Social media for artists


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Slide-deck of my presentation about Social Media for Artists on May 4th 2013 in Kelowna BC.
Held at #heARTschool

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Social media for artists

  1. 1. #heARTschoolMay4th2013
  2. 2.  Artists aren’t business people (?) Social Media the two-way street The 3 Secrets to Social MediaSuccess Licensing and sharing art Identifying Social Media Platforms What platform is right for you?
  3. 3.  Your Blog Facebook Pages Twitter Pinterest Soundcloud Instagram Etsy
  4. 4.  A new Dimension to◦ Marketing◦ Customer Service◦ Communication◦ Networking A new Customer◦ Connected◦ Informed◦ Greater Reach
  5. 5.  The real power is in the network! Don’t confuse “social proof” with followercounts Brand advocates are “word of mouth onsteroids” On the core of Social Media are the humanconnections
  6. 6. Open communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  7. 7. 
  8. 8. 
  9. 9. #heARTschoolMay4th2013
  10. 10.  Your Blog Facebook Pages Twitter Pinterest Myspace Soundcloud Instagram
  11. 11.  Free or self hosted Full control Creating a library Share content
  12. 12. oOpen communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  13. 13.  Largest Social Media Platform 50%+ active users Spend time Easy share The average Canadian has 190 Friends onFacebook
  14. 14. Profile Page GroupFor Friends andFamilyFor publicpromotionFor CollaborationFlexible privacysettingsPublic, indexed byGoogleCan be open or“secret”By invitation only Users “Like” =subscribeAdd users to agroup orAsk to join
  15. 15.  Cover Image◦ Limitations Apps◦ Photo◦ Custom◦ More Timeline◦ Highlights
  16. 16. Everything that“Happens” is an“Edge”RelationshipUser-EdgeFacebookgeneratedValuesTime
  17. 17. Open communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  18. 18.  Micro Blogging 140 characters Share Text, Pictures, Links, videos, sounds…. 300 Million active users A little harder to get into Real time networking Used by most other tools to transportmessages
  19. 19.  @yourname◦ Short◦ Unique◦ Try to stay away from Numbers and _◦ Branding◦ Easy to type◦ Easy to remember
  20. 20. Your Twitter Profile is your Business card First Impressions count!◦ Consistent Branding◦ Custom Avatar (No egg)◦ Bio◦ Custom Background
  21. 21.  Avatar◦ Image size 81 x 81 pixel◦ Clear head shot◦ Square Logo◦ Branding◦ No .gif wiggly pictures◦ No dogs, kids, trees……Many people remember you by your Avatar ratherthan your name!Don’t change too often!
  22. 22. Open communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  23. 23.  Musicians Create song mixes Be part of the music community Showcase your music
  24. 24. oOpen communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  25. 25.  Record Sounds Share Sounds Follow others Comment on sounds Embed files in blog or Facebook
  26. 26. Open communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  27. 27.  Visual Content (Images and Video) 86% of users are female Collect like on a pegboard/ scrapbook Follow boards and friends Comment on pins Share pins Link back to original Group boards Indicate for sale items
  28. 28. Open communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  29. 29.  Photoapp Filters + Frames Create /share Follow Owned by Facebook Be aware of image rights Connect with other artists!
  30. 30. 
  31. 31. Open communicationCommunityEasy to share content
  32. 32. Mind what you have learned. Save you it can~Yoda