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  1. 1. One of the most important keys to a companys success is logistics management. This means that when you are in business, you must have the proper staff in charge of your supply chain management functions whether you are using in-house people or outsourcing these functions.IT support
  2. 2. Your customers have to be your primary concern, which means yourlogistics management team must be customer-oriented at all timesIs this possible if you outsource the overall logistics managementfunctionality? Yes it is And certainly, people within your organizationwill not always have the direct concerns of others; however, peoplein charge of the delivery of your products or services will beconcerned about order fulfillment and adhering to the terms of thecontract with the customer If you plan to use in-house people foryour logistics management team, you should be certain you hirepeople who understand the importance and functions of the entiresupply chain management operation
  3. 3. Even if you plan to hire people for different functions within thesupply chain areas, those key people must understand the way yourentire operation works Other, the products and services thecustomer is ordering might not ever show up to them! If your staffmembers do not understand the entire operation, there is littlechance they will understand the importance of the managementfunction and why they must perform in certain ways in order to meetthe needs of the customers This entire concept is really at the heartof the logistics management control process Still, plenty ofbusinesses choose to outsource this function, and that is acceptable,also
  4. 4. If you plan to outsource your logistics management functionality,many times you will have little control over the actual team involved;however, you want to choose a company that has a reputation forgood customer service and logistics management skills Theoutsourcing company you choose needs to understand theimportance of order fulfillment and must be willing to preserve thegood reputation of your company when it comes to prompt shipmentand delivery Remember, outsourcing your logistics managementfunctions can only be cost effective if the company you choosemeets to IT support the needs of your customers Order fulfillment isessential to the success of your business and must be paramount inthe minds of those who handle logistics management for yourcompany
  5. 5. Some companies methodically choose to deal in those operationswith their own staff of employees because of the concern of a lack ofloyalty by outside contractors While this may not always hold true, itis certainly something you need to re-evaluate if you plan to look foran outsourcing company for your companys logistics managementfunctions Only if a company saves you money without costing youcustomers is it worth the investment you will spend to outsourcethose functions
  6. 6. Southern Fulfillment Services is a leading fulfillment, warehousingand company, headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, with facilitiesand offices in Texas Call today for a free quote on any of yourtransportation or fulfillment needs: 772-226-3609
  7. 7. IT support