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Magazine layout assignment


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Assignment on Print Ad.

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Magazine layout assignment

  1. 1. Amity Global Business School, Pune TUSHAR MAPARE MBA 4th SEM Sub: Advertising and Sales Promotion Class Assignment Ad: TRESemm Colour of Ad - Black colour is used as humans and young target market has Black hairs Optical Center: TRESemme Shampoo bottle is shown with the 3Minutes time circle
  2. 2. Text placement to send intended message to the target audience: “With Soft, shiny hair I walk two inches taller” which explains that after using TRESemme The hair becomes shiny and look good , therefore one feels more confident indeed taller, and also there is Social Acceptance. Brand Position: TRESemme “USED BY PROFESSIONAL” The positioning of TRESemme is interesting. The brand is positioned as a Salon like experience for the hair. The brand initially targets the salon frequenting consumers who was usually the opinion leaders in the category. TRESemme is used in Salons, Parlors etc. by the Professionals for the Professionals. The same TRESemme is targeting the consumers by communicating ‘SPA REJUVENATION’ which says in just 3 minutes your hair will be soft; it will look like saloon shiny, rejuvenate and nourish the scalp in just three minutes. “SALON STYLE HAIR AT HOME EVERY DAY” TRESemmé is dedicated to creating everyday products that deliver quality salon-like hair care at home. Inspired by the beauty salons and also used by hairdressers, products are designed to help create own style while ensuring the just out of salon feeling in three minutes every day. Picture of model Diana Penty is used because every woman deserves to look fabulous like her, like she may have just stepped out of a salon. Used by top hair stylists all over the world, It is dedicated to creating salon-inspired, products to help women create their own style and get salon like gorgeous hair at home.