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Evaluation question 4 a2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. New Media• New Media is critical in the parts of my coursework.• I have used new media through the use of my blog, uploading videos from Vimeo, slideshows from Slideshare and audio clips from Soundcloud.
  3. 3. Research• I used a wide variety of media technology to research and record the data.• Google search, YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. 4. Microsoft PowerPoint• Microsoft PowerPoint has been used throughout my AS and A2 media coursework.• I have used PowerPoint to relay my research and work in a attractive and sturctured manner.
  5. 5. Microsoft Word• I used Microsoft Word to create my Questionnaire and then document the results.• Microsoft Word is an easy format of recording any data I can collect and can be easily transferred onto blogger.
  6. 6. Vimeo• Vimeo allowed me to research the course through looking at previous pieces of work from other students. This would allow me to see the quality of work I should be aiming for.• I was also able to watch the work of independent directors and see the conventions of a good trailer,
  7. 7. YouTube• I used YouTube to watch professional movie trailers.• I had to view trailers to be able to analyse and deconstruct a trailer and see the pros and cons of a particular trailer.
  8. 8. Google• As Google is a search engine I was able to quickly find information relevant to my work.• Through Google I could access images (of Magazine covers, contents, etc) from its image section or access websites such as Empire to search their cover archive. This would allow me to find covers to analyse.
  9. 9. Planning• To plan my magazine and poster I primarily used Photoshop. I used Photoshop to create basic layout and mock versions to give myself a base to work off.• For the trailer I had to rely on a storyboard. However I found the story board using Google, a printer to get a hard copy and finally a scanner to upload it on my blog.
  10. 10. Construction• Media Technology was critical in the construction process of my coursework.• I utilised Photoshop, iMovie, Garage Band and InDesign.
  11. 11. Photoshop• Photoshop was used for my poster, magazine and trailer.• Through Photoshop’s editing capabilities I was able to add effects to the images and text for the poster and magazine. These effects include outer glow, drop shadow• I was able to insert my ident into the trailer by creating a Jpeg of it through Photoshop.
  12. 12. InDesign• InDesign was used with my magazine and poster to add bleed marks to make them seem professional.
  13. 13. iMovie• iMvie was used to create my entire trailer.• I chose to use iMovie as it had an easy to use interface.• iMovie allowed me to edit clips together professionally as well as give me the ability to add effects, text, voice overs and music clips.
  14. 14. Garage Band• Garage Band allowed me to create music clips to insert to my trailer.• Through Garage Band I created loops of music and merged them together to create the Reapers soundtrack.
  15. 15. Evaluation• In the evaluation stage I used Vimeo, SoundCloud, PowerPoint and SlideShare.
  16. 16. Vimeo• Through Vimeo I was able to upload any webcam videos I created and then upload them onto Blogger
  17. 17. SoundCloud• SoundCloud allowed me to upload Audio clips I created onto Blogger.
  18. 18. PowerPoint and SlideShare• I used PowerPoint to create slideshows to present the information I had recorded.• I then used SlideShare.net to upload them onto Blogger.