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French Lick Resort Golf - facebook


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Upon arrival to French Lick Resort, they had already star

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French Lick Resort Golf - facebook

  1. 1. 1. Increasing the size of our profile picture2. Creating a URL name and advertising our facebook page as such3. Encouraging, AND Rewarding people, to “check-in”4. Improving our banner page
  2. 2.!/pages/French-Lick-Resort-Golf/
  3. 3. • The NEW facebook URL –
  4. 4. 1. People have a lot of pride in playing at the Donald Ross. Checking in allows them to brag and tell their friends where they are 2. Possibly earn rewards points for “Checking-in” 3. Possibly receive minor discounts on merchandise or golf1. The average person has 120 facebook friends and often times even more than that: Opportunity?2. It allows us to know specifically who was at the course and when. This will create an even better following.3. We could offer contests, or at the least, recognize and reward the person who checked in to the and of the golf clubs the most. Get 10% off any Shirt in the DR Check ininSLEEVE Donald Ross Check atat the OF BALLS to FREE The Donald Ross Pro Shop CHECK-IN TO CLAIM And receive FL Rewards points Claim your FREE LOGO BALL Check in to claim
  5. 5. "What do you do with those fans?Give them coupons, give them a way to give donations to their charities, give away free music ifyoure an artist, have them rate your products, the sky is the limit," said Facebook marketerVitrue CEO Reggie Bradford. "But to me the big insight is that consumers buy products onrecommendations from their friends. So if a consumer raises a hand to say I like this brandtheir friends and the brands fans are paying attention."
  6. 6. 5 pictures displayed at the top of the facebook page