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Twestival Sg 2009


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Twestival Sg 2009

  1. 1. All you about: need to know
  2. 2. ? What’s a Twestival “Twestivals" –or, Twitter Festivals – are the volunteer-run, charity fundraising events held globally at the same time for people who know each other through the micro- blogging service It was first run on 12th February 2009, and raised US$250,000.
  3. 3. ? But What’s Twestival Local is a Twestival with a local twist – volunteers get to run Twestival anytime from 10th to 13th September 2009, choosing a local charity of their choice.
  4. 4. ? But What’s TwestivalSG, Singapore’s first Twestival, will see proceeds go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.
  5. 5. More on... The Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a local Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) that seeks to improve the quality of life of children with cancer, as well as their families. CCF is entirely self-funded and needs an average of S$3 million a year to help with over 500 children.
  6. 6. Targets for Twestival SG Funds to Raise: S 5,000 Turnout 100 Twitter Users + General Public (the largest ever tweet-up in Singapore)
  7. 7. What’s happening at Twestival SG A Carnival for the Kids! Food Games Prizes Special guest appearances Date: 12th September 2009 Time: 11am – 3pm Venue: TBC
  8. 8. Summary of Marketing plan for Twestival SG Twitter Targeting 400 Blog followers (estimated Interviews with CCF Social potential reach of as many as 40,000) cancer survivors, Networking volunteers and 1,000 Retweets (or sponsors Sites mentions) throughout Publicly viewable Worldwide reach Twitter Facebook Fan page and visibility from A first: connecting, riding Sharing slides, Twitter users face-to- on their successes videos, podcasts, face earlier in the year photos online. It’s the Largest social media event ever!
  9. 9. how your organization can participate at Twestival SG (it’s for the children) Platinum Sponsorship Gold Sponsorship Silver Sponsorship Package (S$2,000) Package (S$1,200) Package (S$800) Repeatedly mentioned in Repeatedly mentioned in Mention in Tweet’s about Tweet’s about event Tweet’s about event event Highlighted on the Highlighted on the TwestivalSG Facebook page TwestivalSG Facebook page Highlighted on the Unlimited branding / Limited branding / TwestivalSG Facebook page signage at the Twestival signage at the Twestival Limited branding / event event signage at the Twestival Representative included Representative included in photo’s for media alert in photo’s for media alert event Logo included on Logo included on Logo included on exclusive event T-shirts and exclusive event T-shirts exclusive event T-shirts other event giveaways Video interview which will be uploaded to YouTube and Facebook
  10. 10. See you at Twestival SG or Najib Ahmad 6303 8469