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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch22


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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 22

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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch22

  1. 1. The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 22
  2. 2. Welcome to chapter 22, this chapter is what is left of my college time. And it will be the last time I do college. Kaitlyn shows up just as the boys come back from their final. Matthew is a Junior now and the twins and Tobi are Sophmores.
  3. 3. Off in the distance you can see some new lots I put in. The first on the left is the home of this generations cousins. The second is the home of my Simself’s Kids. The last isn’t new, it’s just a community lot that’s been there for a while.
  4. 4. Katie takes here turn on the computer. I got rid of Mr. Humbles computer. Katie grew up in some decent clothes, so she can keep them. She’s been pretty lucky so far, her teen outfit was really nice as well. I’ve heard that redheads don’t’ look good in pink. But I think she looks nice in that color. Although her shirt is more of a purple color.
  5. 5. The boys research while they wait.
  6. 6. Every once in a while everyone gathers for a meal together. Doesn’t happen very often.
  7. 7. Katie and Tobi were close and now their besties.
  8. 8. More studying. And some skilling.
  9. 9. Which gets interrupted by a barn yard fight.
  10. 10. Everyone just ‘had’ to get up to watch the fight.
  11. 11. Cow hates Llama. As usual
  12. 12. Andrew serves a steaming plate of grilled cheese. I would be sick of it by now, but they don’t seem to care.
  13. 13. They’re getting good at that. I really like this picture.
  14. 14. Everyone lines up and piles out for their final. Everyone’s final falls at the exact same time.
  15. 15. And their back again. You can see all the Majors here. From left to right, Andrew is majoring in Economics, Tobi’s major is Math, Matt’s doing Biology, Anthony’s is Psychology, and Katie is majoring in Art.
  16. 16. Another term paper done. I think it’s Andrew’s turn now.
  17. 17. Seems like Matthew broke the computer. Andrew will have to fix it before he can do his term paper.
  18. 18. Julia is all grown up now, and she must have many outgoing points because she just walked in to their house and started dancing. She grew up to be a very pretty girl.
  19. 19. Tobi was the last in line for his term paper, but he studied so much that his grade bar is already maxed.
  20. 20. It’s still the first day of the new term so I have Matthew invite over the rest of his cousins.
  21. 21. And here they come, from left to right, we have David Walker, Ellen Calypso, and Debra Walker. David and Debra are Sorka’s children, Ellen is Bastian's Daughter. And Julia is Seth's daughter.
  22. 22. Everyone gets some one to talk to and Katie finishes her term paper.
  23. 23. After everyone left, I sent them out to one of the college community lots. I wanted to get them into the Secret Society. Matthew still has his Voodoo doll. And he uses it on this SS Member.
  24. 24. And for the first time ever, it backfires. He is really stinky now.
  25. 25. He is undeterred and tries again.
  26. 26. With much better results this time.
  27. 27. I’ve never really testing Mr. Mickles out very much. This is the most I’ve ever used him.
  28. 28. Matthew has his three SS friends now. And I think we will go home. It’s hard to manage 5 kids.
  29. 29. The SS Police come that night to take Matthew away.
  30. 30. And off he goes.
  31. 31. Something really strange happened. He left for the SS lot, and my game just sat on the loading screen for over half an hour. I finally got frustrated and shut the game down with my task manager. When I reloaded the game I had not lost anything and the limo dropped Matthew off back at his house. I didn’t know if he had been inducted or not. I decided to wait and see what happens.
  32. 32. I don’t have a lot to do when they aren’t working on their grades. So I’m working on them all getting into all the hobby lots.
  33. 33. Although sometimes they just kill time with water balloon fights.
  34. 34. “ Na-na na-na boo-boo, You can’t get me.”
  35. 35. The water balloon fight ends abruptly as everyone runs for the front of the house, what could be going on?
  36. 36. Just another final.
  37. 37. I guess this means that the error last time did not result in him being inducted in to the SS. If it errors again, than I will set him manually and not try to get anyone else into the SS.
  38. 38. Matthew look like he’s going to cry, his lips are even trembling.
  39. 39. My game errored again, I used my inseminator to make him a member of the SS, so that they wouldn’t come every single night and make me reset my game that often.
  40. 40. A lot of their time is spend just hanging out in the living space. They dance and gossip.
  41. 41. I’m still working on those hobby memberships. Katie had gotten flabby as well.
  42. 42. Matthew is actually writing the first novel that I will actually be able to get paid for. I lost all my old novels. So I had him re-write the Apocalypse rule book.
  43. 43. They stopped some walkbys so they could talk to them. My simself’s daughter Bethany is in the background talking to Tobi.
  44. 44. I had Katie shoo the cow out. All the cow does is fight with the Llama and break our computer. I don’t think I got a picture of that though.
  45. 45. This guy just stood here and complained the whole time Matthew worked on his novel. Can’t he see that the computer is occupied.
  46. 46. Matthew finished his novel, that didn’t seem to take as long as I remember.
  47. 47. It was a bestseller.
  48. 48. I’ll have to remember to have someone take it out and put it in inventory so they can take it home with them.
  49. 49. Katie and Tobi started reading on their bed’s I’m not sure now that this was ok. I haven’t lifted entertainment yet.
  50. 50. Although, I didn’t tell them to do this, they just did it all on their own.
  51. 51. Everyone is back from another final. I’ve lost track of where I am.
  52. 52. Matt make best friend with someone, maybe one of the cousins?
  53. 53. Then Sadie walks by, all on her own. I had to put a nice close-up in for you all.
  54. 54. I sent Matthew out to greet her.
  55. 55. He doesn’t show his not so nice points very often.
  56. 56. Katie pay the bills, which were probably over due. As usual.
  57. 57. I try to get everyone to hang out together. But Sadie kept getting up. I think she was hungry. I sent Matthew downstairs to make some dinner but she left before he could finish.
  58. 58. I was trying to get some pictures of the sky that included my sims and my game crashed. I didn’t lose much. But it did set me back by a few sim hours.
  59. 59. This time I actually got Sadie to stay for lunch/dinner. But she still wouldn’t stay very late, I wanted to have her and Matt cuddle under the stars.
  60. 60. I install a floor edge cap, but you can’t really see it her.
  61. 61. You can see it better here. I also put up a fence and put a railing on the stairs.
  62. 62. I was more careful this time. I even saved before I started. But I was mostly successful at getting some really nice pictures.
  63. 63. I lined everyone up. They have gotten most of the hobby memberships, and now they’re working on the science one.
  64. 64. The Sports hobby frustrated me, I started with catch but they would not keep playing. Even when they had just come out of the energizer. So I switched to having them play football. They would play that this I told them to stop.
  65. 65. And their back from another final, there can’t be too many left for Matthew.
  66. 66. In fact, here is my reminder picture, Matthew has graduated with a 4.0. He will stay on for the three days. That means that the twins and Tobi are now Seniors, and Katie should be a Junior.
  67. 67. Katie find someone she likes.
  68. 68. Matthew calls to go home. I must not have taken many pictures, because I know that I let him stay the three extra days that he is allowed.
  69. 69. He grows up in his PJs.
  70. 70. And he’s off.
  71. 71. Not long after that everyone leaves for their finals.
  72. 72. And their back. Only one more term paper to go for the twins and Tobi.
  73. 73. Katie ignores the coach, because this is the one day the phone works and I’m having her make friends with her intended.
  74. 74. College is getting very monotonous. I didn’t take pictures of term papers, or anything else because I’ve seen it all before. I’m ready for this marathon college experience to be over. By the way, Tobi and the twins have graduated with their 4.0’s.
  75. 75. I’m going to go ahead and send them home. Andrew is first.
  76. 76. I like that outfit, but I wish it came without the backpack.
  77. 77. Andrew is next.
  78. 78. He gets a freaky looking suit.
  79. 79. And finally Tobias.
  80. 80. It’s Ok, but I’m sure we can find something better in the closet at home.
  81. 81. And now Katie is all alone.
  82. 82. I have her max out her grade bar.
  83. 83. Get energized.
  84. 84. Finished maxing the grade bar. She wanted to do this.
  85. 85. And this is how the last two semester will look.
  86. 86. Well, she was going to meditate through the semester, but her intended walked in, so she got up to get her relationship up some more and maybe get her first kiss.
  87. 87. We have a crush.
  88. 88. And a first kiss.
  89. 89. First makeout.
  90. 90. She looks scary when she does that.
  91. 91. She has him under her spell.
  92. 92. Of course she’s not far behind.
  93. 93. And now that she’s had all her firsts.
  94. 94. Back to meditating.
  95. 95. She meditated so much she can now teleport.
  96. 96. She has one more semester to go.
  97. 97. Her last term paper is done.
  98. 98. And now that her grades are maxed she can meditate till her final final.
  99. 99. Well I’m glad that’s over.
  100. 100. Now she can go home and we can actually get on with lifting restrictions.
  101. 101. Her luck didn’t hold out, I think that’s one of the worst outfits ever.
  102. 102. Well that’s it for this chapter. I’ll try to get back to having dialog in the next chapter. This one was a real drag. I don’t like college. It was ok in the beginning when Matthew was struggling. I won’t be doing another college chapter again. I won’t need college for any of the jobs that are left, unless something goes wrong. See you soon, I’ve already played through the next chapter. And I will be working on it next.