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a simple guide to start your twitter account and use it effectively

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Hands-on Workbook - Twitter

  1. 1. Social Media Workbook Hands-on seriesHow to use Twitter efectively Version 2.0 11/11 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. What is twitter................................................................................................. 32. Hook up your mobile....................................................................................... 33. Tweeting efectively.........................................................................................3 3.1 Easy steps to target the right tweeple to follow......................................4 3.2 Easy steps to attract quality followers......................................................54. The Activity and @username Tabs..................................................................7 2
  3. 3. How to use Twitter efectively1. What is twitter?“Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latestinformation about what you fnd interesting. Simply fnd the public streams youfnd most compelling and follow the conversations.At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called Tweets. EachTweet is 140 characters in length (...) Connected to each Tweet is a rich detailspane that provides additional information, deeper context and embeddedmedia.” (twitter.com)Go to Twitter.com and click "Join for free." For best results, use your real namewhen signing up; otherwise your friends and your clients wont be able to fndyou easily.If you select the "Protect my updates" box, people wont be able to read yourTwitters unless you authorize them. Generally we dont suggest you protectyour tweets.Now that you have a Twitter account, spread the word, add your username toyour email signature, your business card, your website; send your contacts thelink to your Twitter page (twitter.com/username; or simply send them yourtwitter handle @username). Have a look at http://twitter.com/about/resourcesto fnd twitter buttons/widgets/logos and icons.2. Hook up your mobile.The Twitter network works also if youre not at your computer. Once you areregistered, you can connect your mobile phone and use twitter with textmessaging. YOU DONT NEED A SMART PHONE TO DO THIS. Just go tohttp://twitter.com/devices and set up your phone. Or if you have a smartphone,just download the twitter application: http://twitter.com/download.We recommend you connecting your phone to your Twitter account so that youare more likely to tweet often. Note that messages you send from your phonewill be readable on your personal Twitter Web page.3. Tweeting efectivelyTwitter is, before anything else, a SOCIAL network. Social means interaction,not automation. Social Media is flling in what was missing in the Web, therelationship, the personal, the reality.It’s not important how many followers we have, what we want is qualityfollowers and by quality we mean those that are actually engaged.If your followers are truly interested in your services/products, a realconversation or engagement is much more likely to convert them intocustomers, and make them a true advocate for it. 3
  4. 4. To start tweeting efectively: Listen, Converse, Engage.When using Social Media, be(have) yourself!- Learn to Listen frst- Dont rush your message out- Be social/Converse- Be generous: share knowledge, share tips, help people, thank people- Acknowledge!3.1 Easy steps to target the right tweeple to follow1) LISTEN - By doing this you will identify who are the most infuentialtwitterers among your targeted audience.. so follow them, follow who followsthem, and pay extra attention to the interactions going on. Try to engage theminto conversations as much as possible. If they communicate with you a lot,they will eventually mention you and you should get some RELEVANT followersfrom them. Use twitter who to follow tools at the start, and do it regularly (i.e.once every 2 weeks):1) Twitter automated SUGGESTIONS (theyre often very relevant, based onwho you follow, your bio, keywords used, and more):http://twitter.com/#!/who_to_follow/suggestions2) BROWSE INTERESTS (Select the topics you are interested in and fndinteresting people to follow): http://twitter.com/#!/who_to_follow/interests3) IMPORT CONTACTS (discover which of your contacts are already usingtwitter and start following them): http://twitter.com/#!/who_to_follow/importTake the time to see who is already talking about your product/service ontwitter: what are they saying? By all means tweet your own content, but itreally helps if you understand the twitter dynamics for your specifcsector/area. Use the twitter Search to do so: http://search.twitter.comor better the advanced search: http://search.twitter.com/advancedUse twitter ADVANCED SEARCH to fnd conversations about your niche, servicesor products. REDUCE the NOISE in your twitter stream, organise/fnd contentaccording to your needs: download a twitter client like tweetdeck.http://www.tweetdeck.com/and start by adding:- a column for your timeline (i.e. tweets from the people you follow)- a column for the mentions you receive (i.e. tweets that mention you)- a column for the direct messages you receive 4
  5. 5. - a column with a search for potential alternative names to refer to you (use theoperator AND and OR) not to miss any mention- a column for each one-word search of relevant content (using the # forkeywords)- a column for more advanced searches. Use the search operators listed herehttp://search.twitter.com/operators to aggregate more than one search in onesingle column. This way youll be able to track all the tweets that mention aparticular keyword or sentence. Search for combination of words, even wholesentences that you think would be part of the conversation among yourtargeted customers.3) CHECK DIRECTORIES - Use twitter directories like WeFollowhttp://wefollow.com/ or http://www.twellow.com/, they may help with targetedsearches. You can also include yourself in them, in order to be found by otherpeople.4) Twitterers worth following – Make sure you follow some of the twittersupport and help accounts like @twitter, @tweetsmarter, @tweetdeck, etc, tostay updated with the latest changes, and to read a lot of useful tips on how touse twitter efectively.3.2 Easy steps to attract quality followers1) SMILE - Make sure your twitter page is ready to welcome potentialfollowers. Change the default settings here:http://twitter.com/settings/accountChange the avatar or picture, change the design - it shows you care. Make sureyou include all the relevant information. Always mention your website if youhave one, and make the most of the 160 characters of your BIO: use keywordsrelevant for your sector/area to describe your company. Highlight its strengthsand its main focus, its USP. Followers may return to your profle rarely, but theywill almost certainly visit your twitter page at least once, and that will probablybe the most important visit.2) BE VISIBLE/SEARCHEABLE - Use hashtags (#) and keywords in yourtweets. Try to fgure out what your targeted audience would search for and usethose words in your tweets. Find out how people search for your website if youhave one (you can do so checking your website analytics. If you dont checkyour website analytics already, start now: http://www.google.com/analytics/).What terms are they using? Hashtags are good because they make your tweetsmore visible in twitter search, but don’t abuse them or your tweets will look likea censored conversation.3) ACKNOWLEDGE – If you like what someone else says, dont copy and pastetheir tweet, re-tweet them (RT) or mention them (e.g. by @twintangibles, /via@twintangibles), better if quickly adding your touch to the tweet (best practiceis to add your comment at the end, so the people youre mentioning will easilysee your mention): 5
  6. 6. e.g. RT @twintangibles. Content is queen. Trust is king ← TRUE!If you mention a person or an organisation in one of your tweets, and they havea twitter account (always take a minute or two to check if they have one), dontuse their real name, use their twitter id. e.g. Today I had an interesting conversation with @twintangibles3) BE YOURSELF – Its good to RT and mention (@), but if you keep hidingyourself behind other people’s links and RTs, the real you won’t be seen. Youneed a voice and authenticity otherwise followers will lose interest in you andyour product/service.4) DONT SPAM, don’t mass follow, don’t use automated DMs for your newfollowers, don’t do anything impersonal and automated. Don’t try to sell yourproducts / services all the time: it takes a click to unfollow you, even less thanwhat it takes to bin spam email or to shred advertising material just comethrough the post.5) BE FRIENDLY – Make the most of some twitter “events” such as the #FF(follow Friday, i.e. tweets you spend each Friday to recommend someone toyour followers), keeping in mind that you only get what you give. Spend those5 minutes every Friday to recommend users you fnd interesting. Make the #fas much personal as possible, i.e. tell why they should follow that particularperson.e.g. #f to @xxxxxx for the great service they can provide to their clients6) BE INTERESTING – There is nothing more boring than a constant stream oftweets that sing the praises only of your products and services. Interestingcontent that is not entirely self-serving will build your reputation as an honestbroker and worth listening to, and perhaps most importantly generate retweetsso making your name spread more widely.7) ENGAGE - Content is queen, trust is king. Content is important in as muchas it leads to relationship and trust. Dont talk to people, talk with people. If yousee a tweet and you feel like you have something to say about it, rememberthat behind that tweet theres a person: reply to him/her (@), start aconversation.Last but not least.. Be patient! It takes time and efort. A solid follower basecan be a fabulously valuable asset for your brand and it can only be builtthrough QUALITY conversations. Always remember you simply can’t buycommunity trust and customer loyalty. 6
  7. 7. 4. The Activity and @username tabsThe Activity and @username tabs are new features that help you monitor yourand your tweeps activity on Twitter. They can be useful when youre accessingtwitter through your browser, and youre not using any twitter client.Basically, they will show you when someone favorites 1 or retweets one of yourTweets. You can also see which Tweets are most interesting to the people youfollow.This tab will let you see which of your Tweets are Favorites, plus the latestRetweets (of your Tweets), Tweets directed to you (@replies and mentions), andyour new Followers.The Activity tab highlights the latest Favorites, Retweets, and Follows from thepeople you follow on Twitter.1 Favorites, represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are generally used as bookmarks, eg. when users like a Tweet and wish to save it for later. 7
  8. 8. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0 twintangibles Limited 2011 twintangibles Ltd is a company registered in Scotland with company number SC397987. Registered ofce is Blue Square House, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4JR 8