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Customer service 2.0 - How companies are dealing with the voice of the new customer and making the most out of the wide variety of social media options available to them.

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Twin City Sales and Marketing business and social media

  1. 1. October 27, 2010 Business and Social Media: Customer Service 2.0 #smCS #smCS #smCS Kristen Daukas - Twin City SAM
  2. 2. Customer Service 2.0 A Wake Up Call A Wake Up Call Business and Social Media: Customer Service 2.0 #smCS
  3. 3. Using Social Media to Improve Customer Service Customer Service Business and Social Media: Customer Service 2.0 #smCS
  4. 4. So, Where Should You Be? ✤ Facebook ✤ Twitter ✤ Blogging ✤ LinkedIn ✤ Foursquare/Yelp (location based marketing) ✤ YouTube ✤ Groupon ✤ QR Codes
  5. 5. While You Weren’t Looking.. This is what can happen on your Facebook page if you’re not monitoring.
  6. 6. Getting the most from Social Media ✤ Blending if you can ✤ Cross promoting when you can ✤ Contests ✤ Engagement ✤ Captive audience ✤ Plug ins/3rd party apps
  7. 7. Match When and WhereYou Can..
  8. 8. Cross Promote When You Can
  9. 9. Engagement and Settings
  10. 10. If you can’t swing a designer, 3rd party apps to help your FB page stand out.
  11. 11. Take some time and.. ✤Write blog article ✤Post blog article ✤Include keywords and categories for SEO ✤Syndicate to (5) social bookmarking sites ✤Reply to blog comments on your blog ✤Comment on (5) industry blogs ✤Grow and manage Facebook network ✤Update Facebook business page ✤Manage LinkedIn account ✤Send 3 industry specific tweets ✤
  12. 12. ✤ Problem resolution ✤ Positive brand image ✤ Staff involvement ✤ Cost reduction ✤ Conversation monitoring ✤ Customer awareness ✤ Quick response ✤ Engaging conversation Twitter, Tweeps & the Twitterverse
  13. 13. We Are Here and We Are Ready This exchange actually took place - no actors were used. zazzle: @KristenDaukas Have you already contacted our support team about this issue? Me: @zazzle It’s not you.. Out of your hands..I never thought it would take 10 days to get here. Only @UPS can help me now. Or Santa. zazzle @KristenDaukas Well, it can’t hurt to try! Shoot an email w/details: UPS @KristenDaukas Let’s see if we can help. Please send your contact info + tracking # to Me: @UPS You will be my hero if I get these shirts in time for my party on sat. Sending info now. 
  14. 14. A Good Tweeter Will... ✤ Engage ✤ Be Active ✤ DON'T SELL ✤ Retweet other people's stuff ✤ Provide Value ✤ Be Funny ✤ Don't use direct messages to Market ✤ Use Lists - Organize and filter
  15. 15. Local Companies Who Get it
  16. 16. Work Smarter.. Not Harder * Offers analytics * Offers cross account posting * If you have more than one “identity” you’ll want it to support that * Can be accessed on line (you may find yourself w/o laptop)
  17. 17. Google Alerts Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. Enter the topic you wish to monitor, then click preview to see the type of results you'll receive.
  18. 18. Addict-o-matic Everything is on one page. It searches Twitter, Bing, Google, YouTube, FriendFeed, Flickr, Truveo, WordPress, Yahoo,, Wikio, Twingly, Tweetmeme, and Blinkx.
  19. 19. Trackur In addition to monitoring other sites, Trackur monitors Facebook mentions
  20. 20. Questions Kristen Daukas Chief Chick Twin City SAM @KristenDaukas