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My presentation to organizers of the Central Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair in Kelowna, August 29th 2013

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  • This template can be used as a starter file for presenting training materials in a group setting.SectionsRight-click on a slide to add sections. Sections can help to organize your slides or facilitate collaboration between multiple authors.NotesUse the Notes section for delivery notes or to provide additional details for the audience. View these notes in Presentation View during your presentation. Keep in mind the font size (important for accessibility, visibility, videotaping, and online production)Coordinated colors Pay particular attention to the graphs, charts, and text boxes.Consider that attendees will print in black and white or grayscale. Run a test print to make sure your colors work when printed in pure black and white and grayscale.Graphics, tables, and graphsKeep it simple: If possible, use consistent, non-distracting styles and colors.Label all graphs and tables.
  • Give a brief overview of the presentation. Describe the major focus of the presentation and why it is important.Introduce each of the major topics.To provide a road map for the audience, you can repeat this Overview slide throughout the presentation, highlighting the particular topic you will discuss next.
  • This is another option for an Overview slides using transitions.
  • What will the audience be able to do after this training is complete? Briefly describe each objective how the audiencewill benefit from this presentation.
  • This is another option for an Overview slide.
  • Summarize presentation content by restating the important points from the lessons.What do you want the audience to remember when they leave your presentation?Save your presentation to a video for easy distribution (To create a video, click the File tab, and then click Share.  Under File Types, click Create a Video.)
  • Tweeting from events

    1. 1. TWEETING FROM EVENTS Frithjof Petscheleit August 29, 2013
    2. 2. KCR Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair • Information for visitors • Motivation to come out • Promotion for the event • Involvement of Sponsors • Feature Participants
    3. 3. Set up your Twitter account
    4. 4. What’s the #hashtag?
    5. 5. Where can people see your tweet?
    6. 6. Let’s go
    7. 7. What Twitter account to use? Event / Organization • Unified voice • Only need to follow account • Building a following • How large is the network? • Will you maintain it between events? Your own account • Using existing network • If you talk about the topic more often you will have your interest group following already • Crucial to use the #hashtag
    8. 8. • Make sure you have a clear custom image1 • Make sure you have a bio2 • Turn off sharing to other networks!3 Set up your own Twitter account
    9. 9. Set up your Twitter Profile @yourname – Short – Unique – Try to stay away from Numbers and _ – Branding – Easy to type – Easy to remember
    10. 10. Set up your Twitter Profile • Avatar – Image size 81 x 81 pixel – Clear head shot – Square Logo – Branding – No .gif wiggly pictures – No dogs, kids, trees…… Many people remember you by your Avatar rather than your name! Don’t change too often!
    11. 11. What to Say? • Focus on conversations • @mentions are like email addresses • Listen and learn • Share (RT) • Build relationships
    12. 12. What to tweet? • Pictures • Results • Stories • Impressions • Spectators • Weather…..
    13. 13. Include! • Include @mentions if you can – (google: name, last name twitter) • @mention Sponsors especially if you see their logo • @mention spectators that are tweeting to encourage them to use the #hashtag
    14. 14. What is a #hashtag? • Hashtags create links to pull a topic together • Users can save and follow a #hashtag stream • Only messages with the correct #hashtag appear in the stream • Analytics available
    15. 15. Don’t • Link Facebook and Twitter • Auto – DM! • Only tweet once • Tweet only a link • Send out the same message and link to many
    16. 16. Helpful Tools • Tweetchat
    17. 17. Where can people see the stream?
    18. 18. Summary • Use #hashtag • @mention • Pictures are great! • Don’t forget sponsors and spectators • Have FUN!
    19. 19. QUESTIONS?