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  1. 1. For my Foundation Production, I have created a music magazine frontcover, contents page and double page spread using original images that I have tookmyself. I have used conventions real music magazines and I have analysed othermusic magazine front covers, contents pages and double page spreads using the keyconcepts of LIIAR (Language, Institution, Ideology, Audience and Representation).
  2. 2. All three of my media products represent and follow the typical conventions ofRap/Hip-hop/R"n"B magazines instead of inverting them. I chose to follow them in mymagazines as I believed that it was the most effective way to present and promote mymagazines. The genre of the music magazine is mainly Rap and Hip-hop. The audiencewould easily be able to recognise my magazine as part of the rap/hip-hop genretherefore will be able to familiarise themselves with it. I studied many other musicmagazines, similar to what my own music magazine genre is, such as XXL, Vibe and TheSource.
  3. 3. In my Research into existing magazine layouts for my front cover, I cameacross an edition of Vibe which I quite liked. I used this example from thisedition of vibe to give me the foundation of my ideas for the three pieces Icreated. This Edition with TI as the main artist, follows many of the main conventions of typical hip-hop, rap and R“n”B magazines. Such has the main sell line placed on the left hand side of the page and having the main image fill the whole page.
  4. 4. Within my media products I haveincluded all of the typical conventionssuch as placing the important sell linesto the left of the page as that waswhere the audience’s eye would gofirst on my front cover.The same can be seen in this Edition ofVibe magazine. The main sell lines arekept, again, on the left. This signifiesthe importance of the actual sell line.
  5. 5. On my double page spread, I have also kept many of the common codes and conventions you usually find within a typical rap/hip-hop genre magazine such as having a Pull Quote just under the page heading or to actually have to as the heading, to attract the audience into reading the article, to appeal to them by making it sound more interesting.As shown in this article of Vibemagazine, the pull quote is also used as aheading and placed in one of the firstplaces the audiences eye will go to. Itsalso in a larger font size to stand out fromthe rest of the article.
  6. 6. Other conventions which I used include Mise-en-scene. It was essential that I used effectivemise-en-scene to portray the genre of the magazine, allowing the target audience to be drawnto the magazine.As with all magazines on sale in the media today, its important to make sure that everyedition of the magazine follows and keeps the brand identity of the whole magazine its self. Inmy front Cover, Contents page and Double page spread, I have made a brand identity and keptit going through all three of my media products through means of the colour scheme andlayout design.Through each of these pieces, I have kept the background colour the same, the colour schemein the fonts and layout of the page numbers
  7. 7. The magazine I styled my magazine around was Vibe magazine,when looking at this magazine I researched the publisher. Thepublishing house of Vibe is Inter media. They also own many othermedia companies such as Access Network, Uptown Media group andBlackBook Media. After purchasing Vibe magazine in 2009, theyhave successfully ran it from then on. Based on this I believe that mymagazine would benefit most if it was distributed by Intermedia aswell.Since the publishing houses distribute their magazine throughretailers to actually sell the magazine I also choose which retailer Ibelieved would be a good choice for my magazine, this is also whereVibe is sold, WHSmith is recognised as the main magazinedistributor. Furthermore, my I think that my audience would beattracted to my magazine through it being sold at WHSmith as thosein my target audience bracket who do not want to subscribe onlineto the magazine can head over to their closest magazine retailerwhich would most probably be WHSmith.
  8. 8. I believe that my music magazine, •Gender: Male“MixTape”, which portrays the •Age: 16 – 26market of the rap and hip-hop •Nationality: British and/or Americangenre, would be successfully aimed •Ethnicity: I believe that my magazine would appeal toat the audience of 16 – 26 year olds. all people from different backgrounds, a mixture ofI feel that my target audience black, white and Asian readers. There are a few ways inbreaks the classic stereotype of 16 – which I have tried to appeal to all Ethnicities, by having24 years which associates them different artists from different backgrounds featurewith drugs, violence, crime and within my magazine, such as Chris Brown and Jay Sean,swearing. As not all teenagers and both of their songs are in the same genre however theyyoung adults are like that, I believe are from different backgrounds.that my magazine helps to aspire •Interests: The general interest of my target audienceyoung artists or anyone with in that will be that they will have a thirst for the hip-hop andage bracket to follow their dreams rap genre, and this magazine should fulfil that needas they can read other young artist’s greatly and further widen their knowledge of the genrestories like “ J-Soundz”. and the industry.
  9. 9. My target audience, of the 16 – 26 age group, are usually the people wholike to spend their money on items like music magazines. To find outmore about the potential readers of my magazine I created aquestionnaire to help me produce my magazine and fill it with content toattract them. The questionnaire were all answered my a male audience,from school pupils as well as some music magazine customers, this waswhich gender I was aiming at. Knowing that 16 – 26 year olds are moreinterested in mainstream music and the popular music genre that mymagazine represents than any other age group shows that this was themost fitting audience.
  10. 10. I believe that I have attractedmy target audience throughthe use of sell lines such as “We got gifts, Page (25)” . Thefact that the items areavailable to the reader for freewill entice them more intobuying it as we like to receivefree stuff. Also as thismagazine is published monthlyas opposed to weekly or biweekly means that if they donot buy the magazine they “free gifts” may not beavailable to them until thenext month or even 3 monthsaway.
  11. 11. Throughout the process of making my music magazine I have learnt many new skills which willhelp me on later in life. As I am not the best at using various photography editing software andtechnology, doing this task has helped me expand my knowledge and get a general grasp onhow to use new programs, edit and enhance images and successfully produce, in my opinion agood hip-hop magazine which would appeal to the 16 – 26 age group. •Programs – Whilst making my music magazine, I has to use different programs to develop and enhance my images and final products. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop Cs6 and Light- Room Cs4 helped me make my magazine as professional as possible. •Adobe Photoshop Cs6 helped me enhance, alter and remove the backgrounds in my images to make them look as eye – catching as I could. •Adobe Lightroom helped me enhance certain qualities of my images to make them standout more by adding effects and brightening areas where needed this also helped me to do the same with me text .
  12. 12. •IT skills: By doing this task I was able tobuild on my IT skills and use differentwebsites such as “blogger” and“slidershare”. Firstly using a blog wasnew for me as I never really got into it •Uploading + Downloading – As I never hadbefore so it was a good experience a blog before, uploading things on tolearning about this and has expanded blogger and Slideshare was completely newmy knowledge. Blogger allowed me to to me, I even had to ask one of my friendsmake posts and create pages expressing to help me with this but after that I wasmy work in new forms of media such as read to go on my own. I also learnt how touploading videos from YouTube and embed different presentations on tousing moviemaker to also create videos blogger.and presentations by using slideshare,could embed PowerPoint presentationslike this one to my blog.
  13. 13. Looking back at my preliminary task, I feel thatthis experience was a work in process fromwhich I have learnt many new skills anddeveloped my understanding and my currentknowledge about the production of musicmagazines and the depth of research behindit all.Taken on board the feedback I got after makingmy school magazine front cover and contentspage, and through giving out questionnaires formy research into my music magazines,I believe that I have progressedalong the way in the completion ofmy finished media product. Now Ihave a stronger knowledge andunderstanding on programs likePhotoshop Cs6 and lightroom, alsoBlogging and how to edit postsupload and covert files.
  14. 14. Overall I feel that I have greatly developed myknowledge in these particular areas.•A developed understanding on how to use AdobePhotoshop.•Expanding my knowledge on other adobe productssuch as lightroom•Learnt how to use a blog- Create and updatingposts.•Learnt how to fully use slideshare.•Learnt the importance of continuous saving toprevent my work being deleted