Cloud Computing


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A brief account on marketing of cloud computing services in the 2012 scenario.

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Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Cloud Computing A Note on Sales Possibilities
  2. 2. Hot target market Telecom Financial Institutions System integrators Government Education SMB
  3. 3. Sales ManagementHigh Touch Low Touch Channel
  4. 4. Low touch model Sales funnel •Awareness •Consideration •Purchase •Deal Closed
  5. 5. Awareness Inbound Marketing Wordpress, Tumblr, blogger, yout ube, flickr,, scribd and Guest Blogging SEO Google keyword tool, SEO profiler
  6. 6. Consideration •Give something away •Research reports, tips and tools •Trail Periods
  7. 7. Purchase •Freemium •Product tiers •Offers limit on the features
  8. 8. Closed deal •Customer to customer service •Answering the queries of other customers, feedback forums, customer support platforms & community websites
  9. 9. Decision Makers CFO CIO IT directors Influencer: IT Managers
  10. 10. Channel
  11. 11. Channel value chain
  12. 12. Social media strategy •Community manager-the official voice of the social media •Defining the objective of the social media campaign •Deciding the success matrix •Focus on the volume of the customer interaction • Flexing muscles with the ever changing functionality and tools
  13. 13. Recommendations •Execution is the major challenge •Selection of different tools and strategies and modifying to adapt the business needs •Prioritizing the leads to various strata and strategy • Focus on LTV
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