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Generate Twitter Apps


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Creating a Twitter application? Whenever the Twitter Application Programming Interface(API) is accessed four keys are used to authorize the action. This set of keys includes the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret.

Often, these keys are retrieved through Oauth standards. This is not the case when creating an original application. When creating an original app it is essential to retrieve application keys in addition to the easily retrievable access keys.

Each application has one active pair of consumer keys(application keys). Access keys belong to an application and can be generated for multiple users using a single application.

The potential capabilities of a personal application span the possibilities given by Twitter as a whole. Account management applications are common for assisting the development of a social media strategy.

Some applications monitor entire markets on Twitter and automate various related actions. Identifying top social engagement opportunities is critical and custom applications can make this process much easier.

Visit to learn more about designing custom management applications, no programming experience needed!

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Generate Twitter Apps

  1. 1. GeneratingTwitterApplicationKeysResult:1. Consumer Key2. Consumer Secret3. Oauth key4. Oauth Secret
  2. 2. The New App PageIf necessary, log-in with your Twitter credentials. by
  3. 3. The New App Page in the text fields designated "required" by the red asterisk(*).Sponsored by
  4. 4. The New App Page"Read" the rules.Check the box.Solve the CAPTCHA.Submit.Sponsored by
  5. 5. Making the App UsableClick the Settings tablocated under theapplication name.Sponsored by
  6. 6. Adjusting theSettingsUnder Application Type,SELECT the option"Read, Write and Accessdirect messages."Save the changes.Click the Details tab.Sponsored by
  7. 7. The Details TabClick this button tocreate the accesstokens.Then REFRESHthe page.Sponsored by
  8. 8. Collecting YourBrand New Keys"Read, write, and DM"Consumer KeyConsumer SecretAccess TokenAccess Token SecretSponsored by
  9. 9. Twitter App Keys and ApplicationsThe keys that were generated are used toperform actions with the various TwittersApplication Programming Interface(API).API actions can be performed using variousprogramming languages.Goto to visually design Twittermanagement applications.Sponsored by