I want to learn english


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I want to learn english

  1. 1. I want to learn EnglishMillions of people every year move to English- speaking countries such asAustralia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university.Why do so many people want to study in English? Why is English such animportant international language?Nowadays, language becomes a major factor to become a successful person.Many people prefer to study abroad to English-speaking countries becauseEnglish is an international language. There is no doubt that the best way toincrease the English language skill is use English language daily so if people studyin English speaking countries, their English skill will be improved automaticallyand it will give them some advantages such as they can work in many countries orthey areable travelling to many different places without studying other languages.This essay will describe more details why English is an important internationallanguage.__Firstly, English is widely used by a lot of countries and at the present, the worldtraders are currently developing rapidly. In order to compete with people fromdifferent countries, it is very essential to be able to communicate with Englishlanguage. For example, China has been improving a lot in many sectors. They areable to compete with other countries because many people in China aware theimportant English language and they are trying hard to study English.Secondly, many companies prefer to employ people who can speak Englishbecause if the companies create new branch in different countries, the employersare able to move the new branch withoutemploy new people again and the branchcompany is still able to communicate with the central company. In fact, One ofthe largest companies in the world (Google) has created some branch in differentcountries and each of the Google employers are able to discuss or communicateeven tough they are in different countries because they use English tocommunicate.In conclusion, many people move to English speaking countries…I want to learn EnglishToday, there are many people all of the world study English. Most of peoplethink that maybe English becomes their second language. But have youever wondered:" Why do we need to learn English". Why dont wesearching about it?First, English helps you to improve friendship and maybe include our
  2. 2. knowledge around the world. Nowadays, many people have a widerfriendship around the world. So learning English is an important way tocommunicate with friends from another countries. Absolutely, learningEnglish can help you to make more friends, we can exchange with a lot ofpeople, improve our relationships. From that, we can learn more, open ourknowledge world. Every year, there are lots of teenagers go overseas tolearn for themselves, to improve every important, to bring every new thingfrom another countries to our country.Second, English helps you to connect our country to the world or we canlearn more about another countriess tradition. Learning English, we canintroduce every beautiful things, places,... to internaional friends fromanother countries. Foreigners wil be curious and they will travel to ourcountry. On the contrary, we can understand more special traditional foods,cultures,... from another countries. I think its great so we need to learnEnglishFinally, we can find jobsmore easily. Today, all companies need theirwokers know at least on language, especially English. In some internationalcompanies, every person have to know English well. So we need to learnEnglish in other to have a good job for you.You can see. Learning is very important way to climb on our futurestepladder. I hope that people wil learn English for themselves and for theirfutureDo you know why you want to learn English?English is the language of commerce. In order to work with tourists, with international businessor with international transportation you need to know English (and Japanese wouldnt hurteither.)English is a mongrel language. Its made up of all kinds of other languages - Latin based andGermanic based with Celtic thrown in mostly but because the English and later the otherEnglish speaking countries traveled so much there are bits of words from all kinds of languagesmixed in now.Many of the English speaking countries have residents with enough money to travel - and theydo - a lot. So if you arent running into someone from the British Isles you are running into aCanadian or an American or an Australian or someone from South Africa, etc.
  3. 3. In many countries there are diverse dialects and having a common second language is theeasiest way to communicate with other countrymen from other parts of the nation.Its probably a required subject in school and you want to graduate.