Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Yaser Arafat and Bal Thackeray


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Multiple view on Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Yaser Arafat and Bal Thackeray

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Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Yaser Arafat and Bal Thackeray

  1. 1. Einstein, Yaser Arafat &Bal Thackeray Editorial TOI December 1 2012
  2. 2. Fame and undeadIf you are famous in your life there is a good chance that your fame will not be interred with your bones. Your fame will linger as atopic of discussion, evaluation and re-evaluation. You will stay undead
  3. 3. Abraham LincolnDied 150 years back his life and work are under ceaseless evaluation and interpretation To preserve unity of the country he waged and won a war against the southern state of US at the cost of at least 650000 livesJohn wiles Booth hated Lincoln to shoot him dead
  4. 4. Strategist During his life people on the hill gave him enough much discomfort but he coaxed and cajoled a majority of them into passing aconstitutional amendment to abolish slavery from American soil. His complex many sided personality comes out in Steven Spielberg brilliant new film Linclon.
  5. 5. Face of LincolnWhat emerges is the character of greatness and warts Crafted politician Lincoln ensured that his goals are achievedLike Gandhiji he knew when to wink and when to nod while defending his principle.
  6. 6. Revisiting dead on their real aspects Revisionism in search of ‘true portrait’ of the dead is rampant. People want to re- examine aspects of the real thing.
  7. 7. Einstein and Arafat Albert Einstein brain has been preserved for posterity Brain is examined by scientist for clues for genius. Yaser Arafat has been dug up tocheck whether the Israelis poisoned him.
  8. 8. Bal ThackerayEconomist magazine, which deals withthe weighty matters of the world every week thought so since they carried a lengthy obituary on Bal Thackeray.
  9. 9. Thackeray He was an enigma Not a Hitler though he admired the Fuehrer He renamed Mumbai for Authenticity
  10. 10. Thackeray – Fame n undead In his Marathi – First exclusivity he had wanted to keep out in various phases, all south Indians, Musilms, north Indian Bhaiyyas and other non Maharashrians from Bombay
  11. 11. Thank YouCourtsey:Views of Gautam Adhikari