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Schoolix presentation 2013


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Schoolix - the best of facebook and Wikipedia mixed together. "Schoolix the Schulwiki" is Twoonix GmbH’s innovative software platform designed to meet the specific needs of the classroom and school environment.

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Schoolix presentation 2013

  1. 1. is a collaboration platform for education … powered with the force of social network, wiki & cloudImage Copyright by Twoonix GmbH
  2. 2. PROBLEM The school system is brokenComprehensivereforms wait fordecades and all is No matter whichconditioned country, nearly alldeadlocked have the same problemsImage Copyright by laffy4k @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  3. 3. Today it is no longer important, to retrieve the information The big mission (for pupils & teachers) is the perfect workflow with oversupplyImage Copyright by jamesbrandon @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  4. 4. Society and supply were changed with new technologies & new media The key and the only way into the 21th century is the cooperation to other individuals (with respective expertise & knowledge)Image Copyright: Free
  5. 5. The crowd triesown ways but itdoesnt work[*too manyfoolish microeconomicexperiments]Image Copyright by danorth1 @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  6. 6. OUR MISSION A globally unified platform and recognized technology for education, in favor of ... Cooperation [*micro & macro] with and for the oversupply of information Dealing in and for the collaboration Information applicabilityImage Copyright: Free
  7. 7. AS A RESULT To promote the individual strengths (expertise) and weaknesses in the community Reunion (with an impact) of all current field tests Change the education – rules [*worldwide]Image Copyright by humbert15 @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  8. 8. The wiki technology has with Wikipedia the usability … as Technology … as Platform proved (and it is approved)Image Copyright: Free
  9. 9. The „upgrade“ of Wikipedia is Media Wiki (originated by Wikipedia community)Image CC-BY-SA 3.0; Isarra, Anthere, Eloquence, Aka
  10. 10. Twoonix Wiki Technology is a fundamental ingredient in the Media Wiki community The product of Twoonix is SchoolixImage Copyright by Twoonix GmbH
  11. 11. Schoolix is a schoolkids collaborationplatform, for eachtype of instructionand communityprojects withthe force of... Social network [*Facebook, Twitter] Wiki [*Wikipedia] Cloud [*Dropbox, Box, AWS]Image Copyright: Free
  12. 12. Usability is scheduled for 6+ years API & APP are (in all directions) open and transparent Cloud by big playerImage Copyright by tashmahal @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  13. 13. Revenue streams are all in - subscriptions (cloud, service pages & tools, etc.) Different revenue models (maximum $ 1.00 per month / student)Image Copyright: CC-BY-SA 3.0; Sebastianjude
  14. 14. Media Wiki is currently a submarine[*advantage] and it is still a bitheavy / ugly [*chance] Schoolix gets a high-end Media Wiki upgrade [*USP]Image Copyright: Free
  15. 15. Why is Media-Wiki so sexy ...Open source – spiritPlatform – core ideaAccepted as standardtechnology in the crowd[*despite submarine]Huge developer communityNearly independent of hard- and softwareImage Copyright by laverrue @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  16. 16. Marketing and sales works above the teachers and specialized (new) media [*teachers are the eternal user aka multipliers] The only way is buzz marketing [*crowd] [*virally] [*branding]Image Copyright by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  17. 17. THE COMPETITION Local Wikis attempts for education and various groupings Udacity, Coursera, Codecademy in Education without Standard Exchange Formats [*dislike] Asana, Salesforce, Yammer & Co. primarily for business collaborationImage Copyright by CC-BY 2.0; BerlinBeyond2011
  18. 18. TEAMMartin Bregulla (CEO & Founder)Skills: Web 2.0 Technologies, Wikis, Industrial DisruptionFocus: To break the education system, to gain Peter Thiel as lead investorTrackrecord: Graduate economic engineer, 9 years project management byDaimler, SAP advisorRobert Radke (CFO & Founder)Skills: Entrepreneurial family - roots, Wikis, Number cruncher, Chess masterFocus: Bureaucracy, organization, fair play spirit (as a chess referee)Trackrecord: Board Director by Wikimedia Deutschland, tried company sellerHolger Wendland (COO & Sales, Founder)Skills: Wiki moderator, Rulesmaker, Virality loverFocus: Sales - sales - sales, marketingTrackrecord: Senior salesman, worldwide eBay-SellerImage Copyright: Free
  19. 19. TEAMMelanie Unbekannt (CMO & Co Founder)Skills: New media and education, The voice of european education sceneFocus: Education, communityTrackrecord: Blogger about the education problem & solutions since 2006Rainer Dechet (Advisor)Skills: New technologies & new media, Big picture - viewer, CooperationFocus: World changing ideas, disruptive innovation, MVPTrackrecord: Equity4expertise angel, 6 years in the start-up sceneImage Copyright: Free
  20. 20. MILESTONES 2008 | VW AG as B2B pilot firm, activities expansion for VW AG, developement of SAP R/3 tools 2010 | Stop of the B2B aktivities (despite 570% incrase efficieny at VW AG) New focus → Schools & pupils! 2011 | Development of Wiki2Go (a virtual pupil notebook), the 1-click solution, partnership with the cloud hoster STRATO and kick-off the beta phase of SchoolixImage Copyright by CC-BY-SA 3.0; Parrot of Doom
  21. 21. TRACK RECORD (Dec. 2012) STATUS QUO 1 x Senior high school in(Okt. 2012 - June 2013) Hessen, ca. 1800 pupils Beta phase 2 x High schools in Berlin, total 1480 pupils 3 x Senior high schools in Berlin, total 2400 pupils 1 x Business college in Cologne, 3100 pupils (7 x schools, 8780 pupils + faculty)Image Copyright by Vicburton @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  22. 22. NEXT STEPS2013 | To optimize the usability (Age 6+),MVP and API (App-Connect, DropBoxQuickstart, HTML5), virality arrangements2014 | Launch / RollOut: APIs for third partydeveloper and platforms, for all schools onthis planet a freemimum account, APPinterface (eBook-Reader, App shop, etc.)2015 | Connect for paid services in an APPmodel, PR & MarketingImage Copyright by istolethetv @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  23. 23. Wiki as „open source“ is the oneand only technology for educationBefore we longer wait to respective nationaleducation reforms, we crack this (viateachers) eternal theme intern [*disruptive]Image Copyright by VICTOR VIC @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  24. 24. We [*Twoonix]Change[*With Schoolix]The[*Education-]World! Image Copyright by NASA Goddard Photo and Video @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  25. 25. Further information can be found on: Copyright by Keoni Cabral @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention Twoonix Software GmbH Mr. Martin Bregulla, CEO Uhlandstr. 137 10717 Berlin Deutschland +49 30 8871 4671 martin.bregulla@twoonix.comImage Copyright by VinothChandarl @ Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)