The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch6


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Chapter 6 of The Calypso Family Apocalypse.

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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch6

  1. 1. The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 6
  2. 2. Welcome back, last time, we left just as Stephanie was about to give birth. "Would you stop talking? I dont think I can wait any longer!"
  3. 3. "Aaaoooo ooowwoooo" "Aaaaah""Are you done yet. Id like to get my face out of Jacobs." "Meow?"
  4. 4. Huff puff puff "Brandooooon, Whyyyy arent youuuuuu Watchinggggg?!!!" Hrmmm, I guess he takes after his father.
  5. 5. Awwwww, We have a little boy.
  6. 6. Um, Stephanie. Dont even think about doing what I think youre gonna do.
  7. 7. "Shoo flee"Arrrrrggggg!!! Pulls out hair.
  8. 8. And now there are two, crying, screaming pooping monsters in the house. "Awww, Isnt he adorable?"Ok, so they are adorable, but I cant tell them apart. Both boys have black hair, green eyes and the third skin tone. The first born is Ian and the second Isaac.
  9. 9. "I must be the happiest person alive right now."You ought to be happy, the birth of your sons pushed you into permanent platinum. Well at least I dont have to worry about Brandons aspirations any more. Now if you would just find a job.
  10. 10. "Woooo hooooo, Twins!!!" "Oh no, I dont want to just be a baby maker, and die unfulfilled like my mother in-law."Dont worry, Stephanie. Im struggling to handle all six of you and until the twins are at least children, you wont be having any more kids.
  11. 11. "This is all your fault. Why did you fill out you Family perks?" "I didnt have a choice. Twilight made me do it." "Is that true?"Yes. I decided that to make the game more challenging that all allowed perks must be filled to the max,even if it inconviences me and you. I didnt expect that would affect this pregnancy though. Since you were already in your third trimester when medical was lifted.
  12. 12. Whatcha looking for, Emily? "Im looking for a job in Criminal." Why? Youre too nice to be a Criminal."Well, its just that its my lifetime want. You arent going to stop me from being happy, are you?" Well, if thats what you really want, go ahead. Is it there anyways? "Yes. I have to go now or Ill be late. Bye."
  13. 13. I love the changing table. No more dirty diapers on the floor. does happy dance Oops stops, dancings not allowed
  14. 14. Oh, hello. You do know that I dont allow kitties on the counter. Now Im going to have to have someone scold you. "Meow me bad? " I dont like scolding her, but I want to keep my one counter free for cooking.
  15. 15. "Bad kitty, Stay off the counter." "Meow I sorry "
  16. 16. Awwwww, how cute. I see that Kali and Io get along well. "Meow play " "Purr play purr"
  17. 17. Ok, why are you mad at the baby?
  18. 18. Oh, I see. If you cant have them you think my family shouldnt. I really wish you would stop haunting my family.
  19. 19. Whats the matter, Brandon? "He puked on me!"I have no idea if this is Ian or Isaac.
  20. 20. "Whos mommys cute little baby. You are, yes, you are."Aaaawwww, I just love this picture. But I still cant tell who it is.
  21. 21. "Aaaaahh, no not in my mouth!!!" Eeewwww.
  22. 22. Well, how was your first day as Pickpocket. "It was Ok, I didnt get promoted yet."
  23. 23. That face reeks of desperation. "I really like you, do you want to be my first kiss." "I dont know you well enough for that."I had realized just how close Jacob was to being platinum and knowing that he would never get his LTW, was trying to make him permanently platinum another way.
  24. 24. It seem like it was just yesterday that they were born. "It was yesterday."This time I know, Stephanie has Ian, and Brandon has Isaac.
  25. 25. "Happy birthday, Ian" blowsHeres hoping for some nice elf ears and a good personality.
  26. 26. "Happy birthday, Issac."Ditto on the ears and personality.
  27. 27. Awww, sparkle wings. "Giggle goo."
  28. 28. Awww, he has the same hair as Uncle Jacob. Ian stats are: 8/4/2/3/8 So neat, shy, lazy, serious, and nice.Not bad, but I hate lazy sims. He does had the ears, though.
  29. 29. Whats this, a new cake."He wouldnt grow up. He glitched."
  30. 30. "Happy birthday, again."
  31. 31. "Weeeeeee"
  32. 32. "Awwww, look he has my hair." Isaac stats are: 8/10/10/3/3So hes neat, outgoing, active, serious, and mean. I like, he has the ears as well.
  33. 33. Ah, so thats why he glitched."Me no wan diapie changed!" You cant talk yet.
  34. 34. We used the last two bottles of smart milk. I dread to think of how slow future children will skill.
  35. 35. Meanwhile, upstairs."You look really nice in that kimono." "Aww, your so nice." crush.
  36. 36. So where are your parents? Why am I asking them, they cant understand me yet. "Mama, seepin."
  37. 37. Please tell me theres something good in the paper this morning. "How about education?" Yes, take it, take it. "Ok, Ill have to take the car."
  38. 38. I see Mamas not sleeping anymore, or are you? "Im awake."
  39. 39. "Stay, stay." "Meow I stay "We finally found time to finish teaching Io the last skill she needed to get a job in security.
  40. 40. "Whered the wall go?"I took part of it out so we could put in the changing table, the rest followed later cause it looked funny.
  41. 41. "He puked on me, Again!"Well, dont toss him in the air anymore. Maybe his stomach cant handle it.
  42. 42. "Mama, siny."
  43. 43. "Teddy""Awww, Good."
  44. 44. Uh oh, Looks like we need a doctor.
  45. 45. "Daddy, Scary"Brandon, dont you think you should fix his leg, and not scare him. "Hes ok, his legs not really broke."
  46. 46. Welcome home, Jacob. How was work. "I got a good chance card and they promoted me to Teachers Aid."Good, oh and thanks for thawing that guy out. We really dont need another angry ghost around here.
  47. 47. Stephanie, you might want to hurry up. "Im going as fast as I can."Why did you come down here while hes out haunting, anyways? "I was really hungry."
  48. 48. Looks like Isaac is done learning his skills."He still need to learn the nursery rhyme." I think that can wait awhile.
  49. 49. "Aaaahhhh." I see he got you, again. "I was trying to get away, I just didnt make it."Well, head upstairs, he never goes up there. I guess he likes to stay where the fridge is.
  50. 50. Well, is there anything good in there. "Only Journalism and Showbiz for Io."Thats too bad, Journalism isnt allowed yet and Showbiz is done.
  51. 51. Hey, good job. "Thanks."
  52. 52. Shes still here. Well at least you got your kiss. "Mmmmmumm" She left soon after.
  53. 53. Well, did you get promoted this time?"Yes, Im a Bagman now. Whats with this stupid title, why can I be a Bag-woman." I dont know, dont ask me. Emily has two days off now.
  54. 54. Did you find anything good? "No."
  55. 55. Jacob! What happened!!!"I was turning in the role sheet, when this lady came up with her kid. She begged me to not mark her kid tardy because he would have to repeat the third grade. I couldnt turn in a fake report. She got mad andstarted to fill out the fake report herself and we kinda go into a schuffle. My boss came over and told me that I needed to learn to handle things better and demoted me back to Playground Monitor." Thats not fair.
  56. 56. Hi, Essie. Hows the afterlife treating you. "I like it, there are no restrictions."Im surprised you come out to haunt at all. "I like visiting my family."
  57. 57. "My bed, Its still here. But whos been sleeping in it."Brandon and his wife sleep there. Its not like theres anywhere else for them to sleep.
  58. 58. Time seems to fly by when you have twins. It seem like only yesterday they were having their toddler birthday. Ian and Isaac both learned all their skills. I just didnt get pictures.
  59. 59. Ian goes first, again. "Help Daddy blow." "Oooo, petty.""No, dont touch. Hot!"
  60. 60. "Wan lites.""No no, Isaac. Youll get burned. Ouchie." "Ouchie, bad?" "Yes, bad."
  61. 61. Looks like we have another toddler swallowing a sparkle. "Yucky."
  62. 62. "Look how big I am." What no hand joke."Thats too overdone."
  63. 63. Brandon, Why are you taking the cake away."They dont need that much sugar. Some grilled cheese would be much better." Its their birthday, let them have their cake.
  64. 64. Aaarrg, I hate corner pictures. Why did you have to put him there. "It was easy."
  65. 65. "Look, Mommy. Im big now.""Thats nice, dear. Why dont you and Ian go have some fun, while Daddy and I sleep."
  66. 66. Isaac looks a lot like his Dad. Hes really cute. He is my chosen heir. Im not sure were having anymore kids this generation.
  67. 67. "How come you get to be heir." "I dont know." He gets to be heir because hes active and youre not. "Well, cant you encourage me to be more active." Im sure I read somewhere that that’s against the rules. Most likely in education.(Ive checked and double checked, but I cant find any reference to encouraging being against the rules. But I dont find this out yet.)
  68. 68. Where are you two going?"Military was in the paper. The kids are off at school and everyone else is at work. Well, except for Emily, she has the day off." Oh, I guess I missed some pictures.
  69. 69. Awww, how cute, but why are you out here in the snow?
  70. 70. Oh."Waaaaaa, Kali no. Not again."
  71. 71. "Sob hic sob."
  72. 72. "Here Kitty, Get the mouse." "Are all our cats going to die?"I cant help it. Everyone dies sometime.
  73. 73. "Goodbye, Kali. Well miss you."Kali was a nice cat. She lifted the Service Restriction for us. And helped Dante back to sanity. Well miss you.
  74. 74. I feel sorry for Emily. All she wants right now is a hug.
  75. 75. "Lady, we just met. Im not hugging you."
  76. 76. Stephanie, Why are you sitting in the middle of the road? "I got a bad chance card, and I was fired." Thats terrible, now youll never get your lifetime want.(These chance cards are driving me crazy, I stopped playing to go create a printout of the options least likely to get them fired.)
  77. 77. Stephanie sat in the road until it was time for Brandon to come home. Must be because they carpooled. I know that Stephanie was fired, but how did you do? "I got promoted to Elite Forces, and they changed their minds, Stephanies not fired."
  78. 78. Must be a glitch, instead of firing her, they demoted her. But since she was already at the bottom level it wasnt much of a demotion. I know some simmers would make her quit, but Im going to let her keep her job.
  79. 79. Um, your kids arent home yet, Brandon. Its only one Oclock. "But I got promoted, someone has to hug me." Why dont you hug your wife, she got demoted."How can she be demoted when she was already at the bottom?"
  80. 80. Emily has a crush on the guy that wouldnt hug her. "I want my first kiss. Will you kiss me?" "Um, I have to go now. Maybe later."
  81. 81. Ian and Isaac come home from their first day of school. "Aww, I still have a C." Whatd you expect, this IS your first day at school.
  82. 82. "Oh well. Maybe Ill do better tomorrow."
  83. 83. "Pillow fight, Yay." You guys are blocking the stairs. "So, who cares."I do. Now get upstairs and get your motives up. Ill have someone teach you how to do your homework later.
  84. 84. "I thought you were going to help me. All you did is stand there.""I had to watch to make sure you were doing it right. You didnt really need my help."
  85. 85. "Alright, now, Skill."
  86. 86. You really need to stop haunting, Lewis. (I looked up his name.) "If you want me to stop haunting, then bring me back to life." I cant, Paranormal is still restricted. And no one can go to college yet.Hes not really causing too much trouble. He never gos beyond the first floor. I just keep my sims upstairs until morning. My other ghosts never haunt the family.
  87. 87. Io, How could you. "Meow me fired "Io got a bad chance card and got fired on her first day. Ill have to find someone to give her to. Im really unhappy. Now well have to find another kitty to lift security.
  88. 88. People keep walking by our lot and freezing. I wont make the same mistake twice. "Why dont they find someplace warm to be." I dont know. But Im really getting sick of winter.
  89. 89. Well, how was your day at work. "I got promoted to Bookie."
  90. 90. "Aaaaah. Stop haunting me." "Nooooo, I hate you."Run, Brandon. Get back upstairs while you have the chance.
  91. 91. "I got a chance card, and got promoted."Your also home early, so go back to work.
  92. 92. "Oh, bye."I love that car, so cool.
  93. 93. Well was it worth it."No, I didnt get a promotion. And now I have a cold." Aww, Darn. "I also brought that guy home with me again."
  94. 94. Jacob kept bringing this guy home with him. I had Jacob make friend with him because we needed thefriend count. What I didnt know at the time was that he was our mailman. Stupid mailman, Youre not in the education career, so stop coming home with us. You made us break the intelligence restriction. "Youre not supposed to be here. So I have to ask you to leave. Could you take our worthless cat with you while your at it." "Sure, Id love a cat. Ill see you when I pick up the bills." Stupid mailman.
  95. 95. Hi, Emily. You look happy."I am, I was promoted to Con Artist."
  96. 96. Kali came out to haunt. Now Kali, Dont be like Neely and kill any townies. "Meow me haunt "
  97. 97. Awwww, So cute. I love ghost kitty and master interactions.
  98. 98. Whatcha doing, Emily."Im trying to get some creativity points, but its going really slowly." Aah, thats because you have no playful points. "Im going to be writing a lot of novels, arent I." Yep.
  99. 99. Awwwww. I love camera mode. Im able to get such neat shots.
  100. 100. Im glad I kept the cats until grim came. It gives the other ghosts something to do instead of haunting the family.
  101. 101. Oh, your finished. "Yeah, Now what?"Well, That didnt give you very many creativity points, so why dont you go write another.
  102. 102. At least this time it didnt glitch.
  103. 103. "Ms. Calypso, We have your novel, Dont expect any money." Its not like we really need the money anyways.
  104. 104. "Fine, if you wont answer the door, Ill just leave it out here in the snow."We cant answer the door, or greet you. Your a strange NPC. Now, go away.
  105. 105. The schedules continue to work out favorably. Stephanie, How did you do? "I didnt get a promotion, today." Brandon?"I got a chance card, I was able to choose the right choice and I got a body point. They were so impressed with me that they promoted me to Drill Instructor."
  106. 106. Are we on the same day? "No, nothing much happened yesterday." So how did you two do today?"Well, Stephanie got the same chance card I had yesterday and got a body point and promoted to drill instructor. I got promoted to Junior Officer."
  107. 107. Awwww, Double hugs. Ok, hug time over, back to work.
  108. 108. "Pst, Ian. Did you know that Io was fired?" "No! How awful.""Yeah, and Twilight gave her away to that NPC guy thats not supposed to come here." OK, you two, time to get back to skilling.
  109. 109. I finally realized that Encouraging was not against the rules, So I asked Emily to help Ian to be more active."Ok, Ian. If you ever want to go anywhere’s you have to have all your body points. Its a lot easier to get your body points if your not lazy." "When will we get to go places?" "When Brandon lifts military we will be able to go downtown again. And if Jacob ever lifts Education, You boy will be able to go to college, but you cant go unless you have all your body points." Emily was able to encourage Ian until he had nine active points.
  110. 110. I love the uniform, it looks so good on you. "Thanks."
  111. 111. Youre home early."I got another chance card, I got promoted to Counter Intelligence." You still have work time left, go back to work. "Ok."
  112. 112. Bye, Brandon. Get another promotion for me. "Ill try."
  113. 113. Oh, Jacob. What happened?"I got a chance card. I was subbing for this teacher and found out that she wasnt teaching but just givingcandy to the kids. So I told the principal. He didnt believe me and told me he didnt need me anymore. I thought I was fired but I just got demoted back to the bottom."Crap, this is one of those no win chance cards. The best option is to report the scheme but that didnt turn out to well for us.
  114. 114. "Somebody come give the Flight Officer a hug."I dont think the kids are home right now. I think you might be able to go back to work. "If wont let me." Aww, crud.
  115. 115. Hey, Emily. Youre starting to really look the part, so howd you do? "They promoted me to Bank Robber."
  116. 116. It must be Tuesday again. Emily finally gets her first kiss. That gives her that final push into beingpermanently platinum. Jacob life bar filled up and he is platinum as well. Im glad I dont have to worry about their wants anymore.
  117. 117. "Alright, I got an A+" Good Job
  118. 118. "I got an A+, too."
  119. 119. "Im a Teachers Aid again. Oh, and that crazy stalker mailman followed me home again." Dont worry, Ill get rid of him.
  120. 120. Why did you come home in a crappy car, Brandon? "We carpooled. I was promoted to Senior Officer." Anything else. "Oh yeah. I got a chance card, and as a reward I got a body point." Wonderful. That was your last body point too.Ok, this really isnt a good stopping place but I just cant fit any more. so come back real soon to see what else happens. Will Brandon lift Military. Will Jacob lift Education before he grows old.