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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2CqtNeRK_w&feature=showob
  • The show has been rated TV-MA ( it can be seen only for over 18 people ) for graphic violence, strong sexual content, and inappropiate language. The series is inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led the major slave revolution against the Roman Republic
  • His real name isnt Spartacus, but nobody knows the real one. He is a Tracian warrior who batray the roman empire, because of that we was catch by te romans and he was forced to fight to the death in te arena. But when he fought he killed 4 roman gladiators and the crowd forgive his acts, then, he was bought by a lanist called Lentulus Batiatus to make spartacus a real gadiator.
  • She is Sura a tracian priest, who is also, the spartacus wife. She was catch with spartacus but they were separated, and sura was sold as a slave. The real reason that spartacus has to fight is the love of his wife, and thats why spartacus stay alive, he want to ern some mony to buy his freedom and his wife freedom too.
  • Lentulus Batiatus. He is the lanist who bought spartacus. He used to have some mony problems and he spected tha spartacus save him from his debt. He is a really bad man and he can do anything to stay as a winner
  • She is lentulus batiatus wife, her name is Lucrecia. She live in the ludus whit her husban and all the gladiators, but she doesnt like spartacus, she see him like a wild animal. She is the criminal mind behind all the illicit movements of lentulus. Lentulus and Lucrecia cant have childrens so, she sleep with another man, she fell in love with that man , a gladiator named Crixus
  • Crixus is the Champion of the City (Capua). He has never lost a fight, and he is afraid because spartacus is taking place in the ludus and in the people mouths. He dosent love Lucrecia, he is in secret love with her personal slave (lucrecia personal slave).
  • Varro was a freeman who sold himself to became a gadiator to pay a big amount of taxes, he became in the best friend of spartacus inside of the ludus
  • He is Doctore, The Gladiators Trainer, he was a gladiator too, a legend, he was the only man who kept alive before fight with Theokles “the shadow od death”. He is a hard man, and his only dream is to be in the arena again, fighting and hearing the crowd
  • He is solonius, he used to be a friend of batiatus, but he betrayed him and became in the most important lanist in the city of capua. By now Solonios and Batiatus are enemies, and the fight by their gladiators in the arena.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WXDJPaHuR4
  • Spartacus