Blue Ray Aviation: Best Aviation Flight Academy In India. Offers Aviation Training Courses


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Blue Ray Aviation Pvt. Ltd. is India's premier Flight Training Academy offering best in industry course for Commercial Pilot License & Private Pilot License.

Flight Training Facility is located at Osmanabad Airport & Our Corporate office is in Hadapsar, Pune - INDIA.

You can visit for more details on our flight training courses.

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Blue Ray Aviation: Best Aviation Flight Academy In India. Offers Aviation Training Courses

  1. 1. ABOUT US  Blue Ray Aviation is approved by the DGCA under the Government of India, to operate Flight Training School & Engineering Center .  Blue Ray Aviation is India’s premier flight training school, conducting fully integrated, comprehensive courses, for Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Simulator training. We also have programs for recreational and hobby flight training.  At Blue Ray Aviation, we are committed to provide the best flight training experience, while maintaining the highest standards of safety, comfort and quality.  Our vision is to produce the best professional pilots, who are prepared for airline employment around the globe, by creating an airline environment, which is critical to a smooth transition from ab- initio to a right hand seat.
  2. 2. TRAINING OVERVIEW  Training is conducted utilizing the latest technology, dynamic teaching methods, and the highest testing standards. We offer our students modern, purpose-built facilities, personal service and a caring environment.  We know the standards demanded by the airlines, and enforce them at all times by creating an airline environment, which is critical to a smooth transition from ab-initio to a right hand seat.  Training will be conducted on a fleet of 4 meticulously maintained Cessna 172 aircraft, and an advanced multi engine simulator.
  3. 3. ADVANSED TECHNOLOGY  Focusing on our vision of being a global standard flight school, we are the First one in India to introduce the advanced Biometric Flight Hour Logging System and state of the art Flight Management System, with real time online scheduling facility.  The Biometric Flight Hour Logging System, prevents the unauthorized logging of flight hours by any person, thus eliminating manual interface.  The Flight Management System is a real time online scheduling system, which enables the CFI to make flight training schedules for students well in advance. The students can view their schedules with personal login ID. The daily schedules and competencies are embedded in the Flight Management system to ensure quality and speedy training.
  5. 5. AIRCRAFT CESSNA 172 & 152  Blue Ray Aviation has a fleet of 5 Cessna 172 aircraft and 2 Cessna 152 aircraft.  It is a high wing, four seated aircraft with dual controls.  The Cessna 172 is the most widely used aircraft globally for flight training, and the most successful mass-produced light aircraft in aviation history.  Our aircrafts are certified for VFR and IFR by the DGCA
  6. 6. TECNAM 2006 T  The Tecnam P2006T is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retracting landing gear. The superior high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage.  The Tecnam P2006T also offers better performance, greater cabin comfort and, due to its unique ability to use automotive fuel, much lower operating costs.
  7. 7. INFRASTRUCTURE  We have an excellent infrastructure for imparting specialized flight training.  We offer our students modern, purpose-built facilities, personal service and a caring environment.  Blue Ray Aviation has a state of the art hangar comprising of an area 10000sq ft. It is equipped with approved modern emergency equipment.  We have our own air traffic control tower, which is equipped with advanced communication equipments.  State of the art maintenance facility equipped with all the requisite tools and machinery, required for safe and efficient operation of our fleet of aircrafts.  The Osmanabad Airport has a runway length of 4000ft with orientation 04/22 and elevation 689m.
  8. 8. STUDENT FACILITIES  Air-conditioned classrooms, with modern computerized teaching aids.  Modern and well stocked library having latest books on all subjects of aviation.  Air-conditioned briefing/debriefing room for trainees.  Internet facility, with Wi-Fi capability.  Modern cafeteria at the campus providing hygienic and nourishing food, along with purified drinking water  Transportation facility between hostel and airport.  The accommodation consists of well furnished rooms, having air- conditioning, TV, and attached washroom.  Facility of gymnasium, swimming pool and indoor games will be provided to students.
  9. 9. STAFF  At Blue Ray Aviation, high importance has been placed on recruiting the right employees since day one.  All our staff is selected to contribute to an ideal environment of quality flight training.  Our team consists of aviation specialists with vast experience in commercial and defense domain.  Flight instructors at Blue Ray Aviation are aviation professionals having considerable expertise and rich experience in imparting quality flight training. They have flown over thousands of hours on different types of aircraft  We have a highly qualified staff of engineers, quality control personnel and skilled technicians, having the capability of conducting all servicing and maintenance schedules, required for safe and efficient operation of our fleet.
  10. 10. CAREER AS A PILOT  Career as a commercial pilot is one of the most adventurous and highly paid one.  The job of a pilot provides an opportunity to travel around the globe and explore new places  Commercial pilots have scope in commercial airlines, charter operations, cargo carriers and flying schools.  The signs of a global pilot shortage are mounting as airlines expand their fleets and flight schedules to meet surging demands in emerging markets  As the world commercial fleet expands, in the next 20 years, the airlines around the globe, will need to add 460000 pilots to fly the new airplanes
  11. 11. AVIATION INDUSTRY  Worldwide economic activity is the most powerful driver of growth in commercial air transport, and the resulting demand for airplanes.  The global GDP is projected to grow at an average of 3.3 percent per year for next 20 years. Reflecting this economic growth, worldwide passenger traffic will average 5.6 percent growth.  Emerging economies expected to account for 60% and developing of the world economic growth from 2010 to 2030.  To meet this increased demand for air transportation, the number of airplanes, in the worldwide fleet will grow at an annual rate of 3.6 percent, numbering to 39500 airplanes in next 20 years.  The airlines in Asia are forecast to be the most profitable, driven by growing demand within the region. The largest projected growth in pilot demand continues to come from the Asia Pacific region.
  13. 13. DEMAND FOR PILOTS BY 2030 2011 to 2030 Pilots required 4’60’000
  14. 14. PLACEMENT CELL  We have a dedicated placement cell, operating round the year for assistance of student pilots.  The purpose of this cell is to counsel students and provide practical training that will meet the demands of the highly competitive aviation industry, thus creating interest and professionalism in the students.  Our effort is to provide a platform to facilitate interaction between students and companies so that both can find the best match according to their aspirations and requirements.  We put great emphasis on the all round personality development of students by organizing sessions on soft-skill development, group discussion, and seminars by industry experts.  Commercial pilots have scope in commercial airlines, charter operations, cargo carriers and flying schools.
  15. 15. CONTACT US Corporate Office – Blue Ray Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Showroom No.8, Megacenter, behind Shubhyan Hero MotoCorp Showroom, Pune Solapur Road, Hadapsar, Pune 411038, Maharashtra. Phone- 020 26890826 Flight Operations – Osmanabad Airport, Osmanabad-413501, Maharashtra Phone- 02472-202020/30