The weather


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The weather

  1. 1. AIM OF THE LESSON At the end of the lesson students will be able to: - Acquire new knowledge about Comparative and Superlative forms. - Learn new words places, weather adjectives. - Learn song about the weather. Say the tongue twisterIn winter the weather in wales is wild
  2. 2. Comparative and Superlative
  3. 3. Using the comparative of adjectives in English is quite easyonce you have understood the few simple rules that govern them.Below you will find the rules with examples for each condition.If you are not sure what a syllable or a consonant is – have a lookhere. Rules Number of Comparative Superlative ( syllables see rule) one syllable + -er + -est tall taller tallest one syllable with the spelling consonant + single vowel + consonant: double the final consonant: fat fatter fattest big bigger biggest sad sadder saddest
  4. 4. Number of syllables Comparative Superlative two syllables + -er OR more + adj + -est OR most + adj ending in: -y, -ly, -ow ending in: -le, -er or -ure these common adjectives – handsome, polite, pleasant, common, quiet happy happier/ more happy happiest/ most happy yellow yellower/ more yellow yellowest/ most yellow simple simpler/ more simple simplest/ most simple tender tenderer/ more tender tenderest/ most tender If you are not sure, use MORE + OR MOST +Note: Adjectives ending in ‘-y’ like happy, pretty, busy, sunny, lucky etc:. replace the -y with -ier or -iest in the comparative and superlative form busy busier busiest Number of syllables Comparative Superlative three syllables or more more + adj most + adj important more important most important expensive more expensive most expensive
  5. 5. Examples•A cat is fast, a tiger is faster but a cheetah is the fastest•A car is heavy, a truck is heavier, but a train is the heaviest•A park bench is comfortable, a restaurant chair is morecomfortable, but a sofa is the most comfortable Adjective: Comparative Form: Superlative Form: angry angrier 1. 2. worse worst beautiful 3. most beautiful big bigger 4. 5. more bitter most bitter clean 6. cleanest clever cleverer 7. 8. more common most common complete 9. most complete dangerous more dangerous 10. early earlier earliest
  6. 6. Sunny Snowy M O RRainy Thunder ECloudy Windy N I CFoggy Hail E
  7. 7. Sing a song
  8. 8. O O Snowy Rainy SunnyR R Windy Cloudy Rainbow
  9. 9. Back
  10. 10. Back
  11. 11. Back
  12. 12. Back
  13. 13. Back
  14. 14. Back
  15. 15. Listen and learn the song
  16. 16. Цаг агаарыг тодорхойлж хэлэх тэмдэг нэрсSweltering = Халуун бүгчим Freezing = Хөлдөм хүйтэн Warm = Халуун Cold = Хүйтэн Sunny = Нартай Cloudy = Үүлэрхэг Clear = Цэлмэг Stormy = Шуургатай Breezy = Сэвшээ салхитай Windy = Салхитай Showery = Ширүүн Rainy = Бороотой Frosty = Хүйтэн Snowy = Цастай Icy = Мөстэй Drizzly = Шиврээ бороотой Dry = Хуурай Wet = Чийгтэй
  17. 17. Цаг агаартай холбоотой бусад зүйлс Sunshine - Нартай, Lightning - Аянга нарлаг өдөр цахилгаан Raindrops - Борооны Puddles - Шалбааг дусал Snowflakes - Цасан Hailstones - Мөндөр ширхэг The weather forecast -Frost - Жихүүн хүйтэн Цаг агаарын урьдчилсан мэдээ Flood - Үер Drought - Ган гачиг Tidalwave - Далайн tornado / twister - Хар давалгаа салхи
  18. 18. Цаг агаарыг ерөнхийд нь тайлбарлах wet, miserable,hot, scorching dampхалуун, бүгчим нойтон, бүрхэг, халуун чийглэгwarm, mild, fine, dry dull, greyдулаан, зөөлөн, бүрхэг, дүнсгэрсайхан, хуурайcool, refreshing cold, chilly
  19. 19. Цаг агаарыг тодорхойлж хэлэх үйл үгнүүд The sun is It is drizzling shining Бороо шивэрч Нар шарж байна байна The wind is It is blowing Салхи салхилж Бороо орж байна байна It is hailing It is pouring Мөндөр орж Бороо ширүүн байна орж байна It is thundering It is snowing Тэнгэр дуугарч Цас орж байна байна
  20. 20. Match the words to the weather symbols. Sunny, Cloudy, Thunder, Rain, Snow
  21. 21. Compose the sentences about 4 seasons of the year Жилийн 4 улирлын зурганд тохирсон өгүүлбэр зохио
  22. 22. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the following adjectives Dry Drier ………… Sunny ………… Sunniest Hot Hotter ………… Wet ………… Wettest Warm Warmer ………… Cool ………… Coolest
  23. 23. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the following adjectives Erdenet is ………………. than Dundgobi. (cool) Ulaanbaatar is the ……………… - city in Mongolia. (cold)The weather is …………………. than it was yesterday. (hot) London is the …………………. city on today’s weather chart. (wet) Beijing is ………………….. than London. (sunny) Spring is the ………………… season in Mongolia. (dry)
  24. 24. Match these pictures and words stormy windy dull cloudy twister sunny
  25. 25. Look and say
  26. 26. Write the sentences.Use these pictures
  27. 27. Look at the picture then write the tomorrow weather forecast.
  28. 28. HomeworkWrite the sentences. Use the comparative and superlative
  29. 29. Lesson is end See you laterHave a nice day