New media & technologies of representations


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New media & technologies of representations

  2. 2. MASS COMMUNICATION• With the advent of the internet, the mediahas become highly participatory and there isan ever increasing amount of user generatedcontent available to the masses• See the timeline of Media development(answer question 2 on p.36)
  3. 3. NEW MEDIA DEFINED• The combining of traditional media forms withcomputer based media is what is termed new media• All emerging digital or electronic communication thatcombines text, graphics, sound and video usingcomputer technology is new media• New media also refers to on-demand access to contentany time, anywhere, on any digital device, as well asinteractive user feedback, creative participation.Another aspect of new media is the real-timegeneration of new, unregulated content
  4. 4. NEW MEDIA & MORAL PANICS• Media in Mintues – Moral Panics
  5. 5. Moral Panic• “Any widespread anxiety about an issue that isset to threaten the very fabric of society”• Worries about new forms of media are as old asinformation itself• Socrates famously warned against writingbecause it would diminish people’s memory• Older generations warn against new technologyand complain that society is abandoning the‘wholesome’ old media, unaware that this sametechnology was considered to be harmful whenfirst introduced
  6. 6. DIGITAL MUSIC• Digitized music combined with file sharingsoftware has allowed peer-to-peer sharing ofcontent• This has had massive issues with copyrightinfringement• It has also provided opportunities forindividuals to connect with a wider audience
  7. 7. COPYRIGHT• File sharing online presents a major challengeto existing copyright laws• The Creative Commons project was developedto allow people to share and reuse copyrightmaterial in a manner that is legal andconsistent with the rules of copyright• Google, Wikipedia and flickr haveincorporated creative commons licenses intotheir websites
  8. 8. WEB 2.0• Invented by Tim O’Reilly, the term describesthe way the internet has evolved toincorporate greater interactivity, socialisationand user-generated content• Blogging, Wikis, Social Networks,Crowdfunding platforms are all examples ofWeb 2.0 technology
  9. 9. NEW DEVICES & MEDIUMS• Tablets• eBOOK Readers• Smartphones• Massively Multiplayer online role-playinggames (MMORPGs)
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGIES OF REPRESENTATION• Digital photography and digital imagemanipulation are a consequence ofconvergence and the development of newmedia• The Dove ‘Evolution’ campaign illustrates thiswell
  11. 11. Digitally Enhanced Images• Dove ‘Evolution’ commercial
  12. 12. CULTURE JAMMING• The process of mimicking or modifying amedia message, particularly those for in ads,to make a political or social statement• See Calvin Klein example of p.55
  13. 13. RETCUT TRAILERS• Chopper