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Learning Chinese At Your Fingertips


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This article talks about how eLearning can help you to learn Chinese language. Also, it provides some useful tips for everyone who needs to learn Chinese language.

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Learning Chinese At Your Fingertips

  1. 1. Learning Chinese at your fingertips Dr. Janice Yu, Chinese Learning 101, TutorChinese, June 16, 2009 Chinese, like any language, is a communication tool for people. However, the Chinese language is much more complex than the other languages. The best practice in learning Chinese, thus, is the practice most suitable to the learner. Generally speaking, one-on-one instruction is preferred because in such case the instructor-student ratio would be exactly right for people who pay attention to the nuances of studying a language. Right now, online learning is given exceptional emphasis because unlike the traditional classroom education, online instruction enables learners to save the time and the cost of travelling across miles to learn directly via the internet applications. 1. Real Time Interaction Chinese is a language constituted by different characters. To people who are used to the alphabets, various applications allow students to draw on a white board while looking at the screen will be an ideal way of learning Chinese. By putting down what is on your mind, you can accomplish more through the immediate eyes, ears and hands coordination. Besides, you can also speak out what you have learned from your online tutor in real time. Tutors can correct your pronunciations, tones, and expressions. 2. Self-Learning Process Learning Chinese according to your own pace is also an important factor in acquiring an online program. You can set up your own schedule and chances are you can learn at ease and pick up more while studying. To English speaking
  2. 2. people, Chinese is so different a language that it does indeed require some more time to digest the learning material. Therefore, being able to set up your own class session would be a plus in the learning process. To sum up, one-on-one online classroom with facilities that enable learners to study at their own speed would be the best practice in learning Chinese. Other related Articles… For more information about one-on-one online Chinese Language Learning, please visit TutorChinese ( You can start your free trial to Learn Chinese with native speaking tutors online. Biography Dr. Janice Yu, is a senior e-learning analyst of TutorChinese with focus on online language education research. She is also a news editor of the Government Information Office in Taiwan. Previously she wrote columns on international politics and economy in the Central Daily News. In 1998, Yu was a Jefferson Fellow at the East-West Center in Hawaii and she won the 1999 Distinguished Women Journalist Award from Friends of the East-West Center Foundation. Yu completed her PhD at the University of Iowa and served as a news editor at the China Television Company. Yu has published around 30 books.