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  1. 1. Year 10 Representations in Advertising Unit History and Propaganda
  2. 2. Propaganda• Propaganda presents information to influence an audience.• Presents information that is biased – facts are selectively presented to encourage people to take the view that supports the one publishing the propaganda.• Produces an emotional rather than a rational response
  3. 3. Nazi Propaganda • Appeared in election campaign in 1933 • ‘The Reich will never be destroyed if you are united and loyal’ • What is this trying to appeal to? • What tone/mood
  4. 4. Nazi Propaganda • ‘Yes! Fuhrer we will follow you!’ • What/who can we see depicted in the poster?
  5. 5. Nazi Propaganda • ‘Smash the enemies of Greater Germany’ (1940)
  6. 6. United States Propaganda
  7. 7. United States propaganda All the day long, whether rain or shine she’s part of the assembly line. She’s making history, working for victory Rosie the riveter.
  8. 8. Slogans1.Connecting People2.I’m lovin’ it.3.Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s _______4.Obey Your Thirst5.Oh, what a feeling!6.Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
  9. 9. Corporate logos
  10. 10. Which company does this logo belong to?