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Help save our_counselors()

  2. 2. WHY ARE COUNSELORS IMPORTANT?They provide services such as: Individual Student Course Planning Classroom and Academic Guidance High School System Support Responsive Services
  3. 3. INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PLANNINGCounselors help each individual student by : Making academic plans Making career plans Helping students to set goals
  4. 4. CLASSROOM GUIDANCECounselors guide many students in the following areas: Career Exploration and Advice Study Skills Peer Relationships Substance Abuse Education Multicultural/Diversity Awareness
  5. 5. SYSTEM SUPPORT Program Management and Operation Consultation Professional Development
  6. 6. RESPONSIVE SERVICES Peer Facilitation Crisis Intervention Individual Student and Small-Group Counseling
  7. 7. COUNSELORS WORK WITH Teachers Students Administrators Community Parents
  8. 8. WHY MY COUNSELOR IS IMPORTANT TOME Mrs. Ciszek, my counselor, helps me choose the right classes and courses to take according to my academic goals and career plans. She is also someone I know I can always talk to about any challenges I am facing. Without my counselor, I will probably have a difficult time getting into my dream college or university because counselor recommendation letters are required to get into most private colleges and universities.
  9. 9. UPCOMING SCHOOL BOARDMEETINGS Please attend School Board Meetings to show your concerns on: April 5th May 10th May 24th June 14th