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Safe City Tekes Safety and Security programme 2013


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Safe City Tekes Safety and Security programme 2013

  1. 1. Safe City Solutions from Tekes Safety and Security Programme
  2. 2. All Surveillance Systems in One User need  Integration of visual security systems with the rest of the security architecture Solution  ASAN Universal Video Platform (UVP) surveillance software  IP and standards-based, highly scalable networked visual surveillance platform Benefits  Central management of individual cameras as well as legacy surveillance systems  Cost savings, increased efficiency and lower TCO from existing IP systems Users  E.g. maritime industry, intelligent parking facility surveillance ASAN UVP integrates easily with other security systems, consolidating both digital and analog cameras. Enabling visual surveillance and other security systems to communicate and interact with each other brings substantial added value to the end-user.
  3. 3. All-in-One Building Management User needs  Building automation and security  Building management, energy efficiency, cost savings  Easy to use technology Solution  Fidelix FX-Net Building Management System integrates. building automation and security into one system Benefits  Easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface  Open and seamlessly scalable from a single house to large multi-building and multi-site solutions  Energy cost savings; indoor air quality improvement; enhanced safety; lower maintenance costs Users  New building construction; renovation  Sustainable, green building construction The open, web-based Fidelix FX-Net BMS integrates e.g.: -Heating and ventilation -VRF systems -Energy and water consumption metering -Intruder detection -Access control
  4. 4. Certified Airport Security by Training User need  Need for Airport security improvement is urgent in Africa Solution  Targeted, tailored and systematic training for airport security officers and operators in the African aviation marketplace Benefits  IATA and EU regulations compliant and certified training  Hands on screening training  Operation audits at system and detail level Users  Airlines and aviation security authorities  Airport operators Accredited by: Finnish Civil Aviation Authority Estonian Civil Aviation Authority
  5. 5. Smart Evacuation User need  In case of fire the person to be evacuated needs clear and unambiguous instructions for the best escape route Solution  Evacuation signs which are able to indicate the optimal evacuation route Benefits  Fast, optimized evacuation, less casualties  Comprehensive fire situation information for fire fighters and rescue teams  The solution is compliant with relevant EN standards The PRODEX FIREscape combined fire alarm and emergency light system is fully compliant with the requirements of EN54-2/4, EN54-18, EN60598-2-22 and EN1838, and fulfills the requirements of EN50172 Users  Building owners
  6. 6. Speeding Wireless Situation Awareness and Rescue Actions Need  Reliable information through richer media resources to help in day-to-day-missions  Improved way of sharing significant information between control rooms and operators in the field Solution  Automated, intelligent surveillance and rescue framework adapted to the mobile environment  Advanced video analysis and abnormal-situation detection in mobile and unpredictable contexts Benefits  Customised algorithms provide the most comprehensive picture and automated decision support for more faster and effective control and acting in unpredictable situations Users  Law enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Customs, Boarder Guard, Civil Defence
  7. 7. Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Environment User need  Preparedness for the new threats that are fallen on critical infrastructure and environment Solution  Measurement Management Information System with integrated Geospatial User Interface, refined modeling extensions and sophisticated automated alarm functionality Benefits  Early detection of threats trends  Instant alarms in case of realized threat to public safety  24/7 ubiquitous access to the service Users  Environment Authorities, Critical infrastructure operators, environmentally critical industry
  8. 8. Identify and Secure: Video Content Analysis User need  Digital video and CCTV cameras create increasing amounts of data; human operators are unable to monitor all incoming images Solution  Video content analysis (VCA) for detecting objects and analyzing behavior  Automatic alarm triggers based on preset conditions Benefits  Improved incident spotting and crime solving rates  Open VCA platform enables easy integration Users  Law enforcement, banking, corporate security  Also eg. health and social care, traffic flow monitoring The VCA system detects objects, determines their properties and analyzes their behavior according to multiple algorithms. Mirasys software controls nearly one million video surveillance cameras around the world. Customers include large conglomerates and departments of states such as City of Bangkok, Statoil and Indian Railways.
  9. 9. Business Crime Victim Survey User need  Only a fraction of crimes against businesses is reported to the police and therefore included in the official statistics  Comprehensive picture of business crime victimization requires measures of unrecorded crime Solution  National representative victim survey of retail and manufacture businesses was conducted in spring 2010 Benefits  BCVS describes the current crime situation at the national level, analyses risk and protective factors of crime victimization, and estimates the cost of crime to businesses Users The research project has developed an indicator system of business crime victimization in Finland: the Business Crime Victim Survey (BCVS).  Governmental agencies, companies, security industry, researchers, etc
  10. 10. Modern Way of Police Work Need  Currently check stops are ineffective and only one thing can be checked at a time  Instead of cutting costs the Police should actually be making more money Solution  With our Multi Handset all the necessary checks can be made at one time  more offenders caught  more income & better traffic security  Easy to use: one push of a button per scan  Automatic printing of fines and statistics Benefits  Network, databases & barcodes already exist  Increased efficiency  Compact device, familiar to users Scanning the barcode from a driver’s license
  11. 11. Spatial Perception Software for 3D Cameras Need  Improved safety and autonomous operation of mobile working machines Approach  New generation cost-efficient 3D cameras enhanced with dedicated software Benefits  More utility, Plug-n-play set-up anywhere  Detection of events in a higher level of abstraction → quality instead of quantity  Increased level of automation  E.g. object counting, tracking, categorization Users  Manufactures of autonomous machines and Security industries
  12. 12. Electric Supply Resilience User need  Security problems due to outages in electricity distribution system  In the case of power outages there is need for situation picture Solution  The database of vital functions of society and their criticality in case of power outages Benefits  Relevant and accurate data available to help decision making in power-loss situations  Knowledge on real criticality in abnormal cases  Possibility to allocate limited resources in optimal way Users  Governmental organizations, safety and rescue entities, facility management, etc. The research group has long experience on development of supporting information system applications for electrical utilities
  13. 13. Blast Resistant Wall Sleeves for Renovation Projects User need  Simple, tested and approved solution to penetrate existing blast resistant and gastight walls Solution  TEMET renovation wall sleeve  Different models for specific needs (electric cables, water pipes etc.)  Tested and approved by VTT Technical Research Centre Benefits  Smaller drill holes needed for single cables/pipes Available also for bigger air ducts (up to ø500mm)  Easy installation Users  Building companies  Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors
  14. 14. Infrastructure Monitoring with Printed Sensors User need  Determine long-term plans for repairing and re-building large concrete structures  Have accurate information about the condition of the structures Solution  Wireless embedded large area printable moisture sensor sheets Benefits  Detection of moisture inside large structures, such as bridges, dams and buildings, help monitor accurately condition of the structures Users  Owners of infrastructure, constructors, condition assessment and engineering sector. Safety administration
  15. 15. Multidimensional Information Fusion in Situation Awareness Systems User need  Processing solution of large amounts of critical information from multiple sources Solution  Proof of Concept for a software system collecting and processing multisource information to establish reliable situation awareness (SA) knowledge Benefits  Ability to process vital information to elevate the quality of situation awareness knowledge  Perception and Comprehension data of the SA model in order to find non-obvious and potential threats Users  Public authorities and private operators who need improved situation awareness Using a single, personalized and business optimized interface. Tracking news using probabilistic methods and using anomaly detection time series using algorithmic entropy.
  16. 16. Intelligent Software for Video Surveillance User need  Recognition and alerting of potentially hazardous and harmful chains of events by video surveillance  One combined video image instead of many displays or windows from each separate security camera Solution  A software that creates virtual video image of a target area with no blind sectors, and forecasts emerging risks  Enables proactive reactions and early intervention Benefits  Breaks the chain of events leading to a threat of security Users  Video surveillance systems, situation awareness systems, supermarkets and shopping centers
  17. 17. Resident-driven security solutions in urban areas User Need  Ordinary people's everyday experiences of security and safety are needed in urban safety and security planning Solution  Radically new concepts for safety and security planning in residential areas and other urban areas Benefits  New visions for city planning and new safety and security solutions for urban areas Users  City planning professionals, cities,,,
  18. 18. Urban Flood Alarm User need  Minimize the damages caused by heavy rain floods  Forecast floods and inform relevant authorities Solution  Local early warning system based on simulation generated from collected data and real-time data Benefits  Predictability of flooding, gives time to react Users  Real estate sector, rescue authorities, service providers, security sector, governmental authorities, etc. Flood forecast simulations (10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 h, etc.)
  19. 19. Safety of Bridges and Tunnels User need  The safe long- and short-term usage of bridges and tunnels Solution  An international open platform for safety and security monitoring over the entire life cycle of the infrastructure Benefits  Early indications for the future maintenance needs and thus easier to make long-term budgeting and plans Users  Ie. public administrations and private companies who can utilize the platform when building or maintaining bridge or tunnel structures The bridge monitoring has been carried out by selecting five different kinds of bridges, which have been monitored by project partners using measuring equipment, sensors and computers.
  20. 20. A Multi-Service Platform Paves Way for eCall Implementation User need  Automated emergency call in case traffic accident Solution  A multi-service platform and business model for commercial, regulated road traffic services Benefits  Pan-European system with global potential  Unified open platform enables rapid market expansion  Successful commercial services pave the way for the regulated services such as eCall Users  Road administrations, Intelligent Transportation Service industry, all road users
  21. 21. Fire Suppression User need  Using simulation software to assist in the R&D process of water based fire suppression systems for very large applications, such as traffic tunnels  Providing additional performance evaluation after experimental fire testing Solution  Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) for modeling fine and fast water sprays as well as gas and solid phase fire extinguishment Benefits  Provides a systematic way to develop water based fire suppression systems with simulation software  Supports sales Users  Companies developing water-based fire suppression technologies, especially water mist technology
  22. 22. Identification of Concealed Threats User need  Reliable and accurate stand-off identification of concealed threats Solution  World’s first passive broadband THz camera for standoff identification of concealed threats Benefits  Substantial improvement in all relevant metrics: thermal resolution, spatial resolution and temporal resolution  True stand-off operation: beyond 5 meters Users  Airport and port security, facility security, security industry and agencies Thermal resolution (NETD)<0.5 K per frame Spatial resolution <2 x 2 cm at 8 meters target distance (diffraction-limited 40 cm aperture @ 650 GHz) Temporal resolution: 10 ms 10 Hz frame rate
  23. 23. Sense of Safety at Railway Station User need  The main railway station of city of Espoo was rated by the citizens as a place where feeling of insecurity dominated. Although the statics did not support the public opinion, the situation was felt intolerable by the city Solution  The city purchased the station from the railway operator and invested in a major renovation project, in which structural changes, lighting, accessibility and also technical security were addressed Benefits  The opinion poll carried out after the renovation showed that the citizens welcomed the outcome of the renovation with ratings indicating a substantially improved sense of safety Users  The results are applicable to any public transport hub Source: City of Espoo