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A country i would like to visit


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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A country i would like to visit

  1. 1. A COUNTRY I WOULD LIKE TO VISITThe one great desire of my life is to visit America, the richest and themost prosperous country of the world. I have read and heard a lotabout it.I have a curiosity to see whether really every one man out of three inAmerica has got a car, whether every labourer is really handsomelypaid, he has a house of his own to live in, he can send his children toschool and he gets best food, with plenty of grape juice on his diningtable.I am anxious to see beautiful parkland holiday homes scattered allover the country to which the Americans repair for rest, recreation andrejuvenation after a period of hard and strenuous work.I want to see their schools and colleges where the youths of thecountry are trained in citizenship, good manners, games and sports. Iwish to see their co-eductional institutions where young girls rubshoulders with budding young men, where boys and girls mix freely, inthe class-rooms, in games and sports and in clubs, balls and coffeeuses.I am most anxious to see their cinemas and above all, Hollywood andits beauties. I want to see how American films, said to be the best inthe world, are shot.I want to see New York, the biggest city of the world. I want to thehuge rush of traffic in its bazars and streets and on its roads, hours. Iwant to see its big shops, warehouses, its lofty buildings kissing thesky and its skyscrapers.I want to study the private life 0f Americans, how they eat, what theyeat, how they cook their food, who cooks it and how the Americanstreat strangers to their houses. I want to see whether Americans whoare said to be at the highest rung of modern science and civilization,are still hospitable, loving sympathetic and religious.I shall pay a visit to the White House, shall see the President and the
  2. 2. American Congress in session. I shall exchange views ondisarmament with the great American leaders. I shall search the heartof the common Americans about India and Indians....I would like to visit …It would be great to get an opportunity to visit a foreign country for twoweeks. If I had such a chance to visit a foreign country, I would nohesitate to choose Britain. The main reason why I would chooseBritain as my destination is that I want to visit London and Cambridge.London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is one of modern cities inthe world. There are rich art and culture matters in London. It oftendraws my attention with its theaters, museums, and art galleries. Ioften listen to the musical, The Phantom of the Opera, on the radioand dream that I could go to the theater to take pleasure in themusical. Not only the musical, but also the numbers of museums andgalleries in London attract me. Take the famed museum, the BritishMuseum, for example. I could see many historical heritages gatheringfrom all over the world there. Moreover, London has a good publictransportation system, underground and double-deck bus. I could goany places via the convenient underground and do sightseeing bybus. In my opinion, London is not just the capital of the UnitedKingdom, but a wonderful city worthy to visit.The second city of Britain I would like to visit is Cambridge, well knownfor its university. A Chinese poet wrote several poems describing thebeautiful sights about the town and the River Cam, and I amenchanted with those poems. I often image that I could meander alongthe historic street and sit on the side of the River Cam to enjoy thesunlight and breeze.Of course, there are other countries I could visit if I had the opportunity
  3. 3. to visit a foreign country for two weeks. However, I think Britain wouldbe my first choice.