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How to become a saint


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Insightful note on how to prepare oneself to be a good person in the earth thus leading a saint's life. The focus of the presentation is to how to rejoice the day to day life. Inner peace, austerity, spiritual life and many other important aspects are covered.

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How to become a saint

  1. 1. How tobecome aSaint
  2. 2. aspirezealously
  3. 3. Practice austerity in strict secrecy; it will fortify the spirit
  4. 4. desired to be ever faithful tothe creator
  5. 5. The only desire is to love the creator to perfection
  6. 6. I will rejoice in whatevercomes through the hands of my GOD
  7. 7. I have completely abandoned myself to Almighty. LetHim do with me as He wills
  8. 8. Humility
  9. 9. Consider all occasions tohumble oneself as a great blessing
  10. 10. How to stop repeating the mistake?
  11. 11. Whenever wemake a mistake,no matter how trivial it is,shall do some...
  12. 12. Whenever we make a mistake, no matter howtrivial it is, shall do some...
  13. 13. Suffereverything thatruns counter to our wishes
  14. 14. and give non fulfilment asoffering to the Lord...
  15. 15. We never be unhappy over anything, for the Lord is there always with us.
  16. 16. Whateversuperiors decidefor one, count it as Gods Will
  17. 17. The grapes are crushed in the wine press to get juice. When we preserve and purify this juice, itbecomes inebriating wine.
  18. 18. we mature into spiritual fortitude whenpurified through miseries and sufferings.
  19. 19. The riches of ourSpouse are poverty, ignominy and humiliations.
  20. 20. In a sense, it is good thatwe have no proper sleep at night...
  21. 21. ...We can recite theprayer of love with diligence.
  22. 22. dont wish to be healed.
  23. 23. Wish everything to beaccording to the Will of THE CREATOR.
  24. 24. Just like an eagle snatches away the chicken, you will besnatched away by your Lord
  25. 25. Hope thissession was insightful
  26. 26. Kindly Sharethe concept
  27. 27. Maxims of Saint Alphonsawww.
  28. 28. The First Woman Saint of India