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Research powerpoint

  1. 1. 30 Hour famine and charities By: Justin Leung
  2. 2. Aims & Objectives
  3. 3. Aims & Objectives Aims  Initial Objectives More people will realize the  Meet up with rob (Audio importance of the charity 30 recorder)Create a banner for hour famine and others that the homepageCreate the aid people music video Fund raising events to keep  Get the audio and see if it the organisation running fits together with the video  Make necessary changesPr Criteria omote the charity 30 hour famine Must be aceptable to students and teachers alike  Sell on behalf of the 30 hour famine and Must have proper get recognition for itDesign connections an album cover and gain Collection of pictures to aid more recognition for the music video
  4. 4. Existing Solutions Research Name:
  5. 5. Site Name m/charities.htmlTarget Audience People who careabout others:URL: N/aPurpose: Charities for world hungerto those who are interestedElements of the design you like:The sidebar full of informationElements of the design you dislike:the color scememeakes it stand outquite wellAny feature you think is missing :Not enough pictures and
  6. 6. Site Name: 30 HourfamineTarget Audience: People who careabout othersURL: World visionPurpose: To teach kids and to aidpeople less fortunate then usElements of the design you like: Thecolour scheme and the use ofpicuturesElements of the design you dislike:Too much white at the bottomAny feature you think is missing: aContact button or a link.
  7. 7. Site NameTarget Audience: Blood donors or people whowant to help othersURL: international Red Crossmovement began by a chance occurrence. In1859, a Swiss businessman, Henry Dunant,Purpose: Blood donors for the people whoneed itElements of the design you like: I like the logoElements of the design you dislike: Too muchwhiteAny feature you think is missing More images:
  8. 8. Possible Tools Comparative Research
  9. 9.  Annotated screenshot here Tool Name: Google Sites Purpose: Creating a site for the movement or the group Features: Creates easily manipulated websites with ease and slightly to the users specifications Ease of Use: Completely easy to make, the manipulation is also fairly straight forward Pluses: User friendly, easy to use. Not hard to make a site Minuses : Not exactly what the user wants most of the time
  10. 10. Tool Name: IMoviePurpose: Video editingsubjectFeatures: can playthrough the movie inprogress relativelyquickly.Ease of Use: Easy to usebut for the advancedparts can be difficultPluses : UserFriendly, easilymanipulatedMinuses : Hard to controlif you want things to beexact
  11. 11. Tool Name: AdobePhotoshopPurpose: Making analbum coverFeatures:Image/PdfManipulatingsoftwareEase of Use: Has a setamout of difficultyPluses : Manipulatesimages even to thesmallest detailMinuses : Had to controlthe product, requiresmuch skill.
  12. 12. Client Contact
  13. 13. Client ContactClient Communication  Client ObjectivesEmail contact with 30  Get more publicity for hour famine the charity 30 hour organization famineHelp promote a fellow  Student will get more student in her music recognition for her workCreate a music video that and will be more aids us in our future in respected. modern civilization  Music video is for future use if possible, we may use this as a learning experience
  14. 14. Other Secondary Research Tutorials Seen I looked up different photoshop tutorials to help me design the album cover for the song “Perfect Love”. Here is a list of the tutorials I looked at and why I thought of using them:1. autumn-colors/I chose to look at this tutorial because I really liked the bright, orange and yellow style lighting in it. Due to the nature of the song and the theme I am going for with the album cover design, the orange and yellow style lighting will help me make a bright, surreal, sunny land for the image.2. chose to look at this tutorial because I am considering centering a lot of lighting effects on one point, possibly the title of the album. I could use the surreal lighting effects to help focus the attention on the title, as that will be centered and the light leak effect could make it look very fantasy like, which is one of the themes I’m going for.3. mystical-rising-angel-photo-manipulation-photoshop/I looked at this tutorial for the same reason as tutorial #2. It is a surrealistic lighting effect that could be used in a fantasy manner to help with the theme and design of the album cover. I am debating whether to use the more colorful lighting in tutorial #2 or the more pale and pure lighting in tutorial #3. Both have similar effects but the tone of the cover will be slightly different depending on which effect I decide on using.4. photoshop/I was very interested with this tutorial, and although at first I wasn’t sure what I would use it for I knew I wanted to use it in the album cover itself. I eventually decided that I would try to use the effect of the long, a bright line of orange or yellow light surrounded by darkness, in the title. It could help shape the words, or be apart of the text design itself.5. tutorials/photo-manipulation/how-to-create-an-outdoor-fantasy-manipulation-in-photoshop/I was planning on using this for the sky portion of my album cover. Due to it’s pale, surreal effect, I could also use it in the same was as the effect from tutorial #3. For the top half of my design, I am planning on either using a pale blue sky or an image of space, as if I decide to go with my blue sky idea I will likely use the effect from this tutorial.6. manipulation/create-a-fantasy-space-photo-manipulation-using-photoshop/For the final tutorial I found one that would help me with my other option for the upper half of my design. Using this tutorial, I could make a fantasy-esque, yet not entirely unrealistic, design of space for the upper half of the design. If I use this effect, I will be using the effect from the center of the sample image, as the other effects are not natural in any aspect that could be used in my design. These tutorials have been completed
  15. 15. Planning Add a Mindmap
  16. 16. Planning Roles and  Other Planning Responsibilities for Group work Justin: Site manager, information seeker Tre: Album cover designer, appointment secretary James: Music video maker, Analysis of existing videos.