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Far away from Eden, ep.5.3.: Vamp Raider

  1. Far away from Eden, ep.5.3.: Vamp Raider Ep.5.3. of my Apocalegacy: Evil Plans, Evil Plots, Evil Simselfs... totally EVIL! ENJOY! Family Name: Apocalypso Lot Name: Hideout Categories:Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims,Satire
  2. Location: Former SimSim-Prison by H3Psibah, currently placed in Bluewater Village in the Far away from Eden - Neighborhood "Hello and Welcome to..."
  3. " the 'F.a.F.-Eden', the 'Fun and Free like in Eden' -Simself Lair, generously financed by Little Nemo a.k.a. Twilightoutside, writer of the 'Far away from Eden'-Vampogacy. I'm Cel, moderator at, writer of the 'At the gate of Baldur'-Apocalypse Challenge, the Once-upon-a-Prettacy, the Phoenix Legacy, the Egyptian Matriarch Legacy and the Legacion ...*cough*I'mnotobsessedisthatclear*co ugh*..." "Come ON, Come on... frammit, you..." ------ Cel - everything been said - Thepiepers5: wrote the "Escape's destiny" - AC -, writes the ' Tha simple Life' - Legacy -
  4. "...well, and by unanonimous vote, since Mr. Nemo seems to have been kidnapped or so, I'm also the manager of this Lair, so follow the rules, and we will all be best friends, okay? "yes,yes... just a bit farther, just..."
  5. " Okay, first of all: as the Name 'Fun and Free' (yes, a stupid name, I know...) says, everything here is free - we have a million Simoleons to spent, so don't be shy - and of course for Fun... and when I say 'fun' , I mean 'family-friendly Fun', if you want to kill somebody or each other, do it outside, comprende?!" (unison) "Ooooooooooh....." "... okay, exceptions are possible, but you need permission, or you're the next one, capisce?! Okay, now listen,I won't tell the rules again..."
  6. "... the Weather machine has been set to eternal summer, if you want winter, you're free to leave, roam the neighborhood, throw water balloons, kill or get killed by the vampires... if there is an ominous need for a meteor hive, this can be done though..." --------- Supersinger88 aka Kiwi2340 (still without the right Custom hair...) - writes the 'apocalypse devastation' - AC-
  7. "...the Swimmingpool is for swimming, nobody pees in it, nobody uses harpoons or other weapons in it, nobody tries to drown someone else in it ANNND: nobody removes a ladder in the time I'm in, if you want to see the next day, understand?!" -------- on the left track: Robinoli aka Omgrobinnn, wrote and completed the Apocalypse a la Arduenna, writes the 'It's a legacy, Darling'-Legacy - on the right: Tacy00P, wrote ' A very short apocalypse story'-AC-
  8. "... bubble blowers and keg are free for everyone, including minors, because they were both made by maxis and therefore rated for teens, so tone down the obvious 'EGAD, drugs and alcohol'-whining and just get plastered, stoned or search for your Llama, however you want..." -------- Superdewk, writes the 'apocalypse of torture'-AC DonDude, writes the 'Insomnia'- Apocalypse, fall in love with Heiress Amaryllis as a teenager...
  9. "... the dining room can be used at any time, eat-what-you-can and bad manners are allowed, just keep sure, that your food isn't covered in flies, the last we want is a collective food poisoning - oh, and NO ONE, no one poisons other persons food, we - don't - want a second 'ten ceasars'-Legacy here - after all, we have to think of Blite27's copyrights..."
  10. "... the community bathroom is free to use, but we will check EVERY day, if somebody has tried to liquify a victim to erase his or her tracks and then forgot to clean up - remember, others want to cover their actions, too!... - oh, and not so much 'soap jokes', everyone knows, that this was a prison once..."
  11. "... the beds are free to use as well, and it is intended, that there aren't as much beds as Sims... so please drink, dance, hit, smoke, eat or vomit yourself into delirium as much as you want, that way there'll always be a free bed in case of emergencies *cough*woohoo*cough*... ... and yes, you might watch, if you want, but on your own risk..."
  12. "... finally, the Computer room should not only be used to update your legacies and contests, answer threads or ask questions, up- or download creations, play with your favourite game, hack top secret material and sell it via ebay... but also to increase your creativity first, in case you want to play music...
  13. "...because there is a reason, why the instruments are on the top floor, so unless you're able or in eager need of learning how to fly..." ----- Kararoke: SnootCB, writes the 'Apocachocolypse'-AC, the Mission impossible - Legacy, the 'It's legalicious'-Legacy and the 'Louis Loveslave Bachelorette Challenge to the death'-Challenge E-Guitar: Hippylayla86, writes the 'Bernadette Peters: the Apocalypse Challenge'- Ac- DJ: JAK (Giggy6004), wrote the 'Automobile challenge'-AC - Drums: Blaqhawk, writes 'Beginning of an end of an Apoc'-AC-
  14. "... annnd if you just follow these totally easy rules and enjoy your stay, we won't have any problems with each other, right?" "... yes... yes...yesyesyesyes... I'm so close... I... I..."
  15. " YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA, HIGH SCORE!!!!!!!!!!" " *Sigh*, Pieper, will you just finish your game and get the guys and girls names and legacies, please?"
  16. From Left to right: - Tiffanyk aka Tiffanykisten, writes the 'From Riches to Rags: Brad and Angelina'- Apocalypse Challenge and the 'Legacy for points' - - Willowdanin. writes the 'Armageddon Apocalypse'- AC - - Darby aka tamandar75 - wrote the 'Dizaster Family'- AC - - Bree aka KatrinaAngel234, writes the 'Blake Apocalypse'- AC - - DJXavier13, wrote and completed the 'Ryder Apocalypse' - AC - - Kira aka ChrystalCrossing, writes the 'Apocalypse of grief' - AC - - Fireweazel5555, wrote the 'Ugocaplypse' -AC - - Nickywal, wrote the 'Walker apocalypse' -AC -
  17. " Hmmm, strange, shouldn't there be more... and also some Non- Apocalypse writers?" " According to the Computer, they'll arrive next chapter... there was a vampire incident on the way here... " " Send the bus driver a message and tell him, next time he shouldn't stop on the way, there are enough of vampires left to kill after they arrive here... but still I expected more..." "Ehrm, Cel, there was another guy with us... name was 'Sonicdude' or so... well, he jumped off near the Counts Castle... something about a 'contract' or so..."
  18. Location: Counts Castle, temporary headquarter of the potty god's religious leader: "... and then we should drop a bazillion of satellites on them, containing explosive acid, and when they try to run away, we'll electrify them with millions of volt... and then..." "...mmmhmm..." --------- - In the right Corner: Sonicdude aka SonicdudeP, writer of the valistor legacy, selfclaimed evil but merciful omnipotent Ruler of the neighbhorhood Sexyville - - In the left: Uranium Apocalypso, descendant of Founder BoomBoom Apocalypso of Ephemeraltoast's Apocalypse-a-Go-Go, famous evil Alien-Romancier and sinister Manipulator, highest prophet/maximo Leader/Ruler of the Potty God Cult, Co-Leader of the vampire army 'evil' in Far away from Eden etc. -
  19. "... so, what do you say?" " Hedgehog..." " Sonicdude! " " ... or Sonicdude, whatever... I don't know, how you tracked down my location here... or why you think, you'd need a contract written in someone's blood to join..." " Should I kill another servant to refresh...?" "...BUUUT, I like your style... you're evil, you have interesting ideas..." " Thanks, partner... now let's hurry, I've got a cunning plan to..."
  20. " Moooment...before I decide to keep you as my... underling... you first have to pass a test!" " a... test?" " To prove, you're worth to waste some of my precious time on you..." " UUuraaaniuuuumm.... the sheets are getting coooohooold..." "NOT NOW, COUNT.... *mutter*lascivious old idiot..." "... well, okay, what kind of test? Should I build an atomic bomb and drop it on Simcity? Create a new, skin-melting disease? Kill a...?"
  21. " No, much easier... *ahem* In order to prove your worth and to make sure, that you'll really be a loyal servant in later chapters..." " Yes...?" "... You have to undergo a difficult mission... difficult and perhaps dangerous..." " ....Thrilling..." "... perhaps even deadly..." "... like it, like it, like it..."
  22. "... clean the castle!" "WTF?" " Don't think, that's easy - I guess, nobody has cleaned up here for centuries... and I'm a Sim with ten neat points, I can't work under such conditions - seriously Count, have you never thought of hiring a maid for this pigsty?!" " Uhmmm... well, I always wanted to hire a maid, but they never agreed working at night... and what's the sense in it, hiring a french maid if you can't watch her at work... *drool*..." " Oh for... anyway, Hedgehog, that's the deal: you clean up or leave, end of discussion!" " But that's..." " END OF DISCUSSION !" "... okay, okay, I'll do it... let me just fetch my supercool Flame thrower Vacuum Cleaner with integrated acid pod, then I will..." " you'll clean the castle with your tongue!!" "..." " Good, then you can start now... I expect you to begin with the toil...*ehem*, I mean the holy shrines of the potty god... and don't disturb me, I and the Count have something to discuss... in the bedroom.."
  23. "... I'll so kill this guy... and then I'll rez him just to kill him again... and then I'll torture him and kill him a third time... and then I'll let molest his corps by... and what does this ugly Alien think, ordering me around cleaning stupid toilets, like I'm..."
  24. " RAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGG .... MORTAL SCUM, HOW DARE YOU TO ANGER THE POTTY GOD CALLING HIM A.... I'M BUUUUURRRRRNING WITH RAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEEEEE.... !!!!!! " " EEEEEEEEEEEEKS,... I'll be good..." ------------ Comment from the author: Uranium is evil - what else did you expect? End of discussion ;)
  25. Location: Sexyville, Sonicdude's Valistor Legacy: " ZOMG; DAD; LOOKIT THAT! U R TRAPPED IN UR LEGAACY!!!!!" " .... hm? Oh, yes, pumkin, that's in episode 5.2..." " ZOMG; DAD; U R MENY DADDIES!" "... yes, I'm hallucinating there..." " ZOMG; DAD; DADDIES GOO!!" "... please take your medicine, sweetie..." " ZOMG; DAD; I TOTTALLY FORGIT MY MED:.. *glup, glup, glup*...Aaaah..." "...better?" ".... mmm... think so... but seriously, Dad, how did you actually get out of there? "...can't remember, now please let me sleep..." " Daddy... one of the hallucinations said, they wanted to raid other legacies...are you... are you a hallucination, Dad?" "*snore*... possibly...." ~ to be (possibly) continued :) ~
  26. new Location (yes, we're getting around a lot today...): somewhere deep in the... " LET ME OUT! I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU ! " " In that case, I don't think, it would be a good idea to let you out, right? "
  27. " FOR THE LAST TIME: LET ME OUT! " *Whimper* *Odliodlododlilloooo...*
  28. " Sorry, Mademoiselles, but I have strict orders to keep you... safe... it's a bad world out there, you know?"
  30. " I'm sorry, madame, but I don't think that your connection with the local syndicate will help you anymore... and the lesser members are too occupied with the local vampires, so they actually don't know, that 'I' am in charge now..." " ... if Joe finds out, what you're doing, he'll..." " Oh, you mean Mr. - how do you call him - 'the Comb' ? Well, I don't think, that good old 'Afraid-of-animals" - Joey 'the Comb' will be able to complain anymore..."
  31. "...or would you, Joey?" *** " ... No I don't think so... oh, do you mind, if I'd gift you to my son's school? They'll lack a skeleton in biology I've heard..." *** " Aaah,thank you, now Ladies, Joey, if you excuse, I have to do some calls..."
  32. *drrrrring* " ... Yes, it's me... I've done everything as you wished, though I don't know, what you want with these old b... aha... ehm... well...I see....okay, I'm on it, byebye, shall I greet... no? well, thought so..."
  33. Location: Legacy lot (finally...): "Hey there, remember me? It's Heiress Liz from the last installment! Yes, your pretty fashion-crazy, material Green Girl! Last time you just saw how I grew up, soooo... what do you think I look now? A tip: look at the picture... hehe, got you! ... not really funny, right? *sigh* guess, not everything can be taken away with a laugh... yes, guys, lots of problems over here..."
  34. ... though everything looked so bright in the beginning: I grew up, and boy, it wasn't the worst fashion combination, everything blue, like Mom... *snicker* I'm rather a blue than a green girl...
  35. ... and being free of all my childish townie love adventures, it was time to advance my relationship with that man I was destined to... reproduce all my life... long... "21,21,21,21,21..." Oh, Benjamin, I'm so sorry, what happened to you... when I first approached him, his mental capacity had nearly decreased to this number... well I thought at that time, everything would be good now, that I'm finally....well, I'm just old enough, 'kay...?
  36. but sadly...this wasn't the case... he just kept repeating this stupid number over and over.... hellooo, Earthcontrol Liz at Starship 'Longprize'... "21,21,21,21...." ...hopeless...
  37. ... but of course I was never the girl that would give up so easy... in the next weeks, I tried everything: changing my turn-ons (gluck,gluck)...
  38. ...using expensive perfume...
  39. ...and trying every move in the book to get some... attention from him...
  40. ... finally I even got engaged with him... like my Mom did it with my Dad... hey, Daddy, I'm getting engaged here " Fine, fine, Liz... we're all so happy for you... but now please let me work, the syndicates orders in the last months became somehow a bit... strange... I don't understand, why they won't let me and Alex do the work the usual way anymore..." "Dad, you're permaplat, why do you even want to do such dirty work any longer...?" " I'm a Criminal Mastermind, Liz, my task is it to maximize the profit of the family by minimizing the losses, including any losses of life... and that is the problem, the family became somehow... ruthless... "
  41. ... oh yes, I wasn't the only one with problems, as you've heard... though Dad's problem was completely different from mine... how could I get through to someone, who not even realizes that his innermost wish, described by a stupid cipher, has already become true...? "...21?"
  42. Oh, my poor Benjamin... yes, I've just realized now, how precious he had become to me... I didn't care anymore about his... all I wanted now was to make him sane again... Ben... the window is... over there... *sigh* " No...gypsies..." ...Ben? "... 21..."
  43. ... as you perhaps know, I've inheritated my moms... critical viewpoint toward any religion... if you want, you can call me an opportunist, but in a storm, you cling to every straw or so... and after all, I'd always enjoyed the metaphysical debates with the grilled cheese deity... "... and that's what he said? 'No gypsies' ? " " Yes, and then it was just as always... " "... I would interpret this a sign of 'my' godly action.... you know, some kind of prophecy..." ".... and I just need to join your church to know, right?" " Come on, Liz, give me a break, even a deity has to make a living..." "... so any other suggestions?" "...*sigh* okay... ever heard of 'true love'?" "... our handicap, that only Triple-Bolt- Sims can procreate? But I have three Bolts with Ben and..." " Has he three Bolts with you? You know, sometimes it's different..." "...I've never thought of that..." " See, and that's where the prophecy gypsies to see, no love potion, no potion, no triple Bolts on both sides..."
  44. "... You're right, I haven't seen one of them for weeks...they somehow disappeared...." "... Yes it's a shame... how can there be triplebolts-loves without them... ?" "...I know, I'll regret this, but... any smart ideas from the 'Word of Don' for such a case? " " about: 'Love your neighbor as you love grilled cheese' ?" "... aha..." " Liz, it's really totally easy: once you believe in the cheese, I mean me, you will also love the cheese...and everone who shares this love can be loved by you as well..." " ... in short words: triple bolt?..." " Exactly! I'm sorry Liz, but that's all I can do, the last step you have to do on your own... either join my case... or die alone..." and there we were, back at square one... now there was only one question left, and unfortunately I already knew the answer...
  45. "... Mom, can I join the church of the Grilled Cheese Deity?" "..." "..." "..." "...Mom?"
  46. as I said, totally predictable: " Short answer: No! Long Answer: Hell, NO! I haven't raised you just so you can become one of these idiots claiming to know the ultimate truth just by eating a sandwich..." " Grilled Cheese, Mom, and what I always wanted to ask: why are you against religion? After all, you 'knew' that all that stuff, Eden & Co., really happened..." " Yes, and I *know* that I have feets, arms and eyes, but I don't *believe* in them, pray to them or do other stupid things to them... if bad things happen to you, you shouldn't believe in anything else than yourself, because you're the only one who can influence your fate, directly or indirectly..." "Okay, Metaphysics aside, what should I do, Mom: die old and alone or break your heart and join the church?" "...hrrr...If you really need something to meddle with your mind, rather find a ReNuYu-Porta-Chug... I bet, they do this with their followers in their oh-so- wonderful church of Grilled Cheese the whole day..." " ReNu... what?"
  47. " ReNuYu-Porta-Chug... You see, you're just sticking your head in, when you're in bad mood, than your mind goes 'Woooooo' - and after that all you think, love and eat is grilled Cheese..." " Mom, how do you know..." " Creator got me one in college... one of his lame jokes, what he'll do if I ever feel the need for...grrgh, this guys makes me..." " I assume,you don't have this thing anymore...?" " Of course not, I'm actually glad I got rid of it..." " So it's a dead end anyway..." " Not totally... I remember this guy... Nicolai Wood... he claimed himself to be a mad scientist... well, and he just couldn't get his hand off of that thing, go figure... Unfortunately, I don't know, where he is now...Haven't spoken with him in years..." " Nicolai Wood, that's a rather thin lead..." " But still better than joining this... tell you what, search for him and the ReNuYu, and if you don't find him... heck, then you can join this damn thing, okay...?" --- Comment: guess, who the next spouse will be... ;)
  48. ... and so I was left with two choices: either just join the church - rather easy - or to go on a long adventurous journey trying to find a man, who probably wasn't even alive anymore - not to forget, that I didn't know, if he had secured the knowledge of the Ryune... Runeya... uneryi... that stupid changer thingy, I mean! Of course, I did the only thing, that was right under such circumstances...
  49. One.... --------- Weapons Belt:
  50. ... Two... ------------- Lauras Hair (brown),
  51. ... three! ---------- Red nail polish by shadylady482 at mts2, Lipstick, Blush and Red Glasses from the exchange, unknown creator :(
  52. ...Tada, may I present: Liz Eden, - 'Vamp' Raider' - ! " *Snort*, that's so stupid, that I think, my head falls off...!" " Antoine, shut your mouth! Your bigger Sister has work to do! " " Oooh, of course, a 'Vamp' has always something to do..." " You're disgusting, Little Bro' ! "... and I bet, you're breaking a dozen copyright laws with that Outfit! Let me guess: if this would've been a 'normal' zombie apocalypse, you'd call yourself 'Zomb Raider'..." "... *sigh* a good advice a friend gave me: grow up, Kid!"
  53. ...luckily, the newspaper offered me just the right job: the embassy, possibly the last functioning piece of administration for this neighborhood - since it wasn't part of the neighborhood - searched for someone eager enough to build a connection between the vampire-infested country and the rest of the world, in order to search for survivors and contact their relatives... exactly, what I needed to find Mr. Wood...
  54. ... I bid farewell to my dear Benjamin...
  55. ... and of to work we go, :lol: - hey, the adventure track seems to have a lot of interesting clothes... can't wait for the new fashion... yes, I'm still me..."
  56. ...though it seemed, that my motivation to heal Benjamin had multplied my strength... usually I gained one promotion per workday, sometimes even two - and one day, Alex, I and Dad even drove together to work... by the way: Alex is still looking for creator, but except the Alien Uranium, there weren't anymore clues about Creators whereabouts, Dad on the other side had still problems with the syndicate... so everyone of us had to wear his own burden...
  57. …though mine were at least a bit compensated, hmmm, nice dress..
  58. ... ehrr, well this one is not sooo good... how does Stringpuller live with such a thing on his head... I'm already getting headaches in it... well think about the promotion, and it will be okay...
  59. ... finally, my brother Antoine had taken my advice... in case you search for his former girlfriend Sophie, she broke up with him... serves him right... then his new girlfriend was this blonde chick...well not anymore...she totally went for guys in underwear, that's why he... brrr....
  60. ... and this is a picture of myself in my tropic suit - in an ice-aged- neighborhood...well, I currently follow a lead, that Mr. Wood did some digging, though he claimed, he never found anything... perhaps he tried to hide something instead...
  61. ...while still digging, I nearly missed Rafi's Transition... yes, he was getting gray...still he refused to slow down at all, running to work everyday...though, his situation somehow bothered me...
  62. ... and I finally realized, why: old and alone - the thing I most feared, was what could happen to him as well... I guess, that's why I thought that a companion for him would be a good idea... and I found one...
  63. .... Maja was a stray cat, I found during one of my diggings... she seemed to be really hungry, so I took her with me... we still had not enough food, but my family didn't need any food for years, and Rafi never ate more than half a bowl per day...and perhaps he would like her...
  64. ... the biggest surprise was, when I cleaned her back at home was that, while she seemed gray, it was in fact dirt, which after removing it, opened up to light brown...
  65. ... but it wasn't the only thing I thought wrong: Rafi wasn't pleased at all about our new household member... I don't know, did he fear, that he was about to be replaced by a younger cat, or was it just a fight over the pet bowl...?
  66. whatever it was, I took some of his energy, it seemed... one day he didn't return home in his usual Black Limousine... though the sports car was still nice... but it seemed, that also in Show Biz younger cats had made their move, running him out in the competition...
  67. .... but just when I thought, that I did all wrong, somehow a bond between Rafi and Maja began to grow... from now on, she always let him eat first, waiting for him to be satified, than she took the rest... yes, she appeared to be a really protective character in that days...
  68. …and it gave Rafi the boost he needed... he made a glorious comeback on the stage, making clear, that he was an eternal, ever- rising Star in the Animal Showbiz...
  69. ... and - well - we all know, that every star has his own, personal fan club... it seems, Maja was one of the members...*lol*
  70. ... but that wasn't the only thing, Maja surprised us with... one day, after she returned (cats have their own head, and if they decide to wander around, who is there to stop them) from a walk, she surprised us with a message in her fangs, that she now worked as a vermin catcher for the government - the remaining goverment I mean. How she accomplished, we'd never found out, but at least it saved us some trouble feeding two cats with such immense hunger... especially Maja grew rounder and rounder from day to day, it seemed...
  71. ... well, in the meantime I just made my way through the ranks, always on the search for Mr. Wood... sometimes I think, I got promoted just on the way to work and back... like I walk on the drive way as a pirate...
  72. ... get into the car as a hostage negotiator...
  73. ...close the door as an international spy of mystery...
  74. ... and finally return home as a space pirate (but I still like the international spy outfit more ;)!
  75. ...but sadly, no sign of Mr. Wood...though I solved the mystery of the non working career rewards by getting the Stone of Unga-Nunga or however it was called back from the thieves, who had stolen it, when the ice age had hit the neighborhood (Ep. 4) - Dad said, it were crooks from outside the syndicate -... and no sign of the aspiration changer, either...
  76. ... but then Dad received an anonymous call (tuesday evening, of course), telling him, that 'I' should come to a small house at the edges of the neighborhood at once, if I wanted to know something about Mr. Wood and the aspiration changer... Well, Dad wouldn't have been a Criminal Mastermind, if he hadn't smelled the trap immediately... then again he was aware of the fact, how frantically I was searching for any hint that could help me. So he decided, since I was still at work, to investigate the situation together with my brother Alex, while my coward of a younger brother... "Hey, that's unfair! You already said, that it was a trap, and Dad and Alex have already fulfilled their duty lifting a restriction, while I..." "That's a lame excuse, Lil'Bro.." " Oh yeah? What about Mom? She has already 'fulfilled' hers as well!" "Yes, but she still has Business perks to transfer, while you..." "YOU... " "I'm tired of fighting, just let me tell the story and go back to your stupid skilling, Bro..."
  77. ... when Dad and Alex left our home, a dark Limousine was waiting for them... as they later told me, the driver seemed a bit... absent, as he didn't question at any time, why instead of me Dad and Alex went for the meeting... after a long drive, they finally arrived at a small, really strange looking house... "You know Dad, I rather expected something more... how should I put it... impressive looking..." "Son, you know the loading time of the game, and with all the new CC... I guess, this time we're going for a cheaper and smaller location..."
  78. ... where they, after many stairs, finally arrived in a dark room... " Dad?" " Yes, Son?" " Who was that actually on the phone, saying that he knew something over Mr. Wood?" " I don't know, Son... he tried to falsify his voice... you know, he spoke like as he had no nose and..."
  79. "...oh."
  80. - DUN -
  81. - DUN -
  82. - DUN -
  83. - DUN ! " Hmmm... it seems, that my message hasn't reached Mrs. Eden correctly... I said, 'she' should come here, not you two... that complicates the situation quite a bit..." ---------- For everyone, who doesn't know him(Shame on you!): meet Plutonium Apocalypso, son of Uranium Apocalypso and Mr. Big aka Joe Curtain at EphemeralToasts Apocalypse a-Go-Go, just recently seen again in Ephemeraltoasts Ugothlacy, Vol.8. He's currently married to a zombie and carried their both child due to a miracle by the potty god itself... really! by the way, his original Custom hair somehow didn't work... and he somehow looks good with that hat...
  84. " AHAHAHAHAHAHAH... so hehe reheheally hahad noho nohohohohohohoseheheheheheh...." " Dad *snort*... you shouldn't laugh about that *snicker*,... remember what happened to Benjamin...*giggle*"
  85. "... *grmbl*... may, I ask, what's so funny...?"
  86. "HUHUHUHUHUHUAHAHAHAH ARHARHARHARRHARRHARRRH ARRRRR...." " *Mbl*... please excuse my father, but there's nothing much to laugh around here with the apocalypse and stuff... and your...*giggle*... well, it's just a bit too much..."
  87. " OKAY, YOU WANT FUN, YOU DAMN COMEDIANS?! WELL, I'LL GIVE YOU FUN!" " I told you, Dad, it's not nice laughing about other people, even with only three nice points..."
  88. " HEY, who do think you are, yelling and shoving people around?!" " I'm the one, who'll stretch your underpants over your head, if you don't immediately pay some respect to a Sim Celebrity - haven't you read the disclaimer five pictures before?!!" " Oh, excuse me, if I just can't pay respect to an ugly half alien, married to a corpse and procreated by the guy that tried to get into *my* pants in episode 3.1..." " *Ahem*, sorry if I have to interrupt your nice little Chit-Chat, but... we're still here looking for informations about a Mr. Wood... and since you're supposed to be related to Ms. Uranium, perhaps about Creator's missing as well...?"
  89. " ..well, sorry to displease you, gentlemen, but I don't know where this Mr. Woods or your Oh-so- precious creator are... actually, I was only ordered to trap the gypsies to stop any further...breeding of your family and, regarding your handicap, blackmail you with it...had to kill the syndicate in the process...perhaps, if you'd ask my Mom, she could...HEY, why should I tell you anything..?!... Damn, my evil-villainy Monologue..." " So... we made it where for nothing, fantastic... let's go, Son..." " Oh, Oh, I'm sorry, mes amis, but I can't let you do that..." " Pfft... you and which army?" " Actually... this army! *Thanks,mom* "
  91. "WOOOOAAAH... hey, how did these guys get here all of a sudden?" " HAHA, Nothing goes about a good boolpropping... NOW, MY MINIONS, GET THEM!"
  93. " BOO... Use the right hook, the right..." " Oh GOD, the violence, the violence..." " Come on, Dad, you can get him, I know it...!" " Ten bucks on the noseless freak..." "Deal."
  94. yes, it was a titanic battle my Dad and Plutonium fought...but since I'm the heroine here, who has to make the final attempt to the rescue and stuff, Dad unfortunately lose... " Urrrgh... damn stupid, useless plotline..."
  95. ... and soon Alex and Dad found themself captured by the sinister Half Alien son of the evil Uranium... " I don't know, what stinks more, the fact that I've lost, the fact that this cell is actually a former bathroom or the fact that I still don't understand, what's this whole sidestory is actually good for..."
  96. *drring* "Hello... Oh, Hi Mom, I... well..., I didn't... come on, how should I know, when she is at... no I... hmm... but...well... Mom, I... okay, okay, I've understood, don't worry, Mom, this time everything will work great! NO... but.... Yes... Sorry, Mom, I've got to make the call now, BYEBYE!"
  97. ... and so I received a phonecall after work as well, telling me to come to the same location -alone -, if I wanted to see my Dad and my brother alive (!) again.... by a really sexy voice, I have to say... " Ohoh, NOW it gets interesting, hehe..." " Bro, for the last time: stop doing your stupid of-stage monologues!" "Pfft... who is the one, who talks here about telephone s...?" " OKAY, THAT'S IT! COME HERE, AND I'LL KICK YOUR SHINY METAL...Rrrgh, 12345678910... you're not worth wasting my time with you, Bro...anyway..."
  98. soon as I've heard, what happened to Dad and Alex, I informed Mom about the situation... she took it rather...,well...: "... and they say, if I don't come unarmed and alone, his vampires will kill them immediately!" ", when you'll be exactly back with them?" "...Mom, no jokes please, this is serious..." " I wasn't joking at all..." " Mom, don't you see it? That's a trap for sure, and I don't know, how I can...?" " 'Liz, who is the one dressed like an action heroine here...?" " What do you mean, Mom...?"
  99. " I mean: go there, draw your guns, show them who's Boss, get them free, and then just come back. What's so difficult about that...?"
  100. " Mom, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard from you..." " 'Liz, I was a Superhero in my former life*, and if I've learned something from it, then it's how to make a good showdown..." " Mom, perhaps that works in comics, but this is real life... sorta... and villains don't go for the big guy first, they rather threaten innocents to make the 'heroes' surrender..." ----- *For a short glimpse of Anais former Life, watch episode 0... :)
  101. " Hmm, okay... so you rather go for plan B then..." " Mom, I told you, no..." " This wasn't meant as a joke either... serious Liz, do you think, your Mom's stupid? In fact, I'm really proud of you... most people would take Option A without hesitation... and with your choice of clothes I thought..." " MOM, you... okay, what's Option B then?"
  102. ...I have to say, that Mom's Option B didn't really... but after all, what other choices did I have left...? *Drrrr* " Hello, It's me, I... you know? But how... oh, understand, now... *sigh*, can we discuss that later, please, I really need...Oh, thank you! Bye!"
  103. ... and after this short interlude, which I don't want to spoil, I soon arrived at the secret Hideout, heavily guarded by Vampires... Little did I know, what would happen here, but believe me, it changed my life forever...
  104. " Aaah, Miss Eden, I presume... I'm glad you'd made it here... welcome at my little residence and..."
  105. " Gnnng... I rather want to get through with that fast... where's my brother and Dad?! *oh no, this can be true, I can't...* " " Ah, a woman who knows what's important... follow me, Mrs. Eden, I'll lead you directly to them..."
  106. " Dad, Alex? You're okay?" " Liz, I hope, you have a really good explanation, why you're doing this... I thought you could easily figure out, that this was a trap for you and..." "...and let you die here?! Thanks Dad, that soo brightens my mood..." "Well... guess that means, we're all three trapped now... and that means, the guy controlling the heiress, controls the neighborhood..." " Ah, Mr. Eden, I see, you're really a criminal mastermind... that's exactly the way it should be... now, Mrs. Eden, would you please...?" " Don't you think, you should search me for weapons first...?" "... I beg your pardon?"
  107. " Well, of course I came without my weapons belt, buuut... perhaps there are weapons somewhere under these clothes... don't you think, this requires some....examination...?" " ... Miss Eden, I don't think..."
  108. " Awww, come on, you're in full control of the situation, while I'm weaponless and fearing for my families life... " "... I know where this is going, and I won't fall for it...first: I'm a married man, and second... well, I know about my... appearance..." "...Oh, I'm engaged as well, and my future husband's has a nose enough for two people... besides, I never had to complain over a shortage of boyfriends...*giggle*"
  109. " Hmmm... well, why not... me and Vanessa didn't do it for... and what Vanessa doesn't know, won't kill her...if she wasn't already dead, I mean..." "Ooohh... I like it, when you're talking dirty, Dark knight..." " Ooooh no, my daughter is... I can't watch this...!" " *Whisper*Don't worry Dad, I think she has a plan... I think..." " Grrmbl... hopefully dawn is coming soon... they don't pay me enough for this army thing, to let me actually see..." ------------------------------------------ Comment: yes it's true, Plutonium and Amaryllis had a Triple-Bolt- Combination right at their first meeting (!)... talk about coincidence...
  110. "... so give me a kiss, you little..." " Wow, this must be, how Brad Pitt feels..."
  112. " AAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" " IT BURRRRRRNNNNNNS!!!!" " DAD! YOU'RE OKAY?!" " I'M OKAY... SON... RRRGGHHH..." "What the... is going on here...?!" "Pffft... too bad....she could've at least waited a bit more..."
  114. ... to quote Mom: 'Option B is: if you cannot beat your enemies yourself, search for allies...' .... well, I guess, Mom didn't thought about that kind of Ally... but hey, sometimes it's good to have an omniscient, all-powerful being as your friend, that shines like a 1000-Volt- Lightbulb...
  115. ... and the rest was rather easy: Plutoniums Minions fleed in total confusion...
  116. ... while I used the element of surprise to beat the hell out of... " Damn, if he just wasn't married... I mean, because being married trains you to take more pain...*whistle*"
  117. ... and with a final blow...
  118. ...Yay, victory!.... hmmm, you know, he looks really cute, when he's so unconscious and... awww... "Ummm, Sis, a bit help over here? We're still trapped and, Dad's still groggy from this Light Attack..."
  119. " Oops, sorry... wait, I'll have you free in no sec..." " Sis, I have to admit, I'm impressed... how you solved that situation and stuff..." " Thanks, Bro... ehrm, do you think, I hit him a bit too hard after all... ?" " Sis...?" " Eheheheheh... nevermind... just get out of here..."
  120. "... and thanks again for your help, Sushi... and good Luck for the future, we'll always be there for you..." " Thanks Liz... and about the church thing again..." " Oooh, GCD... you're really unique... don't tell me you just did that to convince me..." " Well, why not, some people collect postals, I collect followers..." " Haha, 'kay, I'll reconsider it... just now, Dad needs a lift home..."
  121. ... and with that , we drove of in the new day...luckily we made it back, before Dad got sunburned too much... perhaps we didn't find out something about the Location of Mr. Woods - or creators whereabouts, for that matter - but we've all learned one important lesson: if we stick together, we're unstoppable and... " BOOO! This was the lamest story I've ever heard... aside from your fashionista stuff last chapter..." " Antoine, you damn, annoying..." "Besides, I think, you forgot a tiny, important detail..." " What did I forget, please? Dad and Alex are back, we're all alive and happy and... Oh, Oooops..." " Correct..."
  122. "...Hello, anybody out there?... Please, we'll even promise to set up everyone for triple-bolts dates from now on... heeeelp! " ... well... ehehehe... seems like I really forgot something... Don't worry, everything is going to get fine, 'kay? I'll tell you next time, for now, we're almost out of pics... thanks for watching and reading... oh, and if you meet Plutonium somewhere, tell him, I'm sorry about... well, Bye and... have an Ice day !!!