date or whichever date you haveSupplied: 813OD SINTAKOTE Pipes and DN750 DICL pipe plus associatedvalves and fittings
  22. 22. Contact Details1800 TYCO H2Oinfo@tycowater.comwww.tycowater.com