The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 3


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Chapter 3 of The Calypso Family Apocalypse.

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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 3

  1. 1. The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 3 or The Years of Hell Part 2
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Years of Hell Part 2. Please read the preceding chapters or you wont know whats going on. "Why am I here?"I dont know, its just that we saw you last. I forgot to mention last time that Emilys LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind. Which she will probably never get. "Way to ruin a girls dream. Any more troubles you want to dump on me?" Yah, you need to go train your little brother. "Why cant mom do that?" Shes taking a much needed break. "What about dad?" I cant control your dad anymore. Hes crazy. "I wish you couldnt control me."
  3. 3. "I still have to change diapers, dont I?" Do you even have to ask?
  4. 4. "Why am I doing this in this tiny room?"Because I was too stressed/lazy to move you upstairs.
  5. 5. Two down and one to go, then your free, Sort of. "Ill never be free."
  6. 6. "Come on, Say Bottle." "Bottle"
  7. 7. "Waaaaaaaa, Dont wanna talk no more." "I have to change him, dont I"Youre full of questions today, arent you?
  8. 8. Finally, the last toddler until the next generation. "Hi, voice, can you see me." Youre bubbly tonight. "Im clean."
  9. 9. "Brandon stinks. How come you never show me?"You havent been very interesting so far. Dont worry Im sure well see more of you soon.
  10. 10. "Wow, When you get to the moon, dont forget to call us." He wont get that far, you guys.
  11. 11. "Ug, what a smell." "Go change." "Are you still wearing a diaper?"Dont be so hard on him, you guys have smelled just as bad, or worse.
  12. 12. At least he grew up well.
  13. 13. Hurry up and eat that cake, then you can try to get your hygiene up a little. You’re lucky that you have a day before you have to start school.
  14. 14. "Look at the pretty kitty, Let adopt it." Poor cat looks like someone smashed is its face. "Dont be mean to her or she wont lift a restriction for us."We adopted her, Her name is Kalahari, from now on she will be known as Kali. Kalis stats are 2/2/1/3/2 So shes independent, a coward, and average everywhere else. She already knew how to Shake, Speak, Stay, and Use Toilet.
  15. 15. Youre supposed to be washing your hands, not dancing. "But dancing’s fun; I need lots and lots of fun."Dancing is against the rules; youll have to get your fun by playing red hands.
  16. 16. Essie, you know better. Now stop. "But you gave us a radio, why cant we dance?"The radio is so you can work out; its not playing music, none of the radio stations survived. (I have music shut off in my settings.)
  17. 17. "Come here, Kali." "Meow"Kali needs to learn come, and roll over. We managed to finish teaching both skills and found Kali a job in service. With luck, Kali will lift service and I will be able to control Dante again.
  18. 18. "Hi, Emily, you got small again. Whered you get the fur coat. Dante, that’s our new cat, Kali.
  19. 19. That same night, Jacob became a Teen. I think he was doing some last minute wants so he could grow up well. "I wish for showers." Youre out of luck, but you can wash your hands a couple dozen times and be mostly clean. "Why cant I sponge bathe like Emily and Mom." You have ten neat points, thats why.
  20. 20. "Where do sparkles come from?" Just grow up already.
  21. 21. "Weeee, I want to have fun, and to know everything."Jacob is a pleasure/knowledge sim. I really hope you roll lots of skilling wants. Youll be much happier if you do.
  22. 22. He grew up well, as usual, So far, no one has grown up badly. "I didnt get what I wanted."Look at the bright side, you dont have to go to school or do homework any more. "Yay, wait I like learning." You can study here at home.
  23. 23. Emily bonded with Brandon, what with teaching him all his skills. "Night Brandon."
  24. 24. Poor Brandon wasnt doing so good. "No, no. Stop please. Aaaaaaaa"Ive never seen a nightmare before.
  25. 25. Neely became an elder. "Meow I star "Neely is the best cat Ive ever had in my game. She takes better care of herself than I take care of my sims. All I do for her is keep the food dishes full.
  26. 26. "I dont want to come home."Would you rather be Zombie food. "No."
  27. 27. Neely doesnt like Kali at all, I didnt notice before but Neely was trained to be hostile. But I wont notice this till its too late. "Hiss My house " "Cower."
  28. 28. "I got an A+ today." How? Youve never done your homework. "Emily did it for me."Brandon has been in such a poor mood that I havent been able to teach him to do his homework or even get him to do homework. Plus he didnt even get a boost from his A+ because he didnt roll the want.
  29. 29. "I need fun. I wonder if this is fun."
  30. 30. "Weeeeeee"
  31. 31. What are you doing Emily? "Brandons homework."It wont do you any good, He hasnt rolled the want to get an A+
  32. 32. Emily, you’re not supposed to do that. "Oh no, I have Acne."
  33. 33. "Waaaaaaaaaaaa, now no one will like me."By the time you meet anyone new you will be an adult.
  34. 34. "This is Fun!!! Can we do it again."
  35. 35. Did you get a promotion. "Mrawl" Ill take that as a no.
  36. 36. "Hi Tommy, Hi Freddy. Do you want to come play with me?" Buzzz-Why is that guy talking to uszzzzzz-buzzzzzz Buzzzzzzz-He must be crazzzzzy-buzzzzzz
  37. 37. I continue to fight a losing battle against the sinks and toilets. At one time every sink and toilet in the house was broken. And all the kids were complaining. "Aaaaaaaa, make it stop." Fix it. "Why cant you just replace it." Its against the rules.
  38. 38. "I got another A+"The education system must have really gone downhill if they cant tell its not you doing your homework. "They dont care, so long as its done."
  39. 39. Brandon finally rolls some wants that I can fulfill."Wow, that thingy is really pretty, I like it lots better than that red one thats normally up there. Me too.
  40. 40. The Gypsy came and drops off some contraband. Are you trying to get us in trouble? "Just doing my job." Youre against the rules, you know. What am I supposed to do with a worthless lamp?(Can I save it till Paranormal is lifted or am I supposed to just delete it?"
  41. 41. Brandon was trying to fulfill some more small wants when a zombie came by. "Braaaiiins" Translation Yummy young juicy tender child brains. Brandon, you need to get back in the house Pronto.
  42. 42. "Aaaaaaah"
  43. 43. Brandon was finally in a good enough mood to learn to do his homework, Hes been at school for almost a week now and Emily has been doing all his homework. "Then you turn the thingamagiggy and do the hokie pokie." "Dad, the Hokie Pokie is against the law."
  44. 44. I missed the doohickey, but he did learn to do his homework.
  45. 45. "Thanks for helping, Dad.""Good Kitty, now roll over, roll over."
  46. 46. "Whats Dad doing now?" Um, talking to his reflection."You dont say, He did what." "Im sorry I asked."
  47. 47. Dante, you’re not allowed to read the paper. At least he hasnt had a bladder accident.He does a pretty good job keeping up his needs, except for hygiene.
  48. 48. "You smell worse. Why do you always have to copy me."
  49. 49. "Time to grow up, Baby." Dante, Thats your cat."Then Ill teach you to talk, and walk and to use the potty."
  50. 50. Please tell me you got promoted. "Meow" Yes, Oh Dante, Where are you.Kali has lifted the service restrictions. I never got the icon, but she did reach rescue pet.
  51. 51. "I thought you said that I was going to go crazy?" You were crazy, for two weeks. "I dont remember."
  52. 52. I glad that I can control you again, you were getting ripe. "So where are my kids, Did Essie have the baby yet."Essie had the baby ages ago. Hes already a child. Everyone is upstairs.
  53. 53. "Hiss""Meow but I help " cower.
  54. 54. It was Friday and Brandon is growing up this weekend, so I decided to let him skip his last day of school. I cant believe that I got everyone in a good enough mood to skill.
  55. 55. It didnt last long."No more exercise, it made me too dirty."
  56. 56. "Look, Ive got muscles."You stink, go wash your hands a couple hundred times.
  57. 57. Brandons birthday finally arrived, you should be happy now youll be able to get clean. "I just feel like Im never going to get what I want."
  58. 58. What are you wishing for, Showers."No, I know that youll never give us showers. I just want to be happy." Ill give you showers eventually, when someone lifts medical.
  59. 59. Ill try to keep you happy. But youll have to help me out and roll wants that I can fulfill.
  60. 60. Brandon rolled Family/Grilled Cheese. "Does the cake have cheese in it?" If that what you want, Yes."My little baby is all grown up, and I missed it all, sniff"
  61. 61. Brandon grew up well, and Stinky as usual.
  62. 62. Since I was able to control Dante again, I put him to work making some more clothes for the family. "Why cant I just spend time with them, Ive missed so much"
  63. 63. Whats the matter with you? "I didnt get my lifetime want. Sniffle"I tried, I really did, but she skilled really slowly.
  64. 64. And she refused to roll any fulfillable wants. No, your kids cant go to collage; they cant get scholarships, or get into private school. You need to roll some different wants. "Sniffle, I dont want to grow up." You only have one day left. Roll something fulfillable so you dont grow up in the red.
  65. 65. Dante finally has time to work on his third car."Aaaaaaah, cough, cough, hack. Crap, now Im all dirty again."
  66. 66. Emily! You were supposed to be exercising, Not Dancing. Stop. "If nobody saw me, why does it matter?" I saw you. "You dont count."
  67. 67. What is going on out here?
  68. 68. Kali, who are you fighting? Youre a coward; cowards dont start fights do they?
  69. 69. This is when I found out that Neely was trained to be hostile. Neely quit picking fights. Kali quit picking on Neely, shes older than you. "Meow I tough "
  70. 70. What are you doing, Essie? "Im playing chess." Its time to grow up."No, Ive decided that I just wont grow up. I want to get my LTW first." I dont think it works that way. You dont really get a choice. "I refuse." She did too, somehow she delayed until around 8pm.
  71. 71. "See, I dont have to grow up, You cant make me. Ha."
  72. 72. "Nooooooo, Im not ready. Please no. Stop it. Dont let me grow up badly."I cant do anything about it. You never rolled any wants that I could give you.
  73. 73. "Aaaaaah, It burns, it burns."
  74. 74. "Im not old, I didnt grow up, Its just a dream. I still have time." Somebody is in denial. She even dyed her hair. "Its not dye, thats my natural color. That Was your natural color.
  75. 75. "Waaaaaaaaaaaa."This is sad, she was so far in the red that she might die before Dante.
  76. 76. Neely was getting up there in years, Dante got her out here just in time. "Waaaaaaaaa, Why does she have to die?" Everyone dies eventually. Its a fact of life.
  77. 77. "Lets see, Neely, youre on the list.
  78. 78. "Get the mouse, Go get it.""Meow I tired, I go now "
  79. 79. Emily was quite broken up. Whats that face for Brandon? Arent you sad? "Im mad at Grim."
  80. 80. Neely Best cat we ever had.You lifted the Show Biz Restriction, so the kids could skill. Even though the kids refused because of mood. Well Miss You.
  81. 81. Dante missed his carpool and was fired."I quit." Mr. Calypso, you didnt come in to work today so, Youre Fired. Weve also blacklisted you, youll never work in the culinary career again.
  82. 82. That night, it was time for Emily to grow up."I dont think Im ready, I never got to go to college."
  83. 83. She didnt roll many wants like her mother, but was still able to grow up well.
  84. 84. "Im OK, Look I got 5,000 points. Im ready to start my adult life."
  85. 85. "Im OK, I didnt go to college, but Im OK"
  86. 86. "Uuuung," CrashI knew this would happen, she had that big fear of being uneducated.
  87. 87. "Bluibibir"Come on you have to just get up and go on with your life.
  88. 88. "Emilys gone Crazy, will that happen to all of us."Youll probably be fine, so long as you roll fulfillable wants.
  89. 89. "What seems to be zee problem" "I didnt get to go to college, Ill never get a good job.""Diz iz an Apocalypse, Iz it not. Dere iz no college anymore."
  90. 90. "Now, Let out all your anger and frustrations" "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" "Hmmm. With more Feelingz."
  91. 91. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!" "OK, enough, you iz cured."
  92. 92. "I feel much better, Doctor." "Who is she talking too." Ummm, the sim shrink, but only she can see him. Im sure shell be OK.Well, that’s it for this chapter; Im hoping that there will be no more "Years of Hell" See you next time. Twilight