A virtual merchant's business model : asos.com


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A virtual merchant's business model : asos.com

  1. 1. Asos.com’s business model<br />E-business assignment<br />by Lina Benseghir<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Whatis asos.com<br />Asos.com is a UK basedvirtualmerchantcompanyspecialized in fashion.<br />Asosexclusivelysellstrendyoutfits, accessories & underwear for men and womenthroughitswebsite.<br />It alsoincludes designer clothing & several collections by Kate Moss<br />
  4. 4. Whatmakesit uniquekey to success<br />The fashion style offered in asos.com isbased on what has been seen on celebrities or fashionicon<br />A wide range of customers : kids, male & female<br />An innovativemarketapproach : facebook, twitter& smart brandingapproach (using Kate Moss, worlwidefashionicon, for limitedseries collections…)<br />The otheradded value isthateachoutfitisaccompanied by suggestions of complementary items e.g bag, shoes, scarves &even make-up thatwould look best withit.<br />Customerscanalso zoom on everyside of the items, try the variouscolors & see how itlooked on the celebritythatwaswearingit and on which occasion itwas).<br />
  5. 5. Asos.com in the press… <br />«  Launched in 2000 by Nick Robertson, ASOS.com is firmly established as the UK’s leading online fashion store and authority on celebrity style. Specialising in fast fashion and celebrity style, ASOS.com offers an extensive range of own brand women’s and men’s fashion, designer labels, lifestyle accessories and cult beauty brands. ASOS.com is the second most visited on-line clothing store in the UK attracting over 2 million unique visitors per month, and has received numerous awards such as Drapers E-tailer of the Year 2006, Retail Week Online Retailer of the Year 2007, and Business XL Company of the Year 2007, to name a few.»<br />www.1888pressrelease.com<br />
  6. 6. … still in the web press<br />“London, UK, November 17, 2009 -- ASOS.com, the UK’s leading online fashion store, has launched ASOSreviews.com, an exciting Twitter-powered feedback and reviews micro-site. The site follows ASOS.com’s hugely successful launch of ASOS Life, an online community that facilitates interaction and conversation between the brand and its consumers.James Hart, eCommerce Director at ASOS.com, said ‘ASOSreviews.com is a great way for us to keep in touch with and be open about the real-time feelings of our customers. Its bright, visual nature gives us nowhere to hide and I’ll be making it not only visible to our customers but to all of our colleagues at ASOS HQ as well. It’s also a great feedback tool and the great thing is that the loop is already closed as our customer care team already monitor and respond to tweets directed at us 24/7. We are excited about the launch of the site and have some interesting plans for its future development.’”<br />www.newsalbum.com<br />
  7. 7. Ways to extend the business<br />A fashion line for trendy « seniors » (over 50 – 60 yearsold)<br />Making a movie about the brand & itsowner’ssuccess story<br />Opening a :<br /><ul><li>asos.com fashionschool
  8. 8. Fashion & design trends’ consultant agency
  9. 9. Sponsoring new designers in emergingmarkets (Brazil, Russia, China, India)</li>