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Safety unit


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Safety unit

  1. 1. MS. PYLE’S FIRST GRADE CLASS Week 12 – Oct. 17-21
  2. 2. THIS WEEKS UNIT….Safety First !!!! This week we will be focusing on learningmany new ways to live a safe lifestyle
  3. 3. SAFETY UNIT Fire Safety We a t h e r S a f e t y-How do you escape a -Where is the safestbuilding on fire?-What three steps do you do place to be in myif you are on fire? house during a tornado?
  4. 4. SAFETY UNITGeneral Safety Information Car Safety-What number do I call incase of an Emergency ? -Why is it important to -Who can I trust when I follow road signs? am in Danger? -Why is it important to wear a seat belt ?
  5. 5. SAFETY FIRSTFa m i l y P l a n f o r E m e r g e n c i e s-What is the family escape plan from the house in an emergency? -If I am ever lost what contact information do I provide ?
  6. 6. SAFETY UNIT ASSIGNMENT Group Project The students will have a group assignment on the safety unit. They will be graded on creativity, participation andsafety knowledge. The poster supplies will be provided forthem and group members will be assigned. The poster will include a n escape route from a building on fire, a list of the most important safety facts learned and an advertisement for the importance of road/car safety. This project will be done in class and will take the place of atest for this unit. Project Based Learning is a great way forthe students to get hands on with the lesson and apply the knowledge learned not just memorize facts for the test.
  7. 7. DATE’S TO REMEMBER*Halloween Party next Friday Oct. 28 th at 2pm (Bring your favorite Candy)*Accelerated Reading Points Due Thursday Oct. 27th ( 20 points) *Book Reports due Wed. Nov. 9 th *Art class has been canceled for the month of November
  8. 8. Please keep looking for more updates on upcoming events and projects through the classroom newsletter. If you have any comments or concernsfeel free to contact me through email at