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Case Study: Cloud Backup for Virtualized Environments


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This webinar featured Bit9 Director of IT, Bill Suarez, as he walks you through his company’s decision to turn to cloud storage to handle their offsite data protection program and what happened when he was actually faced with a disaster scenario.

Also featured is a brief demonstration of TwinStrata’s CloudArray software and the encryption and data protection features that made it an ideal choice for a security company like Bit9.

Full webinar can be found here:

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Case Study: Cloud Backup for Virtualized Environments

  1. 1. Cloud Storage for Offsite Data Protection © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL June 19, 2013
  2. 2. Bit9 & TwinStrata June 2013 Bill Suarez Director, IT Bit9, Inc. ©2013 Bit9. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Agenda Background What needed to be covered Decision criteria Options considered Deciding on Cloud Where are we today? Proven Technology Questions
  4. 4. Background Bit9 is a privately held security company in Waltham, MA • Secondary datacenter location in Medford, MA 98% virtualized • ESXi 5.1 – Apple and Dell chassis • VCloud Director • VMware View Production, Development, Test, Support VMs • 26 ESXi hosts • EMC VNX5500 over 10GB Ethernet iSCSI • Promise E class of over 4GB FC DR/BC answers for: • Loss of physical equipment • Loss of physical location
  5. 5. What needed to be covered Predominantly a Windows shop: • Active Directory – Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 • Exchange 2013 • SharePoint 2010 Source Control • SVN repository File servers • User content • Common storage Application servers • SQL • Web servers
  6. 6. Decision Criteria Must have: Veeam Integration • Established archiving platform Encryption • Content and transport Highly Available • Offsite configuration backup Provide for remote restore • Part of BC strategy requirements Nice to have: Data Reduction
  7. 7. Options Considered Hardware approaches DAS • Existing storage array Deduplicating storage array(s) • Compression • Site to site replication Software approaches Symantec Cloud • Existing Backup Exec implementation – logical extension Direct to cloud • Too many vendors to list
  8. 8. Deciding on Cloud One step solution that covered archive and off-premise storage needs • No duplication of backup content – i.e. write local, then remote • No necessity to manually transport backups (we all remember tape rotations) Ability to write content to common storage from multiple locations • Business and datacenter facilities both “use the same cloud” Versatility of restoring content from anywhere • Critical to BC strategy – recovery to warm site ROI on storage cost • Cloud storage, with linear growth cost, is 50% less that capital cost of same local storage. • Writing/storing content is less expensive that reading it back out – so multiple restores will increase cost.
  9. 9. Deciding on TwinStrata So why TwinStrata? Security • AES256 encryption of data to cloud Versatility • Backup targets but also usable as means to write compressed, security data from any application. Insurance • All we need to recreate our environments are stored safely off premise Well engineered • Built-in upgrade mechanism • Reporting is excellent PS and Support teams have been excellent • Responsive and knowledgeable
  10. 10. Where are we today? Implemented in December of 2012 Two VAs active: • Main facility in Waltham, MA • Datacenter in Medford, MA Storing approximately 17TB of data • Google cloud storage 16 Backup jobs • Common control of multiple locations • Varied schedules • Varied retention times Morning check of previous nights backups • Simple to read reports • 10 minutes and I move on with my day
  11. 11. Proven Technology VCenter corrupted itself • A month after TwinStrata was put into production Loss of all centralized management capability for ESX hosts • Individual connections remained intact – reduced functionality. Before CloudArray • Manual rebuild of VCenter Server • Re associate all hosts from paper records • Multiple man days of effort Recovering with CloudArray • Identified target restore point from catalog and initiated full VM restore • Total of 2.5 hours to bring system back online from previous night’s backup • Powered restored VM on – that was all that was necessary
  12. 12. TwinStrata CloudArray Cloud-Integrated Storage
  13. 13. Why Cloud Storage? 13 CLOUD STORAGE REPRESENTS NIRVANA FOR IT AND THE CFO Elastic supply of online capacity Improves accessibility, compliance and agility 2 Simplified disaster recovery Tapeless, automated offsite storage 3 Reduced Maintenance Managed storage with minimal administration 4 “Pay as you go” capital requirement No over-investment in unused capacity 5 Cost Reduction Cloud storage estimated to be 74% less expensive than in-house © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Photo: Flickmor , Flickr CC 1
  14. 14. Cloud-Based Offsite Data Protection – By the Numbers © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Source: 2012 TwinStrata Cloud Storage Adoption Survey 14
  15. 15. Why TwinStrata? 15 LEVERAGE THE BENEFITS OF CLOUD STORAGE, PLUS: Seamless Integration Cloud Storage Volumes presented as iSCSI or SMB/SMB2/CIFS to local machines / network. Performance Local cache ensures most frequently accessed data has local performance Optimization Compression, bandwidth throttling & snapshot scheduling Security © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 256bit AES Encryption and local key management to protect data.
  16. 16. TwinStrata CloudArray Cloud-Integrated Storage ON-PREMISE APPLICATIONS CLOUD STORAGE CloudArray® API Integration • SOFTWARE 20+ providers Unified Storage File • • Backup Business Apps 16 Data Reduction In-Cloud Snapshots iSCSI / NAS Archive API Encryption Bandwidth Auto Backup Instant Controls & Upgrade Recovery © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Encryption • Volume-Based Dynamic Cache iSCSI/NAS No agents AES 256-bit Local Caching • Performance tuning WAN Optimization
  17. 17. How CloudArray Works 17 NEXT-GEN STORAGE USE CASE CloudArray® file archive LOCAL CACHING CLOUD STORAGE High-performance Sophisticated caching Virtually unlimited capacity apps backup Near-zero maintenance © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL Patent-pending
  18. 18. CloudArray for Disaster Recovery 18 NEXT-GEN STORAGE apps © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL CloudArray® file archive CACHING apps backup file archive CACHING CLOUD STORAGE backup CloudArray® DR Anywhere™ / CloudArray DRaaS USE CASE IN-CLOUD DR ENVIRONMENT
  20. 20. Use Cases 20 CLOUD-INTEGRATED STORAGE OFFSITE BACKUP • 75% reduction in offsite storage expenses • Reduced backup windows by 50% • Eliminated tape DISASTER RECOVERY & DATA PROTECTION • Reduced data recovery times from 1 week to 1 day • Reduced restore times by 90% • Mitigated effects of losing critical data and protected the trust of customers DATA ARCHIVAL • Eliminated data migrations and costly upgrades for inactive data • Maintains accessibility for compliance FILE DATA • 90% faster provisioning times • Five-year savings of $283,000 by using lower-cost commodity servers and eliminating tape © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL
  21. 21. CloudArray Subscription Options CloudArray Cloud Storage Subscription CloudArray BYOC Subscription  1 fee: cloud storage & unlimited software licenses  Pay by the license  Based on cloud capacity per TB  Unlimited capacity for all but entry-level  Integrated cloud storage costs  Bring Your Own Cloud account with CSP of choice  Includes Disaster Recovery as a Service  Includes Disaster Recovery as a Service  Upgradable capacity & physical appliances available  Physical appliances available © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 21
  22. 22. Summary: Modernize Offsite Data Protection An all-inclusive data storage solution       Integrated disaster recovery on demand Simple to implement Local performance Secure Flexible Affordable & predictable © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL 22
  23. 23. Next Step: Take CloudArray® for a Free Test Drive MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Virtual Appliance only (VMware V4.0 or greater, Hyper-V, XenServer v5.5 or greater, EC2), Dual 64 bit Processors, 4GB RAM, 50GB Disk Space, GigE Online video tutorials for ease of installation Download, install and provision petabytes of storage in less than 30 minutes © 2013 TwinStrata Inc. | CONFIDENTIAL TwinStrata support to assist with application use cases, requirements, planning next steps 23