Assignment 4 2 pr plan presentation turnbull schwartz


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  • Assignment 4 2 pr plan presentation turnbull schwartz

    1. 1. PBRL 450 Rhetoric and Social Influence Assignment 4-2 Public Relations Plan Case NFL Play 60 Your John TurnbullPresenters Today Are Brittany Schwartz
    2. 2. OVERVIEW Situation Goals / Objectives Target Audiences Strategies / Themes / Tactics Calendar of events Budget Evaluation
    3. 3. SITUATION Problem of Childhood Obesity Purpose of NFL Play60 program
    4. 4. GOALS / OBJECTIVES Increase awareness of program Ensure activity of children Increase funding for programs
    5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCES Direct Audience • All children, whether obese or not Indirect Audience • Parents, Teachers, Health workers Unintended Audience • Everyone else
    6. 6. STRATEGIES / THEMES TACTICS Step #1: Increasing Awareness Media Campaign • Incorporate “cool” commercials • Solicitation of TV networks for contests • Pitch paper to networks for game show Briefings, Brochures & Informational Videos • Solicit AHA to partner to spread the word • Medical Conference Presentations Information Kits • Food companies and packaging
    7. 7. STRATEGIES / THEMES TACTICS Step #2: Ensuring activity of children Correspondence to legislators and lobbyists • Permanent curriculum change • Mandatory physical activity Correspondence to video game companies • Cross-promotional partnerships • Creation of games that incorporate activity
    8. 8. STRATEGIES / THEMES TACTICS Step #3: Increase funding for progams Informational kits to corporations • Explain program • Mutually beneficial outcomes • Solicit donations VNR’s to national TV outlets • Announce corporate partnerships • Benefits both companies provide to chidren Commercials • Cell phone text donation program
    9. 9. CALENDAR 0-3 Months Commercial Creation and Distribution Letters to networks for contest giveaways Letters to video game companies
    10. 10. CALENDAR 3-6 Months Idea letter for game show creation to kids networks Informational kits to food companies Letters to state govt’s for curriculum changes
    11. 11. CALENDAR 6-12 Months Literature and videos to AHA for distribution Create/Schedule medical conferences Text message campaign rollout VNR’s to TV outlets (as needed 0-12 mos. & beyond)
    12. 12. BUDGET Total needed will be in $1-2 Million range • Video game creation • Airtime for kids commercials and cellphone campaign • Travel costs for conferences • Direct mail materials
    13. 13. EVALUATION PLAN Gym baseline exercise results Number of video game units sold Feedback on school lunches Number of schools setting up or expanding programs Web hits to NFL Play60 website Money raised during texting campaign Number of stations broadcasting VNR’s Number of medical conferences scheduled Online questionnaire results
    14. 14. CONCLUSION Trend of Childhood obesity must be reversed Everyone from Children, to parents to educatorsmust take an active role This campaign elevates what is currently beingdone, with goal of exercise becoming second naturenot just to kids, but everyone. Questions?
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