Maximising returns on your menu caffe culture may 2012


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Maximising returns on your menu caffe culture may 2012

  1. 1. Maximising Returns From Your Menu Charles Manners Turpin Smale Catering Consultancy
  2. 2. What are the Key Ingredients• Positioning / Design I – target market (s) N• Marketplace N knowledge O Customer V• Developing the A needs menu T I• Systems - managing O margins and sales N
  3. 3. PositioningLook and Feel / Design
  4. 4. Story• Storyboard at or near café entrance• Supported by marketing / POS and social media/web• Key elements to stress – Local sourcing with specific details of ingredients – Personality, emotion and distinctiveness
  5. 5. Signage• Use of symbol similar to• Signage to be welcoming• Unusual signage to be considered• Best signage is external tables and chairs• Menu board signage not required for food items out on display
  6. 6. Entrance• Customers to be quickly aware of the flow and system• Storyboard and awards at entrance• Cakes and member of staff to be highly visible• Menus clear and visible – well written
  7. 7. Equipment• Spend good money on the workhorses – coffee machine, dish washer and combi oven• For servery as much tabling as possible in natural materials• Multideck chiller• Automatic bean to cup coffee machine• Water boiler for tea• Soup kettle• Turbochef Soto or Electrolux high speed panini grill
  8. 8. Display• We buy with our eyes• Good lighting is needed• Use different levels, colour and items relevant to the food
  9. 9. Marketplace KnowledgeProduct / Design / Service / Price
  10. 10. Developing the menu
  11. 11. Servery LayoutTrays Cake Cold DrinksChildrens Meals SandwichesCrisps Fruit Ice CreamHot Food Hot Drinks ImpulseItems Till Condiments &Cutlery Or Waitress Service
  12. 12. Cakes• Great display (and taste) is what it is all about
  13. 13. Traybakes• Homemade Flapjacks / Rocky road / Shortbread / Millionaires Shortbread• Easy to make, cost 30p to 45p each – excellent margin!
  14. 14. Cold Drinks• In multi-deck chiller with no tray slide (ensuring maximum capacity) with most profitable drinks at eye level
  15. 15. Childrens Meals• Choice of items in lowest level of multi-deck chiller
  16. 16. Sandwiches & Salads• Pre-prepared according to anticipated volumes and weather• Always freshly made and given/discounted to staff if not sold on the day• No date on packaging required• Sandwiches can be displayed at ambient under 4 hour rule
  17. 17. Crisps & Popcorn• Display max 3 flavours as close to sandwiches as possible for linked sale
  18. 18. Fruit• You won’t sell much but healthy agenda is important
  19. 19. Ice Cream• Small selection of local ice cream tubs and hand-held ices or display the product really well
  20. 20. Hot Food• Items must be ready-to-serve at peak times to minimise queues• Roast meat in roll at peak times• Soup can be self-serve• Pies• Sausage Rolls• Panini could be done off season or all the time if using Electrolux High Speed Grill
  21. 21. Hot Drinks• Coffees to include Flat White• Teas in china/infuser pots and with mugs available to include specialty teas on front counter• Hot chocolate machine sells the product
  22. 22. Impulse Items by Till• Small number of high price point (£1 plus) chocolate items by till for those who have been able to resist the cake table
  23. 23. Special Interest Groups• Cater for every known group – WiFi – Babies – Gluten-free – Lactose intolerant – Dogs – Cyclists
  24. 24. Condiments & Cutlery• Premium brands to reflect overall image of café and site; 63% of consumers are willing to pay extra for a meal when branded condiments are used – and taste better!• Reasonable quality cutlery but cheap tea spoons
  25. 25. Managing Margins and Sales
  26. 26. UK Inflation Update UK Inflation & Food Inflation Trends % Change vs Year Ago: Source ONS 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 10 r 11 r 20 Feb 20 Feb 20 Nov 20 Dec 10 v 20 Dec 20 Nov 20 Dec 20 ep 20 Sep 20 ay 10 l 20 ay 11 l 20 Jan 20 un 20 Jan 20 un n 09 t 10 t 11 t 10 r 11 r 20 Aug 20 ug 20 Ju 20 Ju 20 Ma 20 Ma 20 Oc 20 Oc 20 Oc 20 Ap 20 Ap 20 No Ja M M S J J A 10 11 09 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 12 09 10 11 11 20 CPI RPI excl mortgage Food inflation Food inflation has continued to fall over the past few periods as CPI and RPI are both showing signs of sustainedInflation facts Jan 2012 reduction. Confidence in the UK economy continues to beCPI 3.6% weak with debate around the future outlook. Bank lending and consumer spend continue to be areas of concern for theRPI excl. mortgages 4.0% economies recoveryFood inflation 4.0%
  27. 27. Menu Engineering HighMenu Mix % WORKHORSE – Popular but STARS – Profitable and less profitable popular DOGS – Not profitable, not PUZZLES - Potentially profitable, popular if only the customer would buy it! Low Low High Contribution Margin
  28. 28. Menu Product Development Not Easily Low Staff Prepared at Input Home Secure High Supply Margin Chain Excellent Presentation and Taste
  29. 29. Great Cafes