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Catering in Museums and Heritage Venues


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The catering consultant's perspective on the who, when and why of operating your catering in-house or out-sourcing. An ACE Study Day, October 2012

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Catering in Museums and Heritage Venues

  1. 1. Catering in Museums & Heritage Venues ACE Study Day The Consultancy Perspective Chris Brown Turpin Smale Catering Consultancy
  2. 2. The Consultancy Perspective• What on earth can go wrong• Who outsources• Who keeps in-house• Challenges of catering• Why a consultant
  3. 3. Disasters
  4. 4. Who Outsources• Airports & Train Stations• Motorway Service Areas• Coffee Market• Most business and industry sites• Most museums
  5. 5. Who Keeps In-House• Hotels• Garden Centres• Clubs• Some ‘biggies’ – Tate, RSC, Eden, NT
  6. 6. Challenges of Catering• Great food• Food & Labour Cost Control → Profit• Innovation and Change• People• Capital• Systems
  7. 7. Why a Consultant• Improves your in-house operation• Challenges, Inspires, Knows best practice and role models• Outsourcing – Specification; knows what caterers want to know – Advise on type of contract; % of sales – Finds the up and coming caterers – Guiding hand – Passion, experience, right stage in life cycle
  8. 8. Great Cafes Blog Chris BrownTurpin Smale Catering Consultancy