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DIY Crowdfunding (Intro to the Report) - by twintangibles


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DIY Crowdfunding (Intro to the Report) - by twintangibles

  1. 1. DIY CROWDFUNDING Crowdfuture : Rome 2013 Tim Wright @twintangibles
  2. 2. Do It Yourself Crowdfunding Definition The process of a crowdfunder not placing their campaign on any of the recognised crowdfunding platforms and choosing to run it themselves typically via their own online presence. This is not the same as “white-labeling” @twintangibles
  3. 3. Early Exponents Brewdog Started before the availability of platforms App.Net Mavericks and independent Lockitron Rejected by a platform Star Citizen Follow on from a platform fund @twintangibles
  4. 4. Brewdog @twintangibles
  5. 5. @twintangibles
  6. 6. Lockitron @twintangibles
  7. 7. @twintangibles
  8. 8. Key Drivers The increasing number of successfully crowdfunded projects A desire to maximise returns by avoiding the costs associated with using a platform Increasing restrictions on many crowdfunding platforms The perceived decreasing advantages of discoverability on a major platform as they become more crowded Lower cost and higher availability of tools to enable it Integrates into digital business models @twintangibles
  9. 9. When DIY is Chosen Having a significant established “crowd asset” Serial project – iterations Project has distinctive/niche characteristics Lack of availability of suitable platform/National Need for Flexibility/Customisation Moving from Crowdfunding to e commerce Otherwise excluded @twintangibles
  10. 10. Low, Flexible & Non Strategic, Using The TAMP Process TARGETS H h ig DIY Zone w Lo R High, Inflexible & Strategic, re ui eq d y ilit b xi le F Little Social & Relationship capital Low Skills, Little Resource @twintangibles Decision Threshold AUDIT Significant Social & Relationship capital High Skills, Deep Resource
  11. 11. The Risks and Considerations Visibility Trust Will you get it? Who are you? Diligence Skills How sure are you? Do you have them? @twintangibles
  12. 12. The Tools Four main types: Plug-ins and Themes Discrete Platforms Open Source Self Builds @twintangibles
  13. 13. The Future Landscape We predict that the sector will continue to grow as: • Popular crowdfunding platforms become increasingly crowded • Platforms become increasingly restrictive in listing rules • The value of crowd assets are increasingly recognised • Crowdfunding continues to become a familiar @twintangibles
  14. 14. Growth Points Follow on or second funding rounds Products & services with an incremental development path Larger brands who wish to leverage their established “crowd assets” @twintangibles
  15. 15. The Report Will Be Released Wednesday 23rd October Available at: Price: £ 9,99 Questions Contact: +44(0)7717 714 595 @twintangibles