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Some interesting facts about animals


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Published in: Education
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Some interesting facts about animals

  1. 1. Some interesting facts about animals 동물에 관한 흥미로운 사실 몇 가지 이 자료는 초등학교 2학년 학생들에게 읽어주기 위해 만들었습니다.
  2. 2. Housefly Housefly : 집파리 Musical abilities: 음악적 능력 To hum : 소리를 낸다 Key of F : ‘파’ 음 Houseflies live 14 days. They have musical abilities. They always hum in the key of F.
  3. 3. Ostrich Ostrich : Run faster : 더 빨리 달린다 Male ostrich : 수컷 타조 Roar : 으르렁거리다. Ostriches can run faster than horses. The male ostriches can roar like lions.
  4. 4. Bat Mammal : 포유류 To fly : 날다 Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
  5. 5. Kangaroo Tail: 꼬리 Balance: 균형 To lift: 들어올리다 Hop: 깡충 뛰다 Kangaroos use their tails for balance. If you lift a kangaroo’s tail, it can’t hop.
  6. 6. Spider On average: 평균적으로 Per square meter : 1평방미터당 In green areas : 녹지 Think twice : 두 번 생각하세요. On average, there are about 12 spiders per square meter in green area s. Think twice before going outside— unless you’re this guy.
  7. 7. Tiger Fur : 털 Stripe : 줄무늬 Skin : 피부 Same strips : 똑같은 줄무늬 Tigers have strips on their fur. They also have strips on their skin. No two tigers have the same stripes.
  8. 8. Useful tip : 유용한 팁 To escape a jaw: 턱을 피하려면 Push your thumb: 엄지로 눌러라 Eyeball : 눈알 Here’s a tip that might be useful. To escape a crocodile’s jaw, push your thumb into its eyeball —it will let you go instantly. Crocodile
  9. 9. Jump : 점프하다 Height: 키 Equivalent : 동일한 Fleas can jump up to 200 times their height. This is equivalent to a man jumping the Empire State Building in New York. Flea
  10. 10. To smell : 냄새맡다 Elephants can smell water up to 5 kilometers away. Elephant
  11. 11. Teeth : 치아 Never stop growing: 자라기를 멈추지 않는다. Gnaw : 갉다 Otherwise: 그러지 않으면 Brain: 두뇌 Beavers’ teeth never stop growing. They must constantly gnaw on objects — otherwise, their teeth would eventually grow into their brain. Beaver
  12. 12. One million ants: 백만마리의 개미 For every human: 한 사람 당 They never sleep: 그들은 전혀 잠자지 않는다. Lung: 폐, 허파 Beware an ant uprising! There are one million ants for every human in the world. They also never sleep and d o not have lungs. Ant
  13. 13. To change gender: 성별을 바꾸다 Mating: 짝짓기 Oysters can change gender depending on which is best for mating. Oyster
  14. 14. Two compound eyes: Thousands of lenses: 수천개의 렌즈 Yet: 하지만 Butterflies have two compound eyes consisting of thousands of lenses. Yet, they can only see the colors red, green and yellow. Butterfly
  15. 15. To peck : 쪼다 Per second: 1초마다 Average: 평균적인 A woodpecker can peck on wood 20 ti mes per second. Their average total pe cks are 8,000 to 12,000 a day. Woodpecker
  16. 16. Largest species: 가장 큰 종 Bone: 뼈 Skeleton: 골격, 뼈대 Cartilage: 연골 (귀, 코 안에 있는) Sharks, one of the largest species of fishes, don’t have bones in their bodie s. Their skeleton is made of cartilage. Shark
  17. 17. Are located on its tongue: 혀에 위치하다 Up to 3 years : 3년 까지 Without any break : 한 번도 쉬지 않고 Garden Snail have about 14,175 teeth that are located on its tongue. Also snails can sleep up to 3 years without any break. Snail
  18. 18. Existed on earth : 지구상에 존재했다. 400 million years ago: 4억 년 전에 100 feet: 100개의 다리 Over 300 legs: 300개가 넘는 다리 Centipedes existed on earth about 400 million years ago. Although centipede means 100 feet, some of them have over 300 legs. Centipede
  19. 19. Hyrax : 바위너구리 Rabbit liked animal: 토끼같이 생긴 동물 Cousin: 사촌 The nearest relative: 가장 가까운 친척 A Hyrax is a small rabbit liked animal. But this animal is known as the cousin of elephant. Yes, guys, it’s true, this animal is the nearest relative of an ele phant. Hyrax
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